Putting paid to the Government’s false claims: The new IDPs in Sri Lanka

Editors note: On the day Menik Farm was officially closed, an urgent memo was circulated widely on the fate of the IDPs from Keppapilavu. The memo adds vital context to the following story, which also needs to be read in light of Government and Ministry of Defence claims that,

  1. there are no longer any IDPs in Sri Lanka.
  2. that they have all been resettled.
  3. that phrases like “Internally displaced people, relief camps & refugee camps” will not be there in Sri Lankan dictionary in future

Also read Relocated to nowhere by the author, appearing in Ceylon Today.


The war displaced community in Seeniyamottai in the Mullaitivu District have a story that is different to others. Unlike other internally displaced persons (IDPs) living within the confines of Menik Farm, Sri Lanka’s largest internment facility as well as the world that officially closed last week, these 346 returnees were relocated instead of being resettled.

With Menik Farm formally declared as closed on 25 September, the final batch of IDPs, comprising 1,185 persons were expected to be resettled in their places of origin, Mandavil and Keppapilavu in Mullaitivu District.

The Keppapilavu group instead, found themselves ordered to board a bus that transferred them to a Vettraplai Maha Vidyalaya for a day. While they harboured hopes of finally returning home, they were  surprised but did not protest when temporarily housed at the school, only to be unceremoniously asked to leave by the military the very next day. They left, again with the hope of returning to their homes after years of displacement and were instead relocated in Seeniyamottai.

The returnees have protested and petitioned against the decision to resettle them in a place other than the place of their origin. But it is now their fate to officially relinquish legal ownership of their various properties in their native village and commence a new life, in this new IDP village in Seeniyamottai.

These saddened people will be the only IDP group from Menik Farm’s resettlement programme  to not return home. Relocated elsewhere, they feel their rights and identities have been disrespected by the State in order to facilitate the armed forces and their continued presence in Keppapilavu, enjoying thier homes and lands while they perish in an IDP camp elsewhere.

All photos by Dushiyanthini Kanagasabapthipillai.

“Why did the Government force us to leave Menik farm, if they can’t resettle us in our places of origin?” ~ queries Uthayakumari Ingaramuthu Sivaguru with anger and tears.

“I have a lot of properties in Keppaappilavu, which are currently occupied by the military” ~ Chandra Sivaguru.

The Government has to resettle us in our places of origin. Demand women from Keppaappilavu and Seeniyamottai villages in Mullathivu district.

“If people from Mullivaaikkaal and Vattuvaagal can be resettled, why can’t the Government resettle us in the places of origin?” ~ queries Kamaladevi Amirthalingam.

“I don’t want to go anywhere! except to my place of origin Keppaappilavu” ~ shares Saraswathy Kanthapillai while crying and worshipping.

An IDP shows the deed to her land and house in Seeniyamottai. The property is currently occupied by the military.

“How long are we going to lead an IDP life” ~ queries Sarojadevi Nimaleswaran.

“It’s been our fate for nearly 30 years of being an IDP” ~ Kanapathipillai Raguthasan.

This is the closest access ~ From top of the lane which leads to the temporary relocation in Seeniyamottai.

This is the closest access ~ From top of the lane which leads to the temporary relocation in Seeniyamottai.

Very high resolution versions of the photos above available via Flickr and embedded below.

  • truth

    Even animals are looked after well than the innocent Tamil people!!!

    It is a shame to India to invite the “criminal and murderer” to lay the foundation stone for the Budhist University!!

    After committing so many atrocities, how can these criminals walk with their head held high!!

    The legend says that king Asoka renounced his kingdom and became a Budhist after seeing the death and destruction. But the present day “Budhist” have become more and more blood thirsty and finding ways and means to remain in Power by committing more and more crime!!!

    • MV

      Eh? I wonder why the southern media are keeping quiet about their plight. Or perhaps they find reporting on elephant cubs more news worthy in the South than the Tamils. So much for the euphoria of ethnic harmony and unity…

  • Punitham

    Thank you for telling the world what happened to the last batch of IDPs to leave the Menik Farm camp.

    ”These saddened people will be the only IDP group from Menik Farm’s resettlement programme to not return home” ?

    Dilrukshi, we had this:

    Re-displacement of Menik Farm inmates to Kombavil (Mullativu), 3 October 2011, ://groundviews.org/2011/10/03/re-displacement-of-menik-farm-inmates-to-kombavil-mullativu/

  • Saro

    This is how Tamil civilians are ‘looked after’. Previous US administration along with EU and India and of, course, China, Russia and Pakistan imprisoned LTTE suspects and crippled the outlet and facilitated the government to destroy it and kill more than 40,000 Tamils. Now Tamils are treated worse than animals and their human rights are violated daily. The mono-ethnic Sinhalese military ill treat them and rape their young ones and widows. China and Russia bloke UN taking any step to do justice to the victims of brutal war waged to destroy the ethnic minority.

  • Tamil Victim

    These innocent tamil civilians were forcely removed from the camp. Ther aren’t allowed to go thier homes. Their hoouses, land, and all proprties, Keppapulavu, are forcely occupied by srilanka state terrorism army terrorists. They are abonded in the middle of the dangerous juncle. Even reporters and NGOs are not allowded to see or speak them, they are blocked by srilanka army terrorists. Pure state state terrorism.

  • Ray

    If you’re upset about this hood winking techniques of the SL government, who don’t you write to the world bodies such as the UN, Common wealth Nation, and other Asia, European and African nations and demand for justice?

    It’s no point in criticizing the Rajapaksas and then expecting someone else to resolve the issues in Lanka. Whether you’re a Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim, if you think human rights of the people are being trampled by the Rajapaksas, stand up and fight for those who have no voice or for those who can’t raise their voice.

    • truth

      Ray has to read up little bit on the tragic story of the Sri Lankan Tamils. It started from the time the British left Sri Lanka in 1948.

      There had been several STATE ORGANISED POGROMS against the innocent unarmed Tamils. Peaceful protests, brought no results. UN, Common wealth and other world bodies kept deaf, dumb and blind to the Tamils pleas. which resulted in the Tamils youths taking up arms against the government, which was defeated with the killing of thousands and thousands of innocent Tamil civilians, rapes, torture, millions and million worth of properties belonging to Tamils destroyed.

      UN= Useless Nation!!!

