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On Anthems and the State of the Union

I have been stirred and moved even to tears by both the Tamil and Sinhala versions of the Ceylon, now Sri Lanka,anthem. I think I owe this emotional tie to birth on the island, to school on the island, to my first toffees and cricket matches on the island. I wonder now how a new boy born today in this same, yet- not- the same, Sri Lanka will feel, denied the comfort of hearing his mother tongue at the award ceremony, the annual Shakespeare recital, the spelling bee.

I find myself a bit blasé contradicting the noted historical wisdom of the ministers who passed the recent decree. They said there are no countries which sing their anthems in more than one language. Of course, that is not true. Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, South Africa, even the United Kingdom which brings together different nations with their particular anthems, come to mind. But I wonder why a country that has celebrated its rich mixes– that have produced outstanding talent in literature (Ondaatje), cricket (Murali), and that sprinter, Susanthika Jayasinghe, who won a silver at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, and Duncan White who started the trend at the White City Games in 1948– has changed its law.

I speak too much of sport. What about antropology, which has rewarded the world with Gnanath Obeysekere and Valentin Daniel, political analysis, with Jayadeva Uyangoda, diplomacy with Jayantha Dhanapala? We have many heroes in our country and we were all once, boys or girls, moved, choked-up, listening to our mother tongue on the loudspeakers.

  • Lakshan

    President Rajapakse’s attempts at reconciliation with Tamil community was rudely shot down in London by Diaspora extremists who prefer to live in their own dreamworld.So this can be called as part of his response to the Tamil Community. Even in the latter part of war Diaspora wanted LTTE to survive not the civilian population. They had no tears for civilians then, only for LTTE.
    Hence unless there’s reciprocal goodwill gestures from Tamil Community for his earlier overtures, we will see a hardening of MR’s stance vis-a-vis the national problem and pandering to extremists freaks within his own Government.

  • The Mervyn Silva

    I am thinking Tamils are damn cheeky. His Majesty, the leader and beater of the Universe, the Mahinda Rajapaksa is taking their life from the Prabhakaran and giving it back to them and instead of falling on their two knees before Our Majesty and His Majestic brothers now they are wantig to sing also, and sing not just anything but the National anthem and not in just any language but in Tamil also! Anybody hearig nonsense like this anywhere in the world? Is it not enough that His Majesty is speaking to them Tamil now and then, cracking the joke and asking he question? If we are allowing this kind of rubbish very very soon they wil be asking to be singing other Sinhala songs also in the Tamil! We are all knowing what they are like, a little bit now and more later!

    Sri Lanka is the one country, with the one leader (and his brothers), with the one flag and the one language and have one national anthem. And in the flag there is Lion, not Tiger. For minorities we are giving two stripes in the flag, and nice colours also, the orange and the green. We can easily be picking the ugly colour like the black or the grey but we are picking the green and the orange. Not enough? Anywhere in the world there is another flag with stripes for minorities? The flag of the United States, the land of the brave and the brash and the Bush having so many stripes and the stars also, but any one given for the Mexicans, the Afrcians and the Asians? Even half a stripe for the Red Indians they are killing and looting and raping forever and ever? No. Nothing. Here we are giving two whole stripes and still not enough. And we are keeping this even after His Majesty saying there be no minotiries in the country. Still not enough. Can you peoples not see why I am irritated and annoyed also?

    And please not be saying there is this country and that country where there singing anthem in more than the one language, even three, four languages. Who is caring! We are sovereign nation on our own. We are not comparing.

    If the Tamils are wanting to be hearing the national anthem in the Tamil so badly His Majesty will, out of the goodness of his hearts,be singing it now and then when he is speaking to them in Tamil.If they are not liking it they are welcome to be going to the Oxford side and be singing their anthem with the baby Tigers.

    And please be notified, I am saying hearts in the above becasue it is the truth, not becasue my English is improving – like developing country. His Majesty is having two hearts, one for the Sinhalese and one for the minorities. He is working so much with the hearts that his mind is not working most of the time so he is borrowing the other peoples, usually from the Weerawansa and the Ranawake.

