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The Destroyed Temple

The house at the end of the road,
the giant multiple-walled house

at the end of the road without
a telephone, or internet,

without a satellite dish,
without rubbish—the residents

burned what they consumed—
certainly smoke can be traced,

and the courier’s story leaked
out of somebody else’s mouth

held incommunicado
in an East-European dungeon,

on leased land in the island
of Cuba, but that is another story,

the war found its target, today,
in helicopter to hand combat,

four aircraft once again, this time
choppers, and special forces—

not from Afghan camps
into Florida flight schools–but

Navy Seals, and the target
legitimate, not three thousand

ordinary civilians living
their American lives

until robbed by death,
rules for the rest of us

alive modified, and now
another death, tying

of the circle, a full spin
around the planet, what

Peru’s president said
was John Paul’s first miracle,

coincidence, his beatification
and death in combat

of Osama Bin Laden,
a bullet in the temple

of Evil, no longer
a Mastermind.

  • wijayapala

    Could somebody please explain this poem for me?

  • PitastharaPuthraya

    What was John Paul’s first miracle? What did the Peru president say? I do not understand either.

  • John Paul wss beatified on the day Osama Bin Laden died. The Peruvian president related the two events saying that John Paul’s first miracle, now that the former pope was beatified and on the way to sainthood, was to rid the world of Osama Bin Laden.

  • PitastharaPuthraya


  • Naavalan

    Indran Amirthanayagam

    Your lovely poems are deeply appreciated !!!

  • Sohan Fernando

    As to the poetry: excellent!

    However my coment here is more about what the Perivian president said about John Paul II. Seems to me the Peruvian president doesn’t know what he’s talking about, about Christianity.:

    Firstly, I’m pretty sure there has never been a miracle recognized by any Christians, where the miracle was such an assassination (even of such a evil man). I admit that doesn’t mean it can never happen, but it certainly seems very likely quite against Christian attitudes, especially in a case like this. Also, it’s rather hard to call this a “miracle” in the out-of-the-ordinary sense, since it was just an example of great military and intellifgence capabilities; if there is any miracle it is that Bin Laden lived there for so long WITHOUT being detected.

    SEcondly, more importantly: For all practical purposes, if talking about what John Paul might have done, seems far more relevant to realize that if he can see what’s happening here, he’ll be shedding tears over the vindictive vengeful hearts that many americans demonstrated recently; the way, just like in May 2009 in Sri Lanka, there was a unchristian and vengeful triumphalism. If America – and at least American Christians on large scale – were to start changing their country’s unethical and immoral slide., THAT may be a miracle.

    I.e., while it is fine to be relieved and joyful than a nasty evil man cannot any more cause harm innocent people, it is against genuine Christianity to have vengeful joy.

    Moreover, the root of the problem was NOT Bin Laden, and not even fully due to the people who distorted Islam. Rather, from a genuine Christian perspective, the ROOT of the problem was the very Unchristian manner in which America as a whole has behaved for a very long time. Any true Christian in Heaven who can see how America is NOT improving in this respect, will be praying as hard as he/she can, for this to change; and THAT is what Christians on earth should be focusing on, rather than idle speculation (Which will not get anyone anywhere) on whether John Paul’s prayers did or did not play a role.

    • sabbe laban

      It may be un-christian and certainly un-Buddhist to celebrate a man’s death, but what the hell has the religion done to save the people from terrorist attacks? You may say that they’ll be well looked after in heaven, but we are not sure!

      Oh!the John Paul who joined hands with Reagan to carry out a political agenda! Was that his “Miracle”?

  • PitastharaPuthraya


    Quite true!

  • wijayapala

    Ok, so what was the point of making that connection?