    • soosai


      You are asking why cant Tamils contact UN for help.

      Your thinking is like that of a cat that closes its eyes and thinks the world is dark. here are the reasons:

      1. Last month (August 2012) karunanidhy, ex-Cheif minister sent a delegation to hand deliver request for referendum to UN’s Ban Ki Moon

      2. Tamilnadu legislature of Jayalalitha in 2010 demanded a war crime investigation on the Rajapakses

      3. US legislature called for independent war crime investigation on Rajapkase many times since 2009, even as late as last week (Sep 2012)

      4. During 2009 war, so many in Tamil Nadu immolated demanding stoppage of war

      5. John Kerry (preseidential contender) in USA requested a 18 year old sri lankan Tamil girl to give up her fast unto dealth in April 2009 when she demanded stoopage of war that saw sinhalese army massacring 70000 tamil civilians in 2 days. proof exists with US satellite images!

      6. UN offices were surrounded by eelam Tamils demanding stoopage of war during 2009 and war crime investigations after the war.

      Forseeing that the world including India, USA will not help the eelam Tamils, a group took to arms and that group was LTTE. If they had been alive, do you think what is happening to eelam tamils now is possible?

  • Lanka Liar

    Don’t they call this humanitarian operation. Nobody died in the war. Please believe me I am a Sri Lankan I don’t lie.

  • thivya

    The Sinhalese said they liberated the Tamils from the LTTE because the LTTE herded these Tamils to the jungle. The world helped the Sinhalese destroy the LTTE. The Sinhalese massacred their children and herded the surviving Tamils to the concentration camps, and dumped them again in the same jungle now. Then what is the difference between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan regime? In that case weren’t these Tamils better off with the LTTE? Under the LTTE all these Tamils had their homes and land. Now the military has taken away their land, while they were languishing in Sinhala concentration camps, the Sinhala settlers stole their belongings in their houses including, doors and window frames.

    Where are all the Tamil ‘Singhams’ who never missed any chance to praise Rajapaksas and were ever so willing to give a clean certificate to the occupying Sinhala military?

    • Nithyananthan

      As these harmful parasites are growing in number, thivya, it would have been more appropriate and meaningful if an ‘A’ had been inserted / added in front of the ‘singhams’! Thanks, Nithy!

  • eureka

    Dear GV

    Thanks for your service.

    Your choice of pictures could have been better:


  • luxmy

    Thanksssssss for informing us

  • Orion

    In 2011 16million Chinese went abroad as Tourist. China has projected that in 2016 it expects 100 million Chinese will go out as Tourists. (Zackarias, CNN.) Sri Lanka as a cheap tourist country and with close military and economic ties with China will expect at least 20 million or more Chinese tourists. Add to this the tourists from other countries. Acquisition or simply taking over the coastal and inland areas in the the North and East, including the Islands for tourist resorts is a policy of the current GSL. IDPs are in the way. The military is needed to protect the tourists and the military families and the political families and friends of the GSL. The GSL like hide the IDPs and take their valuable land for tourist related ventures . IDPs are Pawns in the Monopoly Game the Rajapasas play.

  • rita


    ‘false claims’ includes the misleading photograph (- the picture):

    One picture speaks a thousand words ?
    Certainly the picture on the defense website supplements the false claims excellently.

  • http://----- A Concerned Citizen

    Can anyone reasonably expect there to be any reconciliation whatsoever between the two communities when the Government is treating these Tamils in this unconscionable manner ? Why are the Buddhist prelates who preach compassion even to animals, keeping quiet when the government is treating these human beings in such un-Buddistic manner. Are our rulers and the parliamentarians mere heartless chauvinists ?

    • Sandy

      Why is the church silent?

      ‘Open your mouth for the poor and needy and him who has no helper’.

      • Rita

        ”Open your mouth”?

        ”Don’t come and create trouble. If you do, we will pour some kerosene on the IDPs and destroy the entire village. It will all be your fault,” he said, delivering an unveiled threat” – Relocated to Nowhere, Dilrukshi Handunnetti, 29 September 2012, ://www.ceylontoday.lk/59-13681-news-detail-relocated-to-nowhere.html

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the

      least of these, you did not do for me.’ (Jesus Christ.Matt.25.45.)

      Those of us in the Church who remain silent at a time like this- it

      would be good to ponder on these words..

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      Still silent? Jesus may come and kiss our bloodless lips one of these days.(Dostoevsky’s Grand Inquisitor.)

    • http://yahoo Sandy

      We have been asked to –
      ‘Remember those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.’

      ‘Break the chains of injustice.. free the oppressed’.

      The Church should call for candlelit vigils and silent protests-

  • Ward

    You’re more courageous than National Peace Council – its ‘political analysis’ has become very cautious.

  • Citizen

    It is pathetic how the Govt sought to deceive members of the Commonwealth Parlimentary Association and the team from the UNHRC. Such amateurish churlish behaviour.

  • Punitham
  • Dev

    This is the ‘development’ that govt lackeys like RN talk about non stop?

    I guess it must be since we keep seeing the same thing over and over again !!!!

  • Athula Jayawardane

    The military base in question should not have been built in the Keppaappilavu Grama Niladari Division which was home to 350 families. This Gramaniladari Division was clearly marked on the maps used by the military. I raised this issue when I was the Security Force Commander Mullaitivu. The Government Agent too, was unhappy about military constructions there. I requested her to raise the issue with political leadership as I failed to convice the military leadership. I was over ruled and 100 acres of farm land was allocated to the Aroured Corps on the directions of the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya. This is an irresponsible decision by the Commander of the Army. Military should vacate this 100 acres of farm land and hand it over to the villages for cultivation. The government should find alternative land for relocation of this military base. Commander of the Army should explain his irresponsible action.

  • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    ‘Tamil Singham’ and ‘Govt. Lackey’ interesting titles bestowed on me by Thiviya and Dev, two people who are hiding behind masks, live down dark mental alleys and have chosen a tunel vision! I have been also called ‘Raja Singhalam’previously! An interesting phenomenon!

    While I noted the report on the 110 families originally from Keppapilawu, who have been taken from the Chettikulam IDP camps to Seeniyamottai, with concern, I hesitated to comment until I investigate further. I have read of the possibility that the main concern of those reettled in the new village, was the question of the proof of ownership (deeds) to the new lands allocated.