    And by the wayside, after the cabinet discussion on the national anthem we are slightly adjusting the scoreline in the on-going competition:

    Diaspora Tamils – 2 (including goal at Oxford)
    Lanka Loonies – 0

    • Zorro

      @ Mervyn Silva

      your title to MR remembers me of an other leader of an African country in the 70’s: “His Excellency President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Dr. Idi Amin, VC, DSO, MC, King of Scotland, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea, and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”

  • Citizen

    Do Canadian minority Tamils in Canada sing Canadian anthem in Tamil? else how about the situation in India?
    why do u guys always ask much more than your proportion in the community.

    • Krish


      Now that you mentioned Indian National Anthem, here is an important point. Indian National Anthem is in Bengali (a minority language) and not in Hindi. Even the national song of India called “Vande Mataram” is in Bengali. Every state, whether it is predominantly Hindi-speaking North or non-Hindi south, it is one anthem. So, if you are talking about one anthem for every country, you are right.

      But in the case of Srilanka, the anthem has so far been sung both in Sinhala and Tamil so far if I am right! So, your comparison with India fails if you say “National language in majority language only”. 🙂

    • The Mervyn Silva

      The citizen,

      Very good point, I am thinking why I am not thinking of this before, even when I am doctor. Proportions are very iportant. So I am going to be asking the president His Majesty to change decision about anthem and be making it proportional. 75% of anthem to be in the Sinhalese. 18% in the Tamil. 7% in the Arabic (but traslatins of bothe the Tamil and the Arabic part in the Sinhalese because we are not knowing what they may be saying). I think this very generous considerig we are not even sure how many Tamils are living and howmany we are kiling in the last victorious war. If this is not in the proportion they are wanting the Tamils can be going somewhere else where they are having the right proportions.

      As I am always telling, if you are not be with us, you be in the diaspora!

      • Citizen

        sometime even your type of Drs also seek empirical evidence before jumping into conclusions.
        so check even in Tamil Nadu weather Tamils were given ‘the proportion’ they are asking frm SL?
        better you make your brilliant suggestion to ‘the Her majesty’ if u would be given chance to represent ur ‘his majesty’ in ‘her majesty’s land.
        else make a visit to Indian embassy for easy regional implementation of the idea.(Dr. Bahu might help you for this – another Dr.)

    • Thirdeye

      Some of the comments here, reflects the ignorance of the history of SL. There seem to be a thinking and belief amongst the Sinhalese, that SL only belong to them, and Tamils were like settled after British. But thats far from truth. The North and East were inhabited by native Tamils. Coincidentally, the people who were brought from India by British, spoke Tamil and thats being used as a hoodwink by the politicians and extremists to carry out their agenda. The state machinery working at its best towards coming up with names in Sinhala to all Tamil cities, town, villages. Scrapping the National anthem in Tamil is in addition to it.

      The government is working towards wiping out all the evidence. And down the line, centuries of year later, there wont be any evidence of Tamils inhabited this Island and the Sinhalese will hide these facts in the History books at the school, which is already happening.

  • Zorro

    Removing or banning the Tamil version of our national anthem is a constitutional matter and not an arbitrary act of any politician. Even if the President want to punish the Tamils for the failed Oxford Union appearance, by reducing them to second class citizens in Sri Lanka, he should first make the necessary changes in country’s constitution and get it through the parliament; and which is not a big issue considering the comfortable majority they enjoy in the parliament and considering that we have politicians their only drive to politics is not the welfare of the population and the country but their own and their off-springs. Some jurists in the country should check the righteousness of this matter, otherwise we end up having a national anthem praising the Rajapaksa family for their mercy, like the one “God save the queen….” That majority of the Sinhalese are exhilarated by this idea of down trotting the Tamils shows their political stance is highly polarized by the ceaseless nationalistic propaganda in the country. The fact that the Sinhalese are letting them-self to be manipulated in a fascistic manner to believe in their ethnic predominance shows that reconciliation between ethnic groups in Sri Lanka is miles away. The unwillingness among the Sinhalese population to attain lasting peace by delivering equal rights to all citizens in Sri Lanka is as high as among the fascistic politicians they elected. A pathetic and hopeless situation for all.

  • Palitha

    Isn’t it interesting to see Tamils all up in arms? Who knew they were so desperate to sing the Sri Lankan anthem in Tamil. The funny thing is the folks in Tamil Nadu screaming about this… umm is there a Tamil version of the Indian national anthem that Tamil Nadu plays at its official functions?

