The ‘Grease Devil’ Phenomena in Sri Lanka: A Brief Collation of Reports

A ‘snapshot’ visualized version of the ‘Grease Devil’ phenomena that emerged in Sri Lanka from the 7th of July 2011 to the 29th of August 2011. Incidents concern; sightings of Grease Devils, community reactions, conflicts and security force reactions. This is an ‘evolving document’ to which all are welcome to add, suggest and discuss.

Sunday Times, Grease Devils Graphic. Until the 14th of August 2011.

Google Earth Area Photos of Concentrated Grease Devil Sightings
See Below: (1) Jaffna, (2) Mullaththivu, (3) Trincomalee, (4) Batticaloa & Ampara, (5) Puttalam, (6) Sabaragamuwa, Kurunegala & Up Country


  • Statement by Women on the Attacks on Women, Impunity and the Lack of the Rule of Law, issued by the Women’s Action Network
  • Grease Devils at Navanthurai: People with military-Confrontation, Author confidential

Internet News Sources


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Grease Devil Incidents via GIS (Google Earth)
Note that D Indicates Alleged Devil Sighting and V Indicates Violence or Vigilante related to Devil. Download these incidents as a KMZ file here.




Batticaloa & Ampara


Sabaragamuwa, Kurunegala & Up Country

  • http://-- A concerned citizen

    It is a shame that the security forces in Sri Lanka which boast that they were able to defeat the LTTE is unable to contain the activities of the grease devils. Is it because it is their own creation as is widely alleged or because of their inefficiency ? In any case, these devils have provided the opportunity for the military to be out on the streets exercising their muscles on the civilians who dare taken on the devils.

  • Neville Perera

    Thank you for the presentation in such a powerful visual way.

  • Rizvi

    on the 3rd of September 2011 an incident has been reported at Kalutara Muslim populated area. Once attempted to capture Police jeep has come and arrested (taken) the guy.

    This so called Grease Yaka was knocking at a door in the said night.

    Something really fishy and scary especially for the minority.