    However, I will state quite categorically as a general principle that such people should have been provided adequate housing and other facilties, prior to being moved to a new village, for whatever reason. They should not be victims of a double/triple whammy! The qualifying concern would be, how the others resettled in their original villages, under similar conditions, accept this scenario? There would have undoubtedly been more protests!

    I however, wish to point out it was I who pointed out the the lack of humanesness manifest in the process of IDP resettlement in its early phases (2009):


    I have also continued to highlight the plight of the poorest of the poor resettled IDP’s until recently in GV. in terms of the micro-problems confronting them.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • Easwaran V.P

    “The last batch of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)’s was resettled in their villages in Mullaitivu on 24th September 2012. A total of 1186 persons from 361 families were thus resettled”. Excerpt from Ministry of defenc WEB site. With a picture of few new houses, but it say’s yet to be built, Ha ha! in print. This is to hoodwink the International community. It is not new for Srilankan regime’s to have lied, even a ‘mega lie’ or Kothamali used to say Damn lies from Chandrika B. Regime knows the trick to hide,use Prof GLPieris to speak at the UN,’They think he could’!A proverb comes to my mind- ” to bury a full pumpkin within a plate of rice” Don’t these Gona’s understand that they are living in the 21st century. That others have no means of finding out. What is the definition of ‘Humanitarian operation’ means in Srilanka? Only ‘Gotta’ Rajapaksae knows what it means and President will just nod his head and then give a hug to Gotta and wisper in his ears ‘Akae Boru nae’! honthai malei!Honthai

  • Hikz

    Pre Nandikadal debacle:
    The entire Tamil populaton of Sri Lanka is going to be massacred! Oh the horror!

    Post Nandikadal debacle:
    The IDPs are going to be exterminated in Chinese built gas chambers! Oh the horror!

    The IDPs are never going to be released from Manik farm! Oh the horror!

    Manik Farm’s closing down and a few hundred IDPs aren’t going to be returned to their original homes! Oh the horror!

    Is this progress or what!

    • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran


      A profound and intuitive comment!
      It underscores the hypocrisy and political devil dancing that are bedevellling the issue of the war-affected.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • MV

      I agree.

      300k were rescued alive from the clutches of the terrorists holding them human shield, of course with a bit of collateral damage

      they were camped out in Menik Farm and given 24hrs protection by the soldiers, for their welfare

      the military can’t run the world’s largest camp any longer (no not what you’re thinking! no pressure involved). so they have promised alternate camping sites, again for their welfare

      …and of course there are a few who are reluctant to leave the luxury of Menik Farm behind and have to be forcibly removed.

    • Rita
      • Rita

        Not necessarily better if they are close to their original villages:

        ‘’The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) in Sri Lanka has suspended the distribution of shelter cash grants to displaced returnees due to shortfalls in funding, Earlier this month, HT had reported how both the remaining refugees and the resettled were complaining that food and other donations had been cut’’ – 1.9 lakh Tamils resettled in Lanka, yet no relief in sight, 29 March 2010, http://www.hindustantimes.com/1-9-lakh-Tamils-resettled-yet-no-relief-in-sight/H1-Article1-524454.aspx

        ‘’On the stretch of the A9 highway between Vavuniya and Jaffna, hundreds of released IDP families have put up flimsy tents or taken shelter in broken houses. After months in camps, they now have the freedom of movement. But little else.’’ – The refugees and resettled, Lanka’s nowhere people, 17 March 2010, http://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/srilanka/The-refugees-and-resettled-Lanka-s-nowhere-people/Article1-520268.aspx

        ”The funding crisis follows the government’s refusal to endorse the 2010 Common Humanitarian Action Plan (CHAP)…. The UN and other humanitarian agencies are running out of resources to meet the urgent needs of internally displaced persons in the North’’ – No funds to meet needs of nearly 200,000 Northern IDPs due to govt refusal to endorse 2010 action plan, 13 March 2010, http://transcurrents.com/tc/2010/03/no_funds_to_meet_needs_of_near.html/

        ‘’….. The first time I experienced the steps in grief, which I had lectured several times to my students…. Permission was denied to those who had relatives in Vaviniya who were willing to take them. Hardly any had all their family members living. They were being sent to different places like Kinniya, Polannaruwa, Mannar etc, which means even the slightest chance of a family reunion was questionable. …. Now, what is happening here is genocide in many forms. Needless to say scattering people all over to unknown and unfamiliar places will ultimately lead to a weak population and result in damages done to our culture, education, and relationships!’’ – A recent trip to Vavuniya: For the future looks dark and gloomy, 19 February 2010, http://groundviews.org/2009/02/19/a-recent-trip-to-vavuniya-for-the-future-looks-dark-and-gloomy/

        ‘’Opposition MP have not yet been able to visit the IDP camps’’ – – The post-Prabhakaran government strategy in Sri Lanka and overseas, 20 October 2009, http://groundviews.org/2009/10/20/the-post-prabhakaran-government-strategy-in-sri-lanka-and-overseas/

        “We are living in an open prison,” said Fr Seemanpillai Jayabalan, parish priest in Aripputhurai. “People have no hope for development. They have lost their property and many homes are a total write-off. NGOs are not allowed in the area’’ – Tamil refugees going home to an open prison, 15 September 2009, http://www.asianews.it/index.php?l=en&art=16332&size=A
        ent here almost without any assistance … ‘’There is no difference between staying in the detention camps and living here’’…. The Kilinochchi district was famous for agriculture and fishing. The large Iranaimadu tank (artificial lake) mainly supplied irrigation for several thousand acres of agricultural land. The tank is now under the military’s control. Water has not yet been fully released for farmers. A few farmers have begun cultivation but they do not have tractors or other basic equipment. Many do not have even a mammoty (a type of spade). Fishermen are not allowed to fish in the tank.
        ….At Poonahari, the Vikneswara School is now occupied by the military, so students must walk to another school five kilometres away. The military has also occupied Poonahari’s government hospital. As there are no longer any hospital facilities, people have to beg someone in the army camps to take any seriously ill patients to Kilinochchi in a military vehicle for treatment. Patients with minor illnesses simply have to suffer. In Vattakachchi village there is no hospital and no school, and the people live in tents. The houses were destroyed during the war. The local Vattakachchi and Ramanathapuram schools remain occupied by the military’’ – WSWS reporters visit the devastated Sri Lankan town of Kilinochchi, 2 June 2010, http://www.wsws.org/articles/2010/jun2010/sril-j02.shtml