    • Krish


      Are you upset that your Srilankan National Anthem is also sung in Tamil? What’s your objection to your anthem also sung in one of the other languages of your country? If it has all along been sung in Tamil also, why not leave it as it is? Just curious about your perspective. 🙂

  • Kail


    MR is president of all Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans.

    Don’t get mad, get even is the credo of a Thug, not that of a leader.

  • Davidson

    President Rajapakse’s attempts at reconciliation with Tamil community is being shot down by the two reports in the locked-up cupboard:

    ‘’Commission appointed in year 2007 to inquire into serious human rights violation. A report of this Commission is said to have been handed over to the President, but has never been made public.’’

    ”We have had an All Party Representative Committee functioning for quite some time but its report is still languishing in obscurity and needs to be presented to the public of Sri Lanka for discussion.’’

  • Davidson

    President Rajapakse’s attempts at reconciliation with Tamil community is being shot down by:
    Young Tamils in Sri Lanka ‘being held without charge’, 16 September:
    ”Some had been incarcerated in this way for years. … Mr Godage told the BBC he was especially angry about 500 young people who were being held purely on suspicion in a Colombo jail, Welikada, under the Prevention of Terrorism Act. ”

  • Davidson

    President Rajapakse’s attempts at reconciliation with Tamil community is being shot down by:

    Legal Limbo: The Uncertain Fate of Detained LTTE Suspects in Sri Lanka, Human Rights Watch, February 2010: ‘’The government has routinely violated the detainees’ right to be informed of specific reasons for arrest, the right to challenge the lawfulness of the detention before an independent judicial authority (habeas corpus), and the right of access to legal counsel and family members.’’

  • Davidson

    President Rajapakse’s attempts at reconciliation with Tamil community is being shot down by:
    Sri Lanka: 18 months after civil war, Graham Thom, 9 December 2010:
    ”……..Travelling to the east of the country, in and around Trincomalee (a predominantly Tamil part of the country which was often the front line in the recent conflict) the police and military presence was even greater. It felt as though you were visiting an occupied country. …….. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to the north of the country where I had heard the situation is even worse for the locals. The military presence is even greater and the level of infrastructure for those returning home often nonexistent. Instead I drove back to Colombo down the west coast, an area largely untouched by the war. I was struck by how different it looked and felt. There were very little military to be seen, nice roads and no bright blue camps. It seemed more like half a world away.”

  • Vino Gamage

    ”unless there’s reciprocal goodwill gestures from Tamil Community for his earlier overtures” :

  • Vino Gamage

    ”unless there’s reciprocal goodwill gestures from Tamil Community for his earlier overtures” :

  • Mary Tony
  • dingiri

    I Just wanted to point out that the Govt. still cant legislate that the anthem is sung in tune or even sung at all. So Tamils and fellow heretics have two options. Not to sing it at all when the demand is made of us or to sing it loud but totally out of tune. I felt like doing so once when they started playing it inappropriately at the airpor expecting everyone to stop dead in their tracks.

    A little nationalism is tolerable but to wear it on ones sleeve is rather a put off, at least for me. At the airport, I was struck by the irony of how patriotically rigid the customs officers stood before their national anthem. Starting their shift with a symbol of patriotism before going on to a day of bribe taking and general graft, robbing their country of much needed revenue.

    May the Noble Tripple Jump bless you.

  • luxmy

    There has been NO attempt at Reconciliation. In fact, he has been recklessly continuing the oppression of the previous six decades:
    ‘’…. IDP’s being denied access to their former places of residence
    Challenging the right to title of the properties traditionally owned and /or occupied persons living in conflict affected areas
    Large tracts of previously occupied lands being demarcated as high security zones
    Unjustified land acquisitions on security considerations but allocated for non security related purposes
    The publicly announced resettlement benefits to internally displaced persons not being distributed equitably and in line with the announced scheme
    Lack of basic amenities like water, sanitation, power and proper housing for the newly resettled families
    Resource allocation not determined on community priorities and allocated without consultation and outside the need base and at times missing the most vulnerable and in need, possibly due to identity based biases
    Some areas like Jaffna receiving more than necessary resource allocations and peripheral areas lacking in even basic allocations
    Preventing willing and capable NGO’s/INGO’s, international community and Diaspora from helping people in need at their most vulnerable moment of need
    Building of new permanent military cantonments with residential facilities for military personnel and their families
    Plans to settle majority community families in order to change the traditional area demography otherwise than by natural development oriented migration
    Arbitrary arrests and detention in the post war period as well
    Continuing active engagement of unauthorized armed groups
    Continuing disappearances of civilians
    List of persons in custody, camps and detention centres not being made public
    Failure to assist families in tracing missing persons
    Negative impact on civilians during the conflict due military excesses
    Unease of single women headed families fearing for their safety in the presence of large number of armed personnel of the forces
    Removal of burial sites of persons affected by the conflict
    Some important cultural, religious and remembrance sites being damaged and destroyed
    Disrespect shown by visitors to holy sites and sites held in high esteem by resident communities
    Free availability of liquor, cigarettes and narcotics
    Emerging consumerism promoted by business houses who fail to participate in adding value to the civilian communities
    Savings of the region being channelled to other areas whilst unmet needs of area community remain
    Decision making in the hands of the military or officials from the Central Government. .…’’

