Ensure and protect the rights of people who survived the landslide

Image courtesy Colombo Gazette

Memorandum to the Ministry of Disaster Management 

Ensure and protect the rights of people, especially women and children, who survived the landslide which occurred in the Haldumulla DS area on 29th October 2014

As the Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management, Batticaloa, we wish to express our sincere condolences to the people who perished in the landslide disaster in the villages of Kotabathma Grama Niladhari division of Haldumulla Divisional Secretariat Division in the Badulla District. We also express our support to the people who survived. We deeply appreciate the commitment and work of all the government officials, civil society organizations and individuals who have responded to this tragedy.

There have been delays in recovering the bodies due to the unstable climate, as well as other challenges in responding to needs.In this context, it is the responsibility of all who are working for social development to protect the welfare and rights of the people who survived.

Disasters are not neutral. It always brutally affects the marginalized and impoverished people. This tragedy too has hit some of the most marginalized areas and people of Sri Lanka -the plantation workers of the Haldumulla DS division. In Sri Lanka and around the world, it has been seen that disasters also have very gendered impacts – affecting women and men, girls and boys differently. As organizations who collectively worked and supported women and children during the tsunami disaster in Batticaloa, based on our experience we would like to share our suggestions for ways to reduce the impacts on the most vulnerable survivors. 


Search and rescue work


Special measures for protection of women and girls


Psychosocial wellbeing

Responsibility of Plantation managements 

Land and housing rights