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I consider my self a political moderate. I value world peace, equity and justice. I sympathize with the USA on the calamity of 9/11. I abhor terrorism. However, I am also acutely aware of US imperialism which is globally pervasive in order to further US national interests. Fossil fuel is the most valuable and scarce natural resource essential to advance economic and political power. For centuries, the US and its western allies have commanded everything within their power to exploit it both covertly and overtly. It is no co-incidence that both Iraq and Libya, targets of the west, happen to produce the most superior fossil fuel in the world. Africa and Asia has also been subject to centuries of exploitation due to their abundant and valuable natural resources resulting in prosperity of the West at the expense of debilitating and chronic poverty of the exploited nations.

Whether one likes it or not, Bin Laden was undoubtedly, the single most powerful personality who posed a threat to US imperialism in recent times. As an Arab and as a member of one of the wealthiest families in Saudi Arabia, he was privy to the geo political machinations of the West which he resisted at the cost of being an outcast of his family who together with the monarchy operate in connivance with US oil interests. In fact, his extended family were provided safe exit from the US via a charter flight with the compliments of oil magnate US President George Bush, Jr. soon after 9/11. Bin Laden used terrorism which was the cheapest, easiest and most lethal method available to him to intimidate the rapacious West and, indeed, he succeeded to a great extent. Building up a terrorist network must have been an easy task for bin Laden due to the abundantly available frustrated and impoverished youth in the region with little hope of personal advancement. Bin Laden terrorized ‘the Barbarians at the Gate’ by instilling fear in their hearts.

Now we see consequences of the corruptive influence of western imperialism through the unprecedented and colossal social upheaval in the oil rich world where, up to now, monarchies have acted as puppet regimes of the western world. Geo politically strategic countries like Egypt, which are not oil rich, have also been propped by the West in order to perpetuate puppet regimes. Amazingly, the public of these impoverished nations have suddenly emerged out of ignorance and apathy to finally comprehend the decades of exploitation they have been subject to during colonial as well as post colonial periods. They are now vehemently demanding the dismantling of corrupt monarchies who have exploited them for centuries to gain personal power and wealth. It appears that Bin Laden’s cause has now pervaded the hearts and minds of the Muslim world – thankfully, shedding off the violent means of terrorism in achieving their ends.

Although many of us may not know it and may even wish to deny it, Osama Bin Laden stood as a modern bulwark against western imperialism. His cause was valid but his tactics were illegitimate. Yes, thousands of innocent civilians in the West became victims of Bin Laden’s overt terror. However, much more lives have been sacrificed in impoverished nations due to covert exploitation and geo political manipulations by the West.

The alleged killing of Bin Laden by US special forces is the biggest hoax pulled off by the US Govt for the following reasons:

  1. It distracts the world from the collateral damage due to targeted air attacks by NATO against Libyan military command centres, a few days ago, resulting in the death of Gadhaffi’s son and three innocent children of his extended family. Death of innocent civilians is tragic whoever they maybe, particularly, children. The US which is the self claimed policeman and conscience of the world cannot afford the world wide negative publicity that this targeted act of aggression warrants. The best option would be to distract the world’s attention from it with a sensational killing in another part of the world in order to display the courage and bravery of the US armed forces.
  2. The alleged elimination of the West’s most wanted terrorist, Bin Laden, will definitely be a major factor in Obama’s re-election for a second term which is currently in the balance. The euphoria of the American public is being beamed world wide for international publicity and endorsement.
  3. The disposal of Bin Laden’s alleged body within hours of his killing, by a suspicious ‘burial at sea’ which, as a consequence, can never be recovered for a post mortem, is far too devious to ignore. Also, allowing the televised burning down of his ‘Palace’ to the view of the rest of the world is even more suspicious. Surely, more evidence of the Al Qaeda network could have been extracted from the site by quelling the fire.

All one can say is Hallelujah! God Bless America! The self proclaimed Savior of the World.