  • Punitham

    Dear The Mervyn Silva

    I am liking you very very much always.
    I am old and knowing ”a little bit now and more later” and saying ”OK, we are waiting and seeing”.
    Then we waiting and waiting and seeing no OK.

  • Punitham

    Dear The Mervyn Silva
    You are saying you are a doctor.
    You are writing and writing a lot and slowly, slowly making the two hearts into one releasing bigger room for his head.

  • Punitham

    ”we are not even sure how many Tamils are living and howmany we are kiling in the last victorious war”
    There are peoples in the detention campside and transit campside.
    Peoples on the Southside are going and filling the gaps in the Northside.
    Sri Lankan Government is going and telling Australia and Canada to send the boat Tamils back to fill the gaps in the Southside.

  • The Unknown Citizen

    Singing the national anthem is the principal means of expressing patriotism in a country apart from hoisting the national flag. It is an expression of one’s identification with, and love for, one’s country.

    But what if one has another strong marker of identity? For the Sinhalese, this other marker is their language; they love it and rightly so – its richness, its heritage, its uniqueness and most importantly the connection it has to their identity must be recognised. It is something that defined them. It is also the “language of the heart” to them. That is, the language which they use among their most intimate friends, the language in which they express their deepest aspirations This is why, when expressing their patriotism, too, they should be able should do so in Sinhala. To do so is to express it in the most meaningful and sincere way possible for that community.

    For Tamils, everything said about how Sinhalese love their language applies. It is the means of communication most meaningful to them. Their love for their country, to have any chance of being expressed in a meaningful way, should be allowed to be expressed in their language. To leave the question of their proportion of the population aside for now (i will return to it), what a Sinhalese individual would feel, when told he can only sing the national anthem in Tamil (a language he may not even know, understand or be able to pronounce, let alone love), is exactly analogous to that of a Tamil when told he may only sing it in Sinhala. It is to say that in order to be patriotic you must let go of that part of your identity which you hold dear; to say that you must divest yourself of your language in order to properly express patriotism in this nation.

    Even if Sri Lanka did not have a history of violence, and a three decade long war which was based, inter alia, on language, the government’s move would be an insensitive one. The fact that we do have such a history, and have fought such a war, makes the decision even worse. At this moment the government has the chance to build a nation that is accommodative, one that respects individuals, that makes everyone feel a part of it. This move goes against all of that.

    As for the proportion of the population, and what one ‘deserves’ based on that: this is something that only someone from a majority would think of saying. There may be a need for greater emphasis on the majority in certain things, but in something as fundamental as expressing patriotism should one be told to follow the majority language?

    Some will say, “Look at the USA! They don’t have it in different languages, why should we?” I disagree. We should never do something just because America does or does not do it. They have often been hypocritical, racist and discriminatory. Do we follow them then? Decisions abbout how we govern our country should be based on ideas of justice, equality and trust, not on what the USA does.

    But even if USA was the standard, there are so many distinguishing factors; the minority protections provided in the Bill of Rights, an activist judiciary, a federal structure of government and a society which was able to produce a black President. Once we have something similar, maybe language will be such a non-issue that we can have our national anthem in one language. Not until then. And even in the US, maybe now that it has a sizeable Spanish population, the national anthem should be translated.

