The launch of Short & Sweet, Sri Lanka’s first hint fiction anthology, will take place exactly a week hence in Colombo. Details of the book as well as the venue for the launch can be accessed here. You can also follow key updates around the launch via an event page on Facebook.

Perera-Hussein Books, the publishers of ‘Short & Sweet’ have very kindly offered discounts on the purchases of the book at the launch.

  • All contributing authors who attend will get a free copy of the book in PH Books’ trade-mark brown-paper bag.
  • At the launch, there will be a 10% discount on the book (resulting in the sale of the book at Rs. 450)
  • Soon after the launch, bookshops will sell the book at Rs. 500 per copy. No discount unless it’s a bookshop deal.
  • E-book pricing, across all major platforms, will be made available by PH Books in a few months.

Please contact Sam Perera from PH Books directly with  orders for the purchase of the book. His email is [email protected]

Also note that the launch is an open invitation.