  • TT

    “Bin Laden’s killing greeted as justice
    Osama bin Laden’s death at the hands of U.S. forces may help to start some healing, said religious leaders, relatives of victims and a generation who grew up in the shadow of 9/11.”

    The same goes for SL.

    Velupillai’s killing greeted as justice
    Velupillai’s death at the hands of SL forces may help to start some healing, said religious leaders, relatives of victims and a generation who grew up in the shadow of 5/14.

    14/05/1976 was the day the Tamil Elam fight began with the passing of the Vadukoddai Resolution.

  • Zorro

    Thanks TT for reminding us of the VR. But I think the Sinhala only act was implemented already in 1956, and JRJ has made this proposal already in 1944 to get into the State council by polarizing the Sinhalese majority. TT please stick to the proved facts and don’t spread assumptions of your own.
    1. Regarding your comments on the Panel Report: there has been lots of corporations between the GoSL and the Panel in creating the report, as to be seen in the Annexure to the report and the GoSL has been answering 31 questions of the Panel before publishing the report. Now you and the GoSL claim the panel is one sided, flawed and biased??? and deny its legitimacy; then why the vigorous working together? and what would have been the reaction if the report has kept the LTTE alone responsible for the war crimes? would it have been a legitimate report in your eyes?
    2. My previous question; Why not create a homogenize population all over the Island nation, if necessary with the help of military, and to deploy security forces and paramilitary to protect the minority from any pogroms or assaults from the majority? Forced colonization of south with Tamils and Muslims likewise your advise of colonizing North and East with Sinhalese with the help of military?
    3. Is Mr. Soleheim a friend of GoSL now as he has conflicts with the Diaspora?
    4. If everything carried out in SL is exemplary for the world why not let them see and appreciate the achievements than denying access to the areas, earlier LTTE carders and the security reasons, then the mines now what is the reason for keeping the “liberated areas free of” press; NGOs and foreigners? don’t you suspect something messy? Please dont say that you know there is nothing wrong. And please forward the facts if you know different facts that what is believed generally!
    5. Yes VP is a terrorist and Bin Laden too. But it has no legitimacy to make all the Tamils responsible for the atrocities of VP. And you love to generalize all the Tamils as racist, I presume? Why you hate the word Tamil and the Tamils? are you a racist yourself, have you ever asked this question yourself? I would advice you to do this!

    • TT


      Tamil racism goes further past that.

      e.g. 1931 50-50 racist demand.

      Just as OBL’s terror was there even before 9/11.

      9/11 made him a bigger target.

  • ravana

    There are some contrast between the reputations of the US and SL forces:

    When US forces engage in operations and and collateral damage occurs there is always immediate expression of regret or apologies after clarification of events. This often done at a high level (e.g. secretary of state).

    When US soldiers engage in War Crimes (unlike UK ) the US authorities immediately investigate, they prosecute those found to have committed crimes and do not prevent the press from publishing details.

    Sri Lanka is a contrast. The Sri Lankan Defence Forces have a beastly reputation from the 1970’s and 1980’s. There were 60 000 youth killed, some of them dragged while they slept in their beds, tortured, killed and disposed in the most inhumane ways. There were reports of rape of both Sinhala and Tamil youth. It is commented by those sinhalas who suffered in the hands of the Sri Lankan Army (almost exclusively Sinhala by late 1980’s) that they are not surprised that Tamil females turned in to suicide bombers after the Sinhala Soldiers finished with them.
    During the tenure of General Fonseka? in Jaffna there was a rare display of criminal soldiers being prosecuted under the CBK regime. General Fonseka has also claimed that he had controlled Eelam War IV down to details thus providing (presumably) capacity for auditing the War action.

    Yet when one reads the DBS Jeyaraj interview of KP (the surviving LTTE deputy) and read between the lines, one can glean his great regret at the death of Prabakaran’s young son. There is heavy implication that this child was killed deliberately without directly saying so.