        ‘’There are currently over 11,000 individuals in Mallavi alone who are living in makeshift tents of plastic and polythene, and in partially destroyed structures. There is no running water or proper sanitation, resulting in a number of cases of Dengue fever. Additionally, there is a severe food shortage, and a lack of clean drinking water. While the GoSL provides all of those leaving the IDP camps with dry rations for a six-month period, there are numerous problems related to the implementation of such projects. A number of local villagers mentioned that while they thought they would receive dry rations and funds to get themselves back on their feet, they either did not receive these goods, or the goods and money were not enough to get by.’’ – Framework for Rebuilding Communities in Sri Lanka, ICAR(George Mason University) Newsletter, Volume4 Issue3, April 2010,

    • Dev

      I doubt that you will display such callousness if you were running to save your life under bombardment from both sides or if you had to bury the dead among your kith and kin…or if you were herded like cattle into barb wire enclosures !
      Of course such callousness is in line with the thinking I have seen from the likes of RN, not surprising at all, not surprising at all !

      • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran


        ‘Callousness’ for human life and suffering on my part!


  • http://None. Srilankan

    In August 30 and December 26. 2009 posts in transcurrents.com, you stated
    (1) “ I am the first to enter IDP Farm in Vavuniya with the Diasporas Group listed there”. You are also the first to travel by motor vehicle along A9 north of Vavuniya. The M/Defence and the SL Armed Forces allowed only Tamil Patriots that facility. Did this Diaspora Group of yours enter into any MOU with GOSL to get this?. If there are any MOUs please make full disclosure of same. You commented in another link (dbsj.com) that you identified a plot of land in Nilaveli for an Agro-Industrial Project.
    (2) “They should not be victims of a double/triple whammy! The qualifying concern would be, how the others resettled in their original villages, under similar conditions, accept this scenario?” Do you now admit that their homes have been occupied by SLA and their agricultural lands cultivated by Army and these people resettled in virgin forests which lacks any basic facilities for human living..
    (3) “Tamils as a people have proved themselves to be heartless political animals and short sighted fools!”. Do the Tamils referred to here include Patriotic Tamils from the Diaspora Group as well as those holding MINISTERIAL/High posts?
    (4) “An opportunity to resettle these IDPs into safer, securer and better organized villages and towns has been idiotically missed” The IDPs referred to in this article patiently waited as per your suggestions. Who. idiotically missed providing them a safer & secure original places.?
    You may also be have read this link http://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/as-manik-farm-is-shut-down-sri-lanka-should-apologize-to-its-tamil-citizens-interned-in-the-camp/

    • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      Sri Lankan,

      Thanks. I am glad that you are atleast doing some research before commenting, although the slant you give makes me wonder about your objective. Yes, I have been one among the fist groups to visit the Chettikulam IDP camps and report on them. I was also one among the first to travel by private vehicle (in fact on the first day the A9 was opened to private vehicles) on the A9 to see how the resttlement was proceeding. I had to get clearence from the MOD to travel, as everyone else had to. Further, the ‘Diaspora Dialogue Group’ requested permission the visit the Vavuniya IDP transit camps and the Chettikulam IDP camps from the Fireign Ministry, which in turn had to get clearence from the MOD. We were fortunate to be given a free hand to see what we wanted to see. We were also able to talk to the IDPs.

      We reported what we saw, heard on site and double checked. We were not relying on media reports. We had no hidden agenda and nothing to gain personally. We were not writing about things we did not see, hear and verify. This may not have been to the liking of many who had a agenda to exploit the situation for some sinister purpose. Our objective was to heal, not exacerbate a horrible tragedy that had befallen the Tamils in the Vanni. To heal is my objective yet.

      Further, what are you implying by referring to my visit to Nilaveli, as part of a comment on my visit to trincomalee? The land that I saw in Nilaweli is neither state-owned nor taken over from anyone. It is privately owned and was available on long lease for agricultural and livestock development work. Your ploy stands exposed by this reference.

      My comment on the ‘Colombo Telegragh’ is reproduced below:

      “There is no need for anyone to apologise to anyone else. Everyone has sinned one way or another. Let us also not forget the past. However, let us all resolve to forgive each other for trespasses (THE WORD SHOULD HAVE BEEN ‘TRANSGRESSIONS’) of the past and resolve to never let our tainted history repeat.

      This is the only way forward. If not, we will be involved in debating who did what to whom first ( the chicken or egg first story) , well into eternity.

      The best thing we can do to as a first step is to come forward as individuals and collectively to help the war-affected poor. This would involve visiting the war-affected areas, seeing problems there and identifying people/families that need help. Such people should not be given fish, but the fishing rod!

      This act alone will help build a united Sri Lanka, The process of doing so will then start with the hearts and minds of those coming forward to help and touch the hearts and minds of those who are the recipients”.

      Your comment incorporating mine ,” “Tamils as a people have proved themselves to be heartless political animals and short sighted fools!”. Do the Tamils referred to here include Patriotic Tamils from the Diaspora Group as well as those holding MINISTERIAL/High posts”?
      brings into play individual perceptions and experiences. My opinion on some holding ‘MINISTERIAL/high posts at present’ are well known. However, this would not apply to everyone who chooses to work with the government, selflessly and with a vision for the betterment of the war-affected people, the Tamils as a community and Sri Lanka as nation. I hope this will happen, as it is an urgent need. The days of confrontation should come to an end. We (the Tamils) should shift from ‘Grievance-based confrontational politics’ to realistic ‘Áspiration-based consensual politics’. I hope the TNA/ ITAK will make this transition. I will become their ardent supporter, if they can make this transformation.

      The Tamil political leadership at present whether here in Sri Lanka or in the Diaspora – mainly those who make all the noise, are indeed heartless political animals and short sighted fools! Many among those who were in the Diaspora group I was part and came to know well subsequently, are people with a heart and a sensible ,far-sighted vision.

      However, I am sure you will see things differently. If not, we will not be having this discussion! Only time will prove who is right.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • Dev

        So are you saying that there was no MOU between you and the government ?

      • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran


        There was no MOU. How did you come up with this invention ? On what basis and with what authority, could I or the Diaspora group signed a memorandum with the GOSL?

