Apparently the infamous Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has condemned the attack on Fashion Bug warehouse a few days ago and asked the Police to arrest those involved in it, even if they are monks. A Daily Mirror news report suggests BBS thinks the individuals captured on film destroyed private property were actually impostors.

Prima facie, this then begs the question as to why dozens of Police failed to arrest any of these “impostors” on the scene. This is not the first time Police have stood idly by as militant and racist “monks” have gone on the rampage. As we noted on Twitter,

Here are two images to help the Sri Lankan Police in their ostensible investigations into the incident, since it is quite clear that four policemen, no more than 3 feet away from and staring directly into the face of the Buddhist “monk” who is engaged in destroying private property isn’t quite enough these days for an arrest to be made.

Monk 2 - Small

See larger image here. And this is a “monk” who emerges from the midst of the crowd and asks brutishly why the mob attack is being filmed.

Monk 1 - Small

See larger image here.

Who are these individuals? Where are they from, and if they are men of cloth, which Temple do they belong to? Why haven’t the Police made any progress in their investigations, given so many of them saw – in close proximity and for a long time – the Buddhist “monks” who were part of the violent mob? Why did the Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary of Defence (openly and unashamedly associated with the BBS) visit the Temple near Fashion Bug on the same night of the attack, after it was conducted, to hold discussions with the Chief Prelate, as reported in the media (see @NavamaniLK tweets here and here)?

The still frame grabs above are from a video shot by Isuru Udayanga of Hiru TV, who got 3 stitches on his head as he was targeted for filming the attack and stoned by the “Buddhist” mob. The full video is embedded below.

As noted by journalist DBS Jeyaraj on his blog,

When the media heard of the attack and rushed to the spot they were obstructed by the hooligans who did not want them to video or photograph the attack. Some tried to grab the cameras from the media personnel and tried to manhandle them. When the media persons broke free after a struggle and went forward they were subjected to a barrage of stones by the mob. At least seven members of the fourth estate were injured in the ensuing struggle and in the stone throwing. “Hiru TV”s Isuru Udayanga had three stitches to his head.

Condoned by the Rajapaksa regime, supported by Police inaction and strengthened by the Defence Secretary’s open association with and support of the BBS, Islamophonia in Sri Lanka shows no signs of abating. 30 years on, we seem, inexorably, to be heading into another July ’83.

Update, 5.10pm: Groundviews was sent the following three images of “monks” in the mob. Note that they are part of a violent mob, with Police present around them.

  • Appuhamy

    I wouldn’t be surprised if these thugs in robes are in fact hired mercenaries by certain International War mongers to create racial hatred and an eventual conflict so that they can cash in by dumping their military hardware once again since they lost a very lucrative market here after the Tamil terrorists were defeated and the war on terrorism ended in 2009. It might be worthwhile to interrogate some of these fellows and find out who they actually represent and what their motives are.

    • It’ll be hard to interrogate them if you won’t arrest them. And no, I don’t think this is a plot by “International Warmongers”. It is a plot by racist Buddhists.

      • Keynes!


        What is your solution to the problem?

        Multi-culturalism? Islands or zones of civility as proposed by Mary Kaldor of the LSE? Jingoistic, burgher-boy Sri Lankan identity? Islam chic à la Yvonne Gulamhuseein and her white French poodle? Muslim kitsch? Sufi pastiche à la Malinda Seneviratne? Total integration?

      • georgethebushpig

        Dear David,

        Glad to see we do agree on somethings!


  • So, Appuhamy, during the war it was China, Pakistan and Ukraine and Russia that sold their arms to Sri Lanka. Do you think these friendly countries are trying to destabilize our land? The implied conspiracy theory does not hold water.

  • Off the Cuff

    Dear Groundviews,

    “Apparently the infamous Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) has condemned the attack on Fashion Bug warehouse a few days ago and asked the Police to arrest those involved in it, even if they are monks”

    What is captured on Video is undoubtedly a criminal act.
    As a Buddhist, I find it repulsive.

