Nepotism visualised: The Rajapaksa tentacles in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Campaign came out today with this extremely revealing and useful infographic about the Rajapaksa regime’s nepotism in Sri Lanka. Worth sharing widely.

For high resolution version, click here.

sl image

  • justitia

    Sri Lanka is now a Family Business – the First Family and the extended family practically decide how lankans think and act.
    The family has enforcers to ensure this.
    All may change today – the US Resolution on sri lanka is being debated.

  • awij

    Very interesting mapping exercise and very revealing result. But several inconsistencies that a closer look of the above will reveal. Also, some updating. For instance, in the footnote at the bottom, both Lalith Chandradasa and Nishantha Wickremasinghe are noted as ‘Chairman Ports Authority’. Dr Priyath Bandu Wickrama who is Chairman of SLPA, and not a Rajapakse family member as far as I know. Sajin Vaas G, in addition to being ‘Presidential Advisor on International Affairs’, is national list MP of UPFA and also ‘Monitoring MP’ for the Min of External Affairs. Lalith Chandradasa (President’s brother in law) is also Director of the National Nutrition Secretariat that functions within Presidential Secretariat. Valuable infographic, nevertheless!

  • http://saman Saman

    Clear sign of how Rajapakse Nepotism seeped into daily life of Sri Lanka.

    Without taking the country further into precipice, we need somebody to intervene soon.