        What I wrote was a ‘ Road map ‘ for peace, reconciliation and reconstruction, which was published in Transcurrents, Sri Lanka guardian, and many other websites. It was also forwarded to the government by others.

        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

        Here is the reference to the ‘Road Map’article:


        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • jansee

    Dr RN:

    “A profound and intuitive comment!
    It underscores the hypocrisy and political devil dancing that are bedevellling the issue of the war-affected.”

    Am I surprised this coming from you. Let us look at this way on what Hika thinks had “satired”!

    The Tamils were fed with honey and milk during the 1983 riots.

    It is the sincere belief of the Sinhalese regime that in a sincere attempt to help the Tamils to manage a smaller population it has deliberately reduced to pulp more than a hundred thousand lives to the “after-lfe”. After all what better service can we do to the Tamils and humanity.

    Oh, oh: Ridyard Kipling just wrote to the Tamils that they have to be awfully thankful to the likes of Hika and NR for giving them the opportunity to find out the marvels of living in a jungle except that they (Hika and NR) would not do so – not out of antagonism but out of meaningful love in order not to deprive these Tamils their god given pleasure and opportunity to live in the jungle.

    • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran


      Hika’s comment was limited to mischievous opinions expressed during the last stages of the warn and during various stages of existence of the Chettikulam IDP camps.

      My comment in return was to appreciate their aptness in capturing the political dimensions of the vociferous/noisy sections of some Tamils and others.

      Extending the meaning of his comments and mine beyond these periods is equally mischievous.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • http://_______ Pro Bono

    I wonder whether you know the type of people with whom you are dealing with.
    Please read this news report from Sunday Leader of 30th July ,2006.
    Apparently,this report has not been denied by the people named in this report,or the organisation they represent. They still have a big say in how the present Government formulates policies; and one of them is an influential Minister. This is the report:

    How the PNM wants to deal with the Demalu

    The political games played by Wimal Weerawansa and his changing faces have often been highlighted in the media.

    This time around, Weerawansa has taken his changing roles to a new level and all this came out in the open when he visited the soldiers in Jaffna.

    Manel Mal Movement

    Members of the Manel Mal Movement, Weerawansa, Somarathne Dissanayake, Gunadasa Amarasekera, Buddhadasa Vithanachchi, Senanayake Weraliyadda, Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero and Ven. Dambara Amila Thero visited Jaffna to inquire into the wellbeing of the security forces personnel in Jaffna.

    The visit was organised by the Presidential Secretariat. Through a letter, the secretariat informed the security forces personnel in Jaffna that Weerawansa and Dissanayake would be visiting Jaffna and that a vote of thanks be made at the end of the visit.

    Arrives in Palaly

    Weerawansa and co. arrived at Palaly and then made their way to Eluthumattuval, where the soldiers receive combat training. There they met with Major General Sanath Karunarathne and Brigadier Srinath Rajapakse.

    Weerawansa and co. had earlier decided on giving the soldiers a morale boost.

    Weerawansa and Somarathne surrounded the soldiers and said that the problems in Jaffna could be solved in 24 hours.

    “There’s no problem. You can bomb the place and solve the problem in 24 hours. It is no big deal,” they said.

    At the end of the speech, Major General Karunarathne questioned Weerawansa and team why they said the problem can be solved in a day when it was in reality not possible to do so.

    The response of the Patriotic National Movement team was that they wanted to give the soldiers a morale boost and hence the 24 hour theory.

    Maj. Gen. Karunarathne was not satisfied with the response. “If you want to boost the soldiers’ morale there is a lot that needs to be done. They have a lot of practical problems. Schools for their children, transport facilities, and the cost of living are some of the problems they have and solving them would increase their morale,” saying that the problem could be solved within 24 hours by bombing the place would not increase their morale.

    Finishing off

    As people who have faced this problem in a practical sense, we know that it cannot be solved within 24 hours. If we bomb as you say, over 500,000 civilians would be killed. As a security force with discipline and responsibility it cannot be done. We cannot carry out such attacks,” Karunarathne said.

    It was the response received to the Army Officer’s comments that were shocking.

    And the response was thus – “That’s ok , they are all demalu.”

    Maj. Gen. Karunarathne was not prepared to take that way .

    “I do not see them as Tamils, but as Sri Lankans. Our army treats everyone like human beings and as Sri Lankans. We do not draw lines between ethnic groups and undervalue their lives,” Karunarathne said.

    The Tamils are thankful to Officers like Maj.Gen. Karunarathna for telling these extremist politicians who even now want to “finish the Demalu”. They will tolerate only those who would do their bidding!!!
    The White Van Syndrome is the proof.

  • jansee

    Dr RN:

    I am glad it got to you. If Hika finds a ready advocate of his mischief in you, then doing a Jonathan Swift would be very apt, and in this I don’t give a hoot what you think and your opinion is.

  • jansee

    Pro Bono:

    Thanks for the info and it is heartening to hear of the army officer’s response. I don’t see the likes of Dr RN any different from those extremists or the extreme regime. You don’t have to carry a gun to become or behave like them, demonstrating an intensity to support a ruthless and dubious regime can be equated or worse than such a regime’s actions and such disguises, as does the regime, is easily noticeable.

  • http://None. Srilankan

    Without answering my simple question as to whether there was any MOU, you state that the Diaspora Dialogue Group were fortunate to be given a free hand to see what we wanted to see.
    By copying and pasting your comment in public domain I wanted to bring to the notice of the readers that you are also considering on an agricultural and livestock development project. I never commented whether you identified State/State takenover land and therefore there is no ploy to be exposed .
    The best thing we can do to as a first step is to come forward as individuals and collectively to help the war-affected poor. I concur with your suggestion only if there is Civil and not Military Administration in those areas. If we give them fishing gear and the Military prohibits them from visiting the seas/ponds/tanks what happens?

    • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      Sri Lankan,

      There is a civil administration in overall control. The miitary is not in control over civil matters. Anyone can fish now and go into the deep seas. Powerful motors and bigger boats have been permitted. Bureaucratic lethargy, ineptness and corruption are big problems. A ‘Fishing rod’in this instance means, providing the tools for self employment and income generation.