    The perpetrators should be arrested and given the severest punishment allowed by law. The thug in the robes of a Buddhist monk shows complete disrespect of the law and seems to think that the “Robe” gives him immunity. Such thinking should be nipped in the bud and he must be made an example of, by the swift application of the law and meting out unmitigated Justice.

    The Police on duty should be prosecuted and the severest punishment the law allows should be meted out to them, for failure to perform their duty of upholding the law and aiding and abetting in the crime.

    But is the writer at GV acting as Judge and Jury?

    What makes him/her so sure that this is the work of BBS alone and that others interested in subversion are not involved?

  • 3 monks implicated in mob attack surrender
    MONDAY, 01 APRIL 2013 21:06

    Three Buddhist monks who had been implicated in the mob attack on a clothing outlet in Pepiliyana recently had surrendered to the Mirihana Police Station this evening, the police spokesman said

    Police Spokesman SP Buddhika Siriwardane said that the suspected monks would be produced before the Gangodawila Magistrate tomorrow.

    The warehouse of the ‘Fashion Bug’ clothing outlet was damaged in the attack that took place on Thursday (28) night.


  • True lanka

    Sir, I take my hats off to you for giving a clear picture of the situation.
    As I have been following this new trend of events. And inaction of the
    Government, the guardian of the law, and the close and proudful association
    Of an unquestioable defence secretary, suggest makes it very clear even to a
    Dumest of the dumb person, there is no foriegn conspiracy or work of the
    Imperiatist but a VERY CHEAP Politics by the government, which has failed to
    Unite the country and take it forward, to win the next election by appearing as the
    Saviors of the great/nonviolent buddists….
    Shame on those people who try to play this Very cheap plotics and play with the
    Innocent peoples lives and properties. God bless our LANKA MAATHA!!!

  • KP

    Why doesn’t Sri Lanka just grant an open invitation to Al Qaeda and give them all visas to come there directly?!! I guess lessons were not learned from 1983!

  • kalindu

    It is sad to see this resplendant Isle reduced to ethnic violence. The authorities creating the monster and supporting it. History shows that those that live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • Tuan

    We Sri Lankan muslims are peace loving citizens and always supported and prayed for peace in Sri Lanka during difficult time in the history of SL.Sadly,of late the guns are turned on us.LTTE ethnic cleansed us in one form and now BBS with the support of the Government and law enforcement officers are trying to ethnic cleanse us in a different form namely,asking singhalese not buy goods from Muslim shops,asking singhalese land owners not to rent shops to muslims,asking sighalese not marry non buddhist etc.
    This dont look for muslims.
    Tamils were patient during 1977 riots and this gave the strength to then politicians and their goons to give another shot at them in July 83,which was the sole reasons for Prabakaran to come to limelight and the disaster for 30 years was a home made product.Now Blaming Diaspora is useless.
    Have we learnt lessons?sadly noooooooooo.

  • asfar

    tuan, you are right and i want my children to live in the developed sri lanka and not in sri lanka where BBS rules. also i pray the sacrifices made by our armed forces to bring peace to sri lanka should not be in vain because of the actions of BBS.

  • Justice

    “What is captured on Video is undoubtedly a criminal act.
    As a Buddhist, I find it repulsive”

    How come when this sort of violence is meted out to Tamil civilians, Tamil elected representatives, Tamil Students, the above sentiment is not expressed!!! Does it means that the public do not care for Tamil lives!!
    Or they don’t care as what happens in the North and East does not catch the eyes of the world!!

    • Off the Cuff


      Why do you take the cowardly route of not adressing your post or not using the reply link? Afraid of a response?

      You say “How come when this sort of violence is meted out to Tamil civilians, Tamil elected representatives, Tamil Students, the above sentiment is not expressed!!! Does it means that the public do not care for Tamil lives!!”

      Ethnicity is irrelevant, it is the credible evidence that elicits such a response.

      Please remember that it was the Sinhalese, Burghers and others who risked their own lives and that of their families and their property to save, shelter and deliver distressed Tamils to safety in 1983. It is unfortunate to see Tamils such as you who have a short memory.