    The point with regards to India and Canada is not which language the anthem is sung in per se, but the fact that it is sung in the language of a minority community (bengali, in india) or in that of the three main communities (english, french and initukut in canada). The point is that in all those countries governments decided that a national anthem, in order to be truly National, should not be in (or solely in) the language of the majority. It should either be in all languages or in the language of a minority. Why? Because you need to reassure minorities that patriotism doesn’t mean love for a Hindu nation or an English nation, but love for an Indian nation or a Canadian nation.
    If you want us to be like India, very well, write the national anthem in Arabic – it would be roughly equivalent to how the Indians have it in Bengali – not the language of either the majority or the second-majority, but another minority.

    Better yet, try and follow South Africa. They have a national anthem made up of the 5 most-spoken languages in the country. What’s even more shocking is that they had the grace to make an ENTIRE VERSE of their anthem in Afrikaans, in the language of the minority that oppressed black South Africans for over 400 hundred years; that they did this when black South Africans had the political power to ride roughshod over anything that minority might say speaks volumes of the quality of their leaders. Why did they do this? Because some of their leaders realised that the minorities matter as well, that the minorities care about their language and that the principal expression of patriotism should not be in the language of the majority.

    For Sri Lanka to ever become a country where people from different communities live together peacefully – and beyond that, to become a country where we think diversity is GOOD – the government must be sensitive to minorities.

    Why are some Tamils so worried about this move? Because they see in it the first steps toward what some in that community have predicted ever since Rajapakse got a 2/3rds majority – a return to Sinhala as the sole official language. When they are told that they must not ask for individual rights, that they are only allowed right based on their proportion of the population, as some have suggested on this site, their fears seem well-founded.

    • Belle

      Singapore has a majority Chinese population and a national anthem which is sung only in Malay.

  • The Mervyn Silva

    Dear the Puthinam,

    “You are writing and writing a lot and slowly, slowly making the two hearts into one releasing bigger room for his head.”

    I can be assuring you His Majesty’s head is already very big. In fact and truthfully speaking it is the biggest in the countryside and also worldwide which is another record for our mothersland like the big kiribath we are recently eating and them vomiting also. The problem is the room inside the head, which is one of the smallest we are having; another record that is making us the wandering of the Asian side.

    And please be understanding there are no detention and transit campsides in the countryside. Only holiday campings for the Tamil peoples to be taking the break from the war thry are starting and we are finishing. There is no wonder they are wanting to be singing national anthem but please, not in the Tamil because we are just beginning to be making the peace and faking the reconcilliation we don’t want no more conflict by having two languages in the one nation.

  • yapa

    Dear Punitham;

    “Peoples on the Southside are going and filling the gaps in the Northside.”

    Do you see any wrong in that?

    North and East are four (4) times less densely populated than other areas of the country. So can anybody say “Southside are going and filling the gaps in the Northside” is unfair? Do you still think people of the north and east should have privileges than the people of the other parts of the country?

    Further, Haven’t you ever had the idea that “Peoples on the North side were going and filling the gaps in the Southside?”

    I think you know that more Northside peoples are living in the southside than Northside.


    • Burning_Issue

      Dear Yapa,

      I think that you are confused! In fact the Sinhala are enjoying as the preferred group of people in Sri Lanka; they can move in N&E an occupy lands for free with state aids that privilege is not available to the Rest.

    • Belle

      I can’t wait for The Mervyn Silva to respond to Yapa! Will it come from the northside or the southside?

  • justitia

    The anthem is already being sung in tamil, for past many years
    especially by school children.
    This should be allowed to continue whatever happens elsewhere.
    This will foster patriotism and national unity.

  • longus

    unknown citizen

    You are right to the point! That will be the right way forward. We have to make bridges;not to burn the existing ones!

  • yapa

    Dear Burning_Issue

    “I think that you are confused! In fact the Sinhala are enjoying as the preferred group of people in Sri Lanka;”

    I don’t think so. Only thing i differ from many is that I blindly don’t go with popular ideologies, though they long lasting or coming from the mouth of the god. I suspect everything as Descartes did and come to conclusions through critical analysis.Popular ideas are not in my criterion to accept as truths.

    Further, explain me how the Sinhala are enjoying as the preferred group of people in Sri Lanka. Does it rule=out the fact that Tamils are claiming 4 time the per capita land ownership by the popular demand of “Traditional Homeland” of Tamils?

