Sri Lanka’s LLRC Timeline: Update 1

In August 2012, Groundviews published a sui generis visual timeline tracing key events and developments around the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), from its inception to the implementation of its action plan, over the next three years. Since its first release around four months ago, we have continued to curate the timeline with relevant information.

Just a cursory glance at the LLRC timeline suggests that the Government is falling very short on actually implementing and delivering the recommendations of the Action Plan based on the LLRC’s Final Report.

The colour-coded categorisation of the timeline covers,

In the spirit of open and data driven journalism, Groundviews is making the source material for this timeline available in JSON and CSV formats. JSON enables the material to be easily reused by anyone in other compelling web visualisations or apps. The CSV file can be used as an offline record of the material published in the timeline, and can be opened in any spreadsheet programme like Microsoft Excel on the desktop or via Google Docs online.

Download the JSON file here and the CSV file here.

Groundviews also maintains a unique archive of media reportage around the LLRC when it was active, and a comprehensive database of submissions to the Commission. Access both here.

Click here for larger version of the timeline.