      I can assure that the military will not interfere with anyone getting involved with altruistic motives. It is very likely they will investigate tha background of anyone getting involved, for security reasons. Further, many NGOs, UN agencies and Foreign governments are carrying out projects in the areas concerned, in addition to the GOSL. However, these are a drop in the ocean. Many NGOs who were suspected to have closer than necessary links with the LTTE, are of course prohibited from working in these areas.

      Further, I am glad that you had no malefide intents in mentioning Nilaveli.

      As I have replied to Dev already, we did not sign any MOU with the GOSL. Further, the GOSL permitted us/me to visit the war-affcted areas, after I had addressed the final session of the dialogue and expressed my doubts regarding the implementation of the APRC proposals and such matters, and expressed grave concerns about Sarath Fonseka’s ( then army commander) statement that the Tamils should go to South India!

      Everyone who is talking to those in the GOSL is not licking boots or selling the Tamils, as many imply. Most such individuals are seeking alternative paths to solving problems, through a civilized dialogue.

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • http://www.groundviews.org Groundviews

        “There is a civil administration in overall control. The miitary is not in control over civil matters.”


        “In one place an officer told us the army’s intelligence network had actually expanded. “We’ve been asked to keep a register of what people do and where they go,” he said. “We even monitor schoolchildren’s activities. We know what people eat for their lunch.”

        Via http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-19096158

      • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran


        I have no doubt the military intelligence has been expanded. However, this does not mean that the military is holding the dominant position it did in the early years post-war. I feel this is to be expected in view of India banning the LTTE for two more years because it has evidence pointing to the LTTE regrouping there. I am sure the GOSL has similar evidence. There are many things we are not aware, as there are many things the government is unaware or cares tuppence about. My experience on the ground suggests that many of the problems are due to a inept, insensitive, unmotivated, corrupt and supine bureaucracy. Political interference and attendant corruption are also major problems.

        I am sure that the space is available now, despite some surmountable obstacles, to do what has to be done for the IDPs.

        If our intentions and actions are above board and altruistic, we need not fear what anyone wants to know about us or our activities!
        Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

        • http://www.groundviews.org Groundviews

          “I feel this is to be expected in view of India banning the LTTE for two more years because it has evidence pointing to the LTTE regrouping there. I am sure the GOSL has similar evidence”


          “India’s mistake was to take our Prime Minister seriously. Ours is to allow him to continue in office. Few in Sri Lanka care to know what is said in Parliament, and it is only when India vehemently denied the Prime Minister’s claim that there were LTTE training camps operating in India that most realised he had actually said it. The first media reports of the PM’s statement in Parliament noted that he had expressly said ” the LTTE has three training centers in Tamil Nadu and one is where the Tigers are being trained to assassinate VIPs” and that “intelligence information regarding this has been confirmed and warned that the Tigers may attempt to carry out small scale attacks in Sri Lanka as well.

          The UNP questioned this assertion, noting that “this information regarding the LTTE being trained in Tamil Nadu seems to have been shared with the PM by the Defence Ministry in Colombo” and that “it is protocol for Sri Lanka to share such information with its neighbour considering that the claims are very serious.”

          Later on 10th March, AFP and other international media carried a story that was the first egg on our PM’s face. Noting the unequivocal rejection of our Government’s claims, the article quoted Indian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Vishnu Prakash who said that India “…categorically denies [the] existence of any LTTE camps in India” and urged “Sri Lanka to desist from reacting to speculative and uncorroborated reports”. Interestingly, the rebuttal came via Twitter, which can be either read as as a sign of utter contempt at our confounded farrago of ‘confirmed intelligence information’ or being so annoyed as to use whatever media at their disposal to quickly allay any fears of an LTTE threat within their borders. The Tamil Nadu Director-General of Police Letika Saran went a step further and categorically denied every single assertion the PM had made in parliament.”

          Speaking lies to power: Sri Lanka’s PM and the LTTE in India, http://groundviews.org/2011/03/11/speaking-lies-to-power-sri-lankas-pm-and-the-ltte-in-india/


          “A day before the Sri Lankan Parliament is to discuss the United Nations Human Rights Council resolution asking it, among other things, to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, an English newspaper reported that 150 terrorists, trained in India, have landed in Sri Lankan shores in the garb of fishermen to destabilise the country.

          “State intelligence services have received information that around 150 terrorists who underwent a special arms training at three secret camps in Tamil Nadu, have returned to Sri Lanka and are hiding in the North and the East to carryout a destabilisation campaign,” The Island newspaper reported on Monday, quoting Sri Lankan state intelligence. “Their target was to sabotage and disrupt the on-going reconciliation process by creating in those areas, police sources said. Their activities came to light when three LTTE cadres taken into custody after an Eelam People’s Democratic Party (EPDP) member was hacked to death in Trincomalee were interrogated,” the newspaper added.

          The suspects had confessed that they had fled to India after LTTE’s defeat, and “followed military courses in secret locations in Tamil Nadu before returning to Sri Lanka, disguised as fishermen to conduct clandestine operations…The intelligence services suspect that they may have been behind several killings reported from the North and the East.”

          In a statement issued a shortwhile ago, the Indian High Commission in Colombo dismissed suggestions that there were LTTE-training camps in Tamil Nadu. “The suggestion contained in the news item regarding the training of terrorists at three secret camps in Tamil Nadu, India is entirely erroneous and baseless. Relevant agencies of the two countries have ongoing cooperation and no such information has been brought to the notice of the Government of India,” a release from the High Commission said.”

          Sri Lankan newspaper claims LTTE camps in Tamil Nadu, http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/article3272163.ece

        • http://www.groundviews.org Groundviews

          “I have no doubt the military intelligence has been expanded. However, this does not mean that the military is holding the dominant position it did in the early years post-war.”


          More than three years after winning the war against the LTTE, the Sri Lankan Army retains an overwhelming presence in the North and East of the island, deploying 16 out of its 19 divisions in the Tamil-dominated regions.

          Information available with The Hindu indicates that besides three divisions in Jaffna, there are three each in Killinochchi and Mullaithivu, while five divisions are stationed in Vavuniya. Another two divisions are deployed in the East. Three divisions are headquartered in southern Sri Lanka.

          The information, from an internal Sri Lankan military document showing the deployment in a series of maps for a PowerPoint presentation, is for the month of June 2012, but there have been no significant changes since then.