    “they can move in N&E an occupy lands for free with state aids that privilege is not available to the Rest.”

    Tamils are already privileged by land ownership. As a commonsense fact it is unnecessary for Tamils to give more lands in view of equity. Which dumb think otherwise. Giving land to the other communities only can bring the equity. Anybody who has some sense of fairness and justice, I don’t think have the opposite alternative. I must tell whose thinking shaped in a racial mould only can think that way.

    If you think I am wrong. please dispute my view with sound arguments and credible facts.


  • luxmy

    ”There are peoples in the detention campside and transit campside.
    Peoples on the Southside are going and filling the gaps in the Northside.
    Sri Lankan Government is going and telling Australia and Canada to send the boat Tamils back to fill the gaps in the Southside.”

    The three bits of contents are all related to each other and must be considered in the whole context.

  • SD

    Dear Burning_Issue,

    Based on previous encounters, I have reason to believe that your interlocutor suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect. I’d save my breath if I were you 😉

  • The Mervyn Silva

    Dear the Yapa and friends,

    We are talking the gaps and I am teling you there are many gaps to be filling in the northside and the south side many gaps filed with the people but many gaps already filled with Buddha statue. I think this is very good idea. In the northside, having Buddha statue is like having Sinalese person because we are all Buddhists and good Buddhists also. Having Buddha staue in the junction is like having Sinhalese fellow standing there watching the Tamils to see if they are getting up to any hanky panky. On the other hand, His Majesty is already turning whole population into statues. Statues never speaking, never hearing, never asking questions, deaf and dumb and just loking without seeing. Most peoples are slowly but surely becoming like the staue. Not even remembering.The whole cabinet is one big statue family and sometimes His Majesty is pinching them in the backside and frontside and asking the son president the Namal to be drawing funny faces on them but no statue is moving, not even giggling when the backside is being pinched.Not even the wikileak! His Majesty is loving this very much and I am not having to be telling you that what is good for the MAjesty is good for the country,

    But if you are asking me, there is really only the one gap that we are needing to be filling. I can only be giving the clue. It is in the southside, under the temple trees. More than this I canot be saying because if I am saying more, van will come and I will go for long trip never to be returning dead or alive. My poor wife is having no other men but me.

    And the Yapa, I am very happy you are bringing up the Descartes. His Majesty is now just like you and the Descartes, suspecting everyone, especially after the Oxford trip. He is talking to you about the trip to the England side saying how he was looking out of the window in the Dorchester hotel and looking at all the snow and wanting and longing to be rolling on the snow and be playing snowball with the SB and the 99 others but for the baby Tigers alrteady colecting snowballs to be hitting him if he is daring to be puting his nose out f the window. The he goes mad suddenly, flying into the rage asking everybody within the sight, was it you telling the Tigers I am coming? Was it you? or you? Or you? Shouting and screaming, and screaming and shouting until the First Lady is coming and speaking something in the Medamulanish which only the Royal family is understanding and that is calming down His Majesty. I am thinking, His Majesty must be like someone famous from history,even when he is like this because he is always like someone famous from the history, sometimes like the Mussolini some times the Hitler occasionally like the Gandhi but only from the backside. Now I am knowing who he is like these days. It is the Descartes, the suspicious one!

  • yapa

    Dear Belle;

    You said ” I can’t wait for The Mervyn Silva to respond to Yapa! Will it come from the northside or the southside?”

    All of us know you were an ardent advocate of “Traditional Tamil Homeland”. I can remember you were saying to preserve the Tamil Culture and to keep the ethnic ratio in tact in the “Tamil Home Land” none from outside the ” Home Land” should be settled there. Further, I can remember you were repeatedly named such settling of people as ” Colonization” of “Tamil Homeland” by outsiders (Sinhalese).This view has been put forward as an argument by you and many people of this forum like Heshan, Punitham, Burning_Issue and many others. This innocent Ideology was the basic theory used to justify the acts of innocent militants led by Mr. Prabakaran. I would like to show you how innocent is this claim with some Mathematical analysis.

    Please read with attention.

    So called “Traditional Tamil Home Land” spreads through 1/3rd of the land area of the country and 2/3rd of the coastal belt. The Tamil population that claims the “Home Land” consist of 12% of the total population of this country. Hence the ownership of the rest of the 88%
    population for them are 2/3rd and 1/3rd respectively.