    There has never been an acknowledgement of the deaths of thousands of forcibly recruited children in the battle fronts let alone Prabakaran’s child, nor any regret at their deaths by any Sinhala leader who wax lyrical about the victories in battles.
    No General has been permitted to express any regret. The Army Commander himself has been incarcerated giving the distinct impression that there is plenty to hide. This is very evident in accusations of “traitor” directed at him for saying what is right (to paraphrase him, he had indicated that if there are any accusations of War Crimes he needs to know dates, times and places and he would know the names and ranks of officers present. He further said that if war crimes can be proved it is (his) patriotic duty to see that perpetrators are brought to justice).

    In contrast to the USG, SLG and its representatives, have been shrill in denials and denigration of independent international eminent persons who have expressed concerns. These shrill and often histrionic voices include the President, his brother the defence secretary, ministers Weerawansa and Silva and MP Rajiva Wijesinghe. They are all sinhala. The only Tamil MP (Fernadopulle) who may possibly have raised a shrill voice with them was assassinated during the war. His sinhala widow now claims that he was betrayed by corrupt elements in the Police Force.

    In this context Sri Lanka Government has much to do in cleaning up the image of a section of its population, namely the so-called Sinhala people who are a tribe of Sri Lankans who identify themselves as such based on their use of the native language.
    Some comparisons have been made between the Sri Lankan tribe of Sinhalas (fashioning themselves akin to lions) and the Rwandan tribe of Hutus given the Sinhala progrom against Tamil civilians in July 1983 (in fact the Hutus should be compared to the Sinhalas). It is strongly believed that government agents were involved in organising this. The president never apologised. It took the PM three days to express disgust and another President many years to formally apologise. All those in such positions of power were of the Sinhala tribe. The Attorney General of 1983 (a Tamil) who colluded with the Sinhala President in suppression of both Sinhala and Tamil people subsequently migrated and worked for the anti Sri Lankan terror group the LTTE.

    Members of the Sinhala tribe which has been particularly triumphalist after the demise of the LTTE continue to accuse the Tamils in general of being racists whilst refusing to examine themselves. This tendency is fuelled, ignited and fanned by the above mentioned Sinhala politicians and many others. Sri Lankans who speak the Sinhala language and prefer to identify as Sri Lankan rather than Sinhala are denigrated and bullied. Those Sri Lankans who seek truth, justice and reconciliation are told that reconciliation is occurring through development. “Tamils” dare not speak up. It is not likely that “Tamil” Sri Lankans will feel safe within the borders of Sri Lanka for a long time if at all.

    • the way of the Dodo

      ravana, us war crimes trials have been mostly jokes from my lai massacre only one man was convicted and he spent 4 & 1/2 months in prison. what a joke dude. And that’s not an isolated incident.

      Let me tell you another story about the Americans, you may already know of this but I hope at least someone will learn something. The worst crimes against humanity in WWII didn’t happen in germany. They actually happened under a program called Unit 731 run by the japanese. this place made Auschwitz look like a holiday camp & saw look like a chick flick. people were vivisected without anesthesia after exposing them to horrible viruses. Flame throwers were tested on living humans. Certain organs were removed from subjects then these people were patched up to see how long they would survive. The list goes on & on. The person who ran this perversion Shir? Ishii. Guess what happened to Mr Shiro & his colleagues after the war? They were given complete IMMUNITY FROM WAR CRIMES prosecution in exchange for data on biological warfare. not only that these people were taken to America & employed by the US government to make biological weapons. That’s how fucked up the American were. You talk about apologies, but america still hasn’t apologies for letting that man live a life subsidized by US tax money.

      And the same goes for racism inherent in American society. For all the yapping by eelamist about racism in sri lanka, colombo isn’t a donut like the majority of US cities, black & stale on the inside white & fluffy on the outside. There is no relationship in this country between poverty & the color of your skin or what race you belong to. And let’s not forget about the republican slogans about Obama being a muslim. And hilariously, this achieved traction. plenty of people were worried about obama possibly being a muslim. using america as a benchmark to criticize sri lanka to is joke, infact it’s worse than a case of “the pot call the kettle black”.

