Navin Weeraratne’s photo essay around the recent violence in Dambulla has already been shared widely on Facebook, and elsewhere on the web. Describing himself to us as “an amateur photographer, toy painter, and pub quizzer”, Navin has succeeded in capturing some of the best photos on the controversy surrounding the mosque ostensibly within the “sacred grounds” of the Dambulla Temple. As journalist Dharisha Bastians avers on Navi’s Facebook page, “This story needs to be told. It really is a wonderful piece of journalism at a time when mainstream reporting can only say so much.”

When going through the album, make sure to read the captions.

  • Suchetha Wijenayake and I went down to Aluthgama today. We wanted to hear people’s stories about last week’s communal riots.

    We had hoped to talk to both sides. However, we did not, and left quickly as we didn’t feel safe. As you read further, you will see why.

    In this photo essay, we will talk about what we saw, and what we know to be true.

    However, we will also talk about what Moslem community leaders told us. People can feel free to accept, criticize, or reject their accounts.