Jaffna, Peace and Conflict, Poetry, Post-War


Plantain leaves, steaming yellow
rice, katta sambol, seer fish,

passion fruit, the island’s culinary
pleasures I think of first, batting

then for a day, stopping for lunch
and tea, but this strain of poetry

has been sidelined, a war
won and lost, rewriting of history,

yet the latter may not be
necessary, building of

monuments to the bullet
near the sea, or the various

stupas popping up by kovils,
or replacing them quietly.

The waters of the Bay
of Bengal are rising steadily.

  • Rita

    If only the stupas are in the hearts of men and women and not in the sand and cement …..

  • Sivarajapillai

    Indran Amirthanayagam


    Your poetry has touched my heart !!


    Everything is “induced” in Sri Lanka 🙂

    Climate-Induced , Fear-Induced, White Van – Induced …

    Radio Netherlands journalists “white vanned ” in Sri Lanka

    During one conversation in a Jaffna restaurant the journlists were spied on and reported to the police, who later that night arrived at the hotel for a midnight interrogation . Ten police officers, including the Chief of Police, scared the western journalists into leaving the region. The following morning, on their way back to the well trodden tourist path, they were robbed and attacked at gunpoint by a gang in a white van.

    Are the Western Journalists are Deliberate Intimidated ?

    The intimidation of the ‘white van’ tactic that Sri Lankan reporters had described now came sharply into focus.

    “The police reaction is absurd, but it shows the fear of anything, in their perception that all media is connected to the Channel 4 programme or the UN investigation into war crimes”, said Sanjana Hattotuwa from the independent media watchdog

    Raisa Wickrematunge from Sri Lanka’s most controversial newspaper, The Sunday Leader, believes the attack in a ” white van “on western journalists marks a new low.


  • sr

    Any government should start with humanrights-induced, then it’ll be comprehensive and will cover everything/everybody.

  • Rita

    I cherish your poems.

    What was going to be a Singapore 60yrs ago is now destroyed by hatred for the ‘other’ and slowly getting water rising in the Bay of Bengal ?

    • Off the Cuff

      Dear Rita,

      What a Great Idea, it is still not too late to turn Sri Lanka in to a Singapore.

      Shall we start with Ethnic Integration?

      All it needs is the wholehearted support of the Tamil Community in implementing the Ethnic Integration Policy of Singapore in Sri Lanka.

      Will the Lankan Tamils be able to rise to the level of the Singapore Tamils?

  • Rita

    “Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew”, published in May 2010, LKY said:
    ‘’Sri Lanka is not a happy “united” country. The present president of Sri Lanka believes he has settled the problem now that the Tamil Tigers are killed, and wants others to believe that too. I have read his speeches and I knew he was a Sinhala extremist. I cannot change his mind. …. I don’t think they [Tamils] are going to be submissive or go away’’.

    • Off the Cuff

      Dear Rita,

      Lee Kuan Yew is a Dictator and practices Nepotism. Singapore under him was a Police state and you quote him?

      LKY united Singapore and the Tool he used is the Ethnic Integration Policy.

      Are you for EIP or against it?

      Would you like Mahinda to follow LKY’s example?

  • Mahinda

    All the police officers don’t follow the President’s orders if they are different from the law:


    ”The polling officer got nervous and called the police at the police station. After a long wait a Sub-Inspector Weerasinghe turned up. Having come from
    Colombo on special duty he was not part of the EPDP’s Velanai mob and apologised that he had orders not to remove any poster with the President’s picture on it.

    After a long discussion Weerasinghe called up his SP, Priyantha Weerasooriya, who was quite aggressive and asked me what authority I had to speak about the posters. I politely asked him, “I am a citizen.

    I see the laws of my country being violated. You are a policeman whose job is to uphold the law. What authority do I need to report this to you?” With that he became much more polite and the posters were
    removed by the police.”

  • silva

    Singapore has EIP.
    Sri Lanka has 18A.

    “Certain short-sighted, narrow-minded parties are talking about the 13th Amendment without considering the development or welfare of the people who live in the North and East”. – President Mahinda Rajapaksa (Election-speech in Chavakachcheri – 19.7.2011