    If the “Homeland Ideology” is taken as correct and fair please see the following figures mathematically derived from the theory.

    (1).12% Tamils————-> 1/3 land (own)
    Therefore 01% ————-> (1/3)/12
    = 0.02777777777, (Per capita land ownership- Tamils )

    Other communities 88%——> 2/3
    Other 1%——————-> (2/3)/ 88 (own)
    = 0.00757575757

    Now, land ownership,
    Tamils/ others ——- = 0.02777777777/0.00757575757
    = 3.66666666666

    (2).12% Tamils————-> 2/3 coastal belt (own)
    Therefore 01% ————-> (2/3)/12
    = 0.0555555555, (Per capita coastal belt ownership – Tamils )

    Other communities 88%——> 1/3
    Other 1%——————-> (1/3)/ 88 (own)
    = 0.00378787878,

    Now, coastal belt ownership,
    Tamils/ others ——- = 0.0555555555/0.00378787878
    = 14.6666666666

    (3). Now the sea area, owned by

    Tamils/ Other communities = (14.6666666666)x (14.6666666666), (Approximately)
    = 215.11111123

    So Dear Belle, your “innocent claim of Traditional Homeland of Tamils” endows

    1. Almost four (4) times land to Tamils than the other communities of this country

    2. Almost fifteen (15) times coastal belt to Tamils than the other communities of this country

    3. Almost two hundred and fifteen (215) times sea area to Tamils than other communities of this country


    Wait a minute, it is not finished yet.

    If a unit of land, coastal belt and sea area are considered to have same value, a Tamil person of this country is endowed with 78 times resources than any person from any of the other communities of the country.


    Wait a bit more.

    (4). Accordingly, wealth of the “Tamil Homeland/ rest of the country
    = (78×12)/ (1×88)
    = 10.63636363

    That is the “Country of Tamil Homeland” will be 11 times more powerful than the “poor nation” adjacent to it.


    Dear Belle;

    Now see how innocent is your innocent claim.

    The basis of the unjustifiable demands of the Tamils of this country was the “LAND OWNERSHIP”. Ideologies were formed by the greedy educated Tamils knowing the hidden benefits of the proposal ” Traditional Homeland”. They were so shrewed that “the MIGHTY DANGER” hidden inside was not visible and they could market it as an ideology innocent as a hare.

    Now if somebody wants to establish the justice in this country, this unthinkably unfair ideology must be defeated.

    Dear The Mervyn Silva;

    I really accept your criticism about blunders of the president Mahinda Rajapaksha from the perspective you see. But my assessment about him is different from yours as I have to weigh the the outcomes of a different perspective I am used to look at him .

    He is the ( you can say “uneducated” )person who intuitively understood the dangerous disparity(ies),mentioned above and acted to deplete it. Compared to the big common good he has done and still doing to correct a mighty injustice secretly fabricated upon the people of this country, his lesser blunders to me is negligible.

    That is how I look at him, I don’t consider him as a saint.


    P.S. :- I would be happy to hear from our Tamil comrades who advocate “Tamil Homeland” as the most justified thing in the whole world.


    • wijayapala


      I can remember you were repeatedly named such settling of people as ” Colonization” of “Tamil Homeland” by outsiders (Sinhalese).This view has been put forward as an argument by you and many people of this forum like Heshan, Punitham, Burning_Issue and many others.

      You are incorrect about Prof Heshan- I have just learned that Heshan believes that “colonisation” was a hoax and that the N-E was never colonised!! Take a look for yourself:

      “How many of the “30,000? Sons of The Soil were actually settled from “Vanni to Mullaitivu”… last time I checked, there were no Sinhalese in Mullaitivu or Wanni”

      Heshan’s words, not mine!

    • The Mervyn Silva

      My dearest Yapa,

      You are reminding me of what I am telling my wife when I am getting gopy of “Mahinda chinthana”. I am saying, baby doll (she is not doll, I am just pretending like good husband) look at this! This is just like the plan I am having for my family! Only thing, His Majesty is more serious!

      The Yapa, you are sying why I am not serious? Let me be telling you, straight from the frontside, no backside talking. I am not being serious because I am not wanting to be crying! There is enough of that happening in the Groundviews – from the frontside and backside. And don’