      • ravana

        That’s some history. I’m no fan of Americans including their triumphalism and double-standards. I guess then Sinhala racists make even the Americans racists look Lilly White : )

      • the way of the Dodo

        historically speaking Sinhala racism was nothing compared to the american system. Until the late 60s it was illegal for whites to marry blacks or native americans in many of the southern states. It was also illegal for blacks to use white only restrooms in these states. It was also illegal for blacks to sit in the white side of the buses. there were plenty of other laws like that. I don’t think sinhala racism was ever at that level.

        There has been sinahala racism in the past, there are sinhala racists in the present. It’s very important that these people be publicly exposed and humiliated. But i think it important that we have a proper perspective about the degree of racism that it prevalent in this country

      • ravana

        Hey Man wayofthedodo,
        I am more than aware of American History and specifically the Civil Rights Movement and the literature (e.g. “Black Like Me” a book written by a white man, concept of WASP developed by white people) which included some noble people of a generation (black and white). Subsequent generation of blacks exploited these people’s work in a typically excessive American manner. However, the US of the 21st century is perhaps the most “Discrimination conscious” society in the World and has institutionalised anti-discrmination more than any other country.
        Comparing Sri Lanka to 1950’s America, sadly emphasises how socially backwards Sri Lanka (and “Sinhalas” in particular) is. May be it is time for the Sinhala to go extinct in the way of You Know Who : )

      • the way of the Dodo


        I’m sorry if it looked like i was making excuses for sri lankan racism. I wasn’t doing that. I was just pointing that their history was way nastier than ours. They’ve moved forwards and we haven’t.

        I sort of agree that it’s time for the ‘sinhala’ to go extinct, it’s a useless cultural identity that helps no one. But I certainly hope you don’t intend for the sinhalese in this country to just die.

  • TT

    OBL used a few people as human shield including 2 courier boys. They were killed. That was at the last moment. Previously he took many thousands hostage to cover himself and most of them were killed.

    US insists that he didn’t wave a white flag!

    If so, he is not a big coward as some other terrorists who had supposedly surrendered waving white flags unashamedly.

    • Really? When did OBL take these many thousands of hostages you mention, and when were they killed?

  • TT

    US forces during war killed Saddam Hussein’s sons in precision attacks and now Gadaffi’s sons. They were hiding in war zones in military bunkers much like VP’s family members who got killed in similar fashion (except Mathivathani).

    After all US and SL follow the came CI (counter insurgency) strategy using different weapons platforms. One must learn from the other.

    USN SEALS equal in SL are SBS and RABS. They have to improve their skills for this type of missions which will be widely used in future against armed (or supposedly armed) separatists in urban warfare.

  • TT

    President Obama said,

    “No country will ever tolerate its security being threatened, nor stand idly by when its people have been killed. All countries will be relentless in defense of its citizens and friends and allies.

    Well said Obama. You have spoken our language.

    Thanks to the 2009 victory close to 7,600 people have since survived who would have died otherwise as the war claimed around 3,800 lives a year on average. In 11 years the number of people saved will be 41,800 which surpasses even the wildest speculation of casualties in the last phase of the war. 11 years is not a long time for people who faced war for over 26 years.

  • sabbe laban

    The Americans celebrated in spite of:
    *Innocent parties being killed i.e. Bin Laden’s wife his son and members of another family.
    *The US violating international law by carrying out a military offensive in a third country(Pakistan) which in not AT WAR with the US.
    *Carried out the attack without that country’s consent1(just like their previous drone attacks which killed civilians at wedding parties ect)

    In spite of all that UNSG says that killing of Bin Laden is a ‘watershed’ moment! We are stunned at your duplicity, Sir!