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Independence Day 2013


Image via Sri Lanka for 91 Days

This Monday President Mahinda Rajapaksa will celebrate Independence Day in Trincomalee, under the theme Prosperous motherland and an affluent tomorrow.

For weeks Trincomalee has been getting a facelift. Roads are being widened, buildings painted, and signs hung. A ‘red alert‘ (Editors note: this link to TamilNet article will not work if accessed in Sri Lanka) was issued by the Secretary of Defense, which has led to a dramatic increase of police and military presence. I’ve been told by a community leader that those with LTTE ties have been detained for the week; remember that in 2002 the LTTE claimed Trincomalee as their capital.  According to business owners, police or military have visited every store in town, telling them to close their shops on Monday.

Schools in the area have been closed so that students could prepare their town, as well as to provide additional space to house military personnel. Buses full of students playing instruments could be heard around town Thursday. The parade on Monday will consist of 3,000 personnel from the tri-forces, and will commence at 9am.  The Culture and Arts Ministry has organised a cultural pageant consisting of 860 performers and several elephants.

On Thursday morning a seemingly endless stream of buses started rolling into Trincomalee via Kandy Road. Allegedly Sinhalese are being paid to come to Trincomalee for the festivities. It has been almost half a century since Sri Lanka’s independence has been officially celebrated in Trincomalee.  The government expects 100,000 people to attend the ceremony, which will take place at Fort Frederick. This will be the third time that the holiday is celebrated in Trincomalee, the first was 1953 and the second was in 1965.

  • While ‘ The 4th of February ‘ goes on in Trincomalee,

    it will be a Day of Lament and fasting at the Cathedral of Christ The

    Living Saviour- and some other churches – to ‘grieve over the state of

    our country today.’

    Those attending are encouraged to wear white as a sign of grieving.

    We christians are most grateful to the good Bishop for speaking up

    and organizing this Service.

    Thank you Bishop Canagasabey – we are so relieved that FINALLY there is

    a True Prophetic voice in Sri Lanka!

    2.Chronicles. 7.” If My people who are called by my name will humble

    themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways,

    then will I hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their


  • zackey ahmed

    Excuse Me, NOT only Mahinda Rajapaksa, but all Peace Loving Sri Lankans, in Sri Lanka and living abroad will celebrate the 65th Independence of our motherland. We are happy we live, walk on the roads free of suicide bombs and IED’s now.

    • Lanka Liar

      Dont forget to celebrate the independence of white vans thugs murderers and kidnappers. The independence from freedom from justice from free press all have to be celebrated. Well you are walking on a streets which got the wrong name free of respect dignity and justice. Walk on friend as long as you are singing the praise of Mahinda you will benefit handsomely.

  • ” We are happy we live, walk on the roads free of suicide bombs..”

    Yes, we don’t ever want that again, do we?

    That is exactly why we as peace loving citizens,hope to assemble together

    on the ‘Days of Lament’, standing together in solidarity against

    all oppression, injustice and evil.

    • Lanka Liar

      It looks like you are happy to walk among the kidnappers rapist and thugs? Cant be a good walk unless you are in that trade too

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