          Sri Lankan Army still has vast presence in North & East, http://www.thehindu.com/news/article3915391.ece


          “Given that the war has now been over three years, there is no apparent strategic reason to withhold information as to how many military personnel there really are on the ground though of course it may be politically expeditious to be less than honest about it. And that, it appears, is what the Government is doing both in domestic and international forums, including most recently, in Geneva. A story in the Daily News with the banner “Military presence in North rationalized”[11] noted that Sri Lanka told the UN Human Rights Council that the “current military strength in the North [is] reduced to 20,000.” Of course, the fourth paragraph makes it clear that the number pertains only to Jaffna. However, this does not even correspond with the 15,6000 claimed by the Defence Secretary or the 35,000 claimed by the CIMIC Jaffna website. While any reduction in the number of troops in Jaffna or elsewhere in the Northern Province is to be welcomed, for it to be credible it has to be accompanied by a level of information and disclosure that inspires confidence.”

          How Credible are the Latest Official Claims Concerning Troop Reductions in Jaffna?, http://groundviews.org/2012/07/10/how-credible-are-the-latest-official-claims-concerning-troop-reductions-in-jaffna/

      • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran


        Tamil Nadu justified the extended two year ban on the LTTE (www.asiantribune.com/news/2012/10/02/tn-justifies-ltte-ban-tribunal) as follows:

        “”=TN justifies LTTE ban before tribunal
        Wed, 2012-10-03 03:11 — editor

        Breaking News

        From R. Vasudevan—Reporting from New Delhi
        New Delhi, 03 October (Asiantribune.com) :

        The Tamil Nadu Government has submitted before the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal an affidavit, and supporting documents running to two volumes, justifying the notification issued by the Union Home Ministry banning the LTTE in the country.

        When the second day of the tribunal’s hearing began in Chennai on Sept 30, G Sampath Kumar, the Superintendent of Police of ‘Q’ Branch here, deposed before Justice V K Jain on behalf of the State, submitting a detailed affidavit and supporting evidence.

        The supporting documents were then placed in sealed covers by the orders of the tribunal on the request of the counsel appearing for both the Tamil Nadu and Central governments.

        During the course of the hearing, Sampath Kumar said the annexures contained data, such as cases lodged against LTTE sympathisers in Tamil Nadu as well as operations of groups linked to the banned organisation.

        Answering questions put forward by Justice V K Jain, Sampath Kumar pointed to various outfits with connections to the Tamil Tigers, including the People’s Front of the Liberation Tigers (PFLT), which continue their activities with an objective of creating a “Greater Tamil Nadu” consisting of territories belonging to the Indian Union.

        Justifying the continuation of the ban on the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Union government earlier asserted that the banned organisation continued to be a threat to the country’s sovereignty and integrity.

        Immediately after the assassination of the former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991, the Union government, which had imposed the ban on the LTTE for the first time in May 1992, had been extending it every two years under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. As per the law, the Centre had issued a notification banning the organisation on May 14 for another period of two years.

        Justice V.K. Jain, who constitutes the one-man Tribunal set up under the Act to go into the ban, conducted a hearing here to decide its validity.

        Filing an affidavit before the Tribunal, R.K. Suman, Director of Internal Security, Union Home Ministry said, “Though the LTTE has been decimated, there are reports to indicate that remnant LTTE cadres/leaders [are trying to] regroup and revive the organisation in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India.” He also said there were reports that the banned organisation was likely to revive with the assistance of Maoist organisations in the country.

        “The organisation is capable of garnering local support in Tamil Nadu and several others parts in South India on account of linguistic, cultural and ethnic affinity. The LTTE continues to look at Tamil Nadu as a base for anti-India activities. The Central government has information that the LTTE continues to be a threat to territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country,” the Ministry said.

        “The LTTE, even after its military defeat, has not abandoned its goal of achieving ‘Tamil Eelam.’ The remnants of the organisation have been clandestinely working by reviving [activities] locally and internationally and continue to propagate its agenda through various means.”

        Though the Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) general secretary Vaiko’s plea to implead himself in the hearing to oppose the ban was rejected by the Tribunal, he was allowed to place certain questions before it.

        Answering a question raised by Vaiko, Suman said various cases have been registered against pro-LTTE elements and supporters in the preceding 24 months. He was personally aware of four such cases. He also cited the MDMK as one of the organisations, listed as a supporter of the LTTE.”
        Further, while I do not have any reliable figures on troop numbers in the north and the east, I will only allude to what I definitely know. There is much less visible troop presence in Jaffna now. The large areas occupied by the army from Iyakkachchi to Kodikamam on the A9 have shrunk quite visibly and civilians have either returned or are returning. I witnessed large scale mine clearing operations going on in the Muhamalai area, as recently as ten days back.

        Further, the armed forces are not getting involved in civilian disputes and other crimes now. They report such instances brought to their attention to the police. Many areas in Jaffna are not policed enough yet and the presence of army camps and some security posts are a detterent to crime.

        It is also a fact that the people living in Jaffna have learned to live with the military presence and have established a friendly and trusting relationship. This is quite visble. What appears intrusive and unacceptable to those visiting Jaffna after decades, has become acceptable in Jaffna ( a symbiotic relationship that has slowly evolved with the army becoming much less beligerant in peace times). The efforts of the armed forces to win the hearts and minds of the people seems to have worked fairly well. Recently some villagers in Vadamarachchi area demanded that the military check point be restored, because crime had increased subsequent to its removal

        My opinion is that it is foolhardy to expect the GOSL to minimize the army presence within three years + of the end of a 30 year old bitter war, when there are attempts to resuscitate the LTTE and peddle its ideolgy by many elements both within and outside Sri Lanka. If there is a repeat of the LTTE phenomenon, it will start from where it was stopped, backed up by lessons learned from defeat. We cannot take that risk, until we are sure that the coast is absoltely clear. Intense vigiliance is yet a necessity and the inconvenience and cost, the price we have to pay.

        The allied troops are yet positioned in Germany, although the Nazi’s were defeated a very long time ago and the cold war ended decades back!
        These troops are now projecting the power of the US and its European allies, beyond Europe. These allied troops are on foreign soil and our troops are on our soil.

        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

        • http://www.groundviews.org Groundviews

          Your response dodges what we flagged.

          Your exact words were “I am sure the GOSL has similar evidence” with regards to LTTE’s regrouping in India. Where does your unequivocal certainty spring from given SL intelligence failures on this score, in the public domain?

      • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran


        It is a deductive conclusion. If the SL military intelligence did not identify the problem, their Indian counterparts would have shared the information. I am sure because of the high probability involved. Further, anyone who is closely observing the political scene cannot miss the ominous signs.

        Further, intelligence failures are not unique to SL . There we’re intelligence failures involved in the attack on the American Embassy in Libya and the death of the US ambassador recently.

        Some one passed a message to me in Jaffna recently that he would have me shot, if the tigers were yet around! This type of thinking yet exists in Jaffna and I am sure there are many who wish the days of the tigers would return. There is yet some demand for the tigers and /or the tiger- methods. One has live in Jaffna and deal with the ordinary people to understand the thought process.

        I hope this response is not perceived as dodging anything.

        Thanks for your input to the discussion.


        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

        • http://www.groundviews.org Groundviews

          “It is a deductive conclusion. If the SL military intelligence did not identify the problem, their Indian counterparts would have shared the information.”

          Still doesn’t answer the question, which is a simple one. SL intelligence as been scoffed at by India, two years running. You claim otherwise. If there is SL intelligence reports backing up, as you unequivocally suggest, we’ve not read them. Have you? If so, please share.

      • Dev

        Come come Mr. RN-stand up and be counted, stop dodging the question and answer the issues flagged by GV !
        I too am constantly in Jaffna and its surroundings, the military is in total and tight control of every activity in the north —the north is under a MILITARY (retired) SINHALA governor for god’s sake !!!

        In spite being able to hold local/parliamentary/presidential elections it does not want to hold the northern provincial elections since it knows it will lose (very badly) and then passing the Divinaguma bill will fail !!!!!
        Come come Mr. RN, you know it and I know it and everyone reading GV you knows it –you signed a MOU with the govt and sold your people !

      • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran

        Dev ,

        Your lies ,insinuation and intent will be clear to perceptive readers ! Your insistence on the existence of an MOU also throws light on the degree of tour common sense.

        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

        My deduction is confirmed by the Asian Tribune report I have cited and the BBC report on the military wanting to know about everything that is happening, you have cited. I gave no cause to contest the BBC report, though the intelligence gathering by nature has to be more subtle than implied. I am not an expert on military intelligence to pass judgements on quality. We have to rely on what the Defence Secretary has spoken on this subject. Please read the link below:


        He would of course have access to the SL military intelligence reports. He has referred to the possibilities of the LTTE re-emerging on several occasions. I have obviously no access to intelligence reports but draw conclusions from what I see, hear and read.

        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

        • http://www.groundviews.org Groundviews

          So essentially it comes down to, of all things, believing the Def Sec on military matters in the North and East! Attempts to take you seriously are thus sadly and grossly undermined, though its your prerogative to believe said gentleman like so many others do in our country. In Sinhala there is an old adage that goes “horage ammangen pena ahanawa wage”. There surely must be an equivalent in Tamil.

          Good night, and good luck.

      • Off the Cuff

        Dear Groundviews,

        Are you implying that Charles Haviland is an objective writer and Dr Rajasingham Narendran is not?

      • Anpu
  • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran

    Jansee and Pro Bono,

    Your attempts at obfuscation are amazing! The subject under discussion is the plight of the IDPs and the help they need. Why should you try to make comments on and draw references to unrelated or distant topics?

    Incidentally, I am not working with or for anyone as implied. My heart and mind are also in the right place. I stand as an individual and voice my opinions and concerns as an individual. I definitely strive to be a human first and a Tamil second. I strive to avoid viewing every issue from a rigid position of an ‘ Aggrieved Tamil’ with an axe to grind. My experiences in life dictate that I take this path.

    Further, the discussion should not be about me, my intentions or my imagined affiliations, but about how we can help the poor war-affected IDPs. The discussion can of course focus on why WE have failed to do what we had to , while also pointing out what others have done and not done. There is no need for malice, denial ,drama and exaggeration, as we are all concerned about the sad plight of fellow humans. All sorts of examples, positive, negative and the ugly, can be pointed out and all sorts of references to support these instances can be quoted, but will these help the poor war-affected?

    There is ‘ Organised Hypocrisy’ in many things we do as humans and institutions. However, it is important to rise above this sad human condition, at least when it comes to an issue such as the IDPs.
    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

  • jansee

    Dr RN:

    There is neither malice nor any personal vendetta against you as you will understand that this is a forum and platform to express our views.
    Contrary to your suggestion of organised hypocrisy, this is a label that would fit the regime and those who “turn the other side” to the dastardly deeds of the regime.

    It is not that there we or the diaspora is not interested in helping the idps or others affected by the war. It is precisely what most of us ventured to do but stopped by this regime because it did not want us to know what happened over there during the final phase of the war and it only would accept assistance through the regime and obviously on which we could not agree, knowing very well that it would not reach the intended parties.

    The many claims from those who seem to believe that they have seen it all are at best conducted tours to areas and camps on and what the regime wanted them to see. Information that seeped from those areas does not seem to tally with the regime’s claims, including that of yours. I am not saying you are lying but you only saw and write what you saw – that’s the difference. The MPs from Tamilnadu sent by Karunanidhi gave a clean slate to the regime then but now has changed its stand significantly. So, you don’t have to get carried away if we express our anxiety and exasperation. It is a well known fact that this regime suffers from serious bouts of credibility and your talk of severing “the limbs from body” in taking the regime’s actions as a whole would mean to “pat its back for a humanitarian war” by killing innocent civilians in the thousands. I have no doubts whatsoever that this regime’s adventure and intention right from the beginning was to reduce the Tamil population by any means, including that of butchering them.

    Look at the instant subject-matter on the dumping of the idps in the jungle. A senior goes to UN and bluffs that he certainly knows where the editor of a newspaper is and we all know what the joker said in the court. After misleading and delaying the talks with the TNA for so long, it has the cheek to say that it was only with the party and not the govt when written evidence showed otherwise. And there is a lot more and would only mean repetition on why none of us have any faith in or believe what this regime says. It has no credibility at all, none whatsoever. Period.

    • Dr.Rajasinglham Narendran


      Thanks. ,’ Organised Hypocrisy’. Is a human affliction. It is a self-serving tool used by individuals, groups and nations to achieve their objectives, regardless of ethical or moral concerns. Very few humans transcend this condition. Groups and nations never do.

      Dr. Rajasingham Narendran