Groundviews has already published a detailed record of the violence the BBS has meted out on Ven. Wataraka Thero, the Chief Incumbent of the Rotalawela Mahaweli Maha Viharaya in Mahiyanganaya, in the Uva province. Ven. Wataraka Thero was recently found injured and bound in a ditch near Colombo recently. The Police later claimed the injuries were self-inflicted, and after he was discharged from hospital, proceeded to arrest him.

We reproduce Ven. Wataraka Thero’s last statement to the media, recorded in hospital, before he was taken in by the Police. The original video was published on Ceylon Today’s YouTube channel and a related news article on its website. The translations and subtitling into English were done to help a wider community understand the Thero’s predicament.

As journalist Dharisha Bastians noted on Twitter,

  • shantha

    This is so sad. This poor man, who dared to stand up to saffron robed terrorists, who bring shame to his religion, and act like thugs and murderers, go against the teaching of their own Lord Buddha. This man is a hero, for he alone seems to be speaking out against the violence, and condemning it. Even the lazy Mahanayakes, who should be outraged with these terrorists, are quiet and living in comfort. It is such a shame that this rogue regime has decided to throw him in jail, as he says for advocating peace, while the intellectually challenged, but devious terrorist from the BBS still roams the street, spewing hatred, lies and doing the bidding of unknown elements.
    The rajapaksa’s are asking for more bloodshed and violence in our country, by not stopping these extremists.
    It should make all Sri Lankans wonder why the rajapaksa’s are risking the peace of this country, by selling their souls to the devil.

  • Fitzpatrick

    I wonder what his next step should be !

  • Aia

    In law, an offender escaping punishment due to not being able to be proven the crime committed is acceptable but an innocent being punished for a crime has not been committed, even accidently is a case of miscarriage of justice, should not be happened. If what has unfolded about this monk’s plight is true, it is not a case of miscarriage of justice, but even worse. In his case a case is being made up of by the law and order to pin the innocent down because he did not toe down the power to be. Sadden to see the law and order situation has decended to a level that would not have seen never before. Leave the law and oder aside, this is happening to a true blue budhist monk for preaching and practising the true blue budha teachings, that is, be in peace within and without in a true blue budhist country by a true blue budhist legal system which alledgely uder threat by the true blue thugs.

    On the other side of the equivation, the so called true blue monks have been engagig themselves in safeguarding budhism and the sinhala race from some? even they do not exactly from whom, may be they saw every one as infedels too. Budha wont be all that happy about what is happening in Srilanka now a days on the name of him. I suspect he would want to come to earth and learn a few tricks from Gnana and embrase Gnanaism, has not it got lot of dynamism. Impressed with his fiery speech and tweets, sure Budha will be too.
    I respect all religions, but what I dislike is the politised sinhala budhism which has been practised in our country gaining more constitutional rights and associated unfair advantages, it has gone a few notches up in recent times with the advent of BBS by who?. And, why?. Probably to cheat the ordinary sinhala masses. The way they manipulate the ordernary sinhala folks by sending the saffron glad monks in front says they have ran out of political ideas did not want to face people, only want to go and front them only as problem solvers and solvers with high and unique respect for Budhism . For this they need problems and need to make on going. No doubt SL’s current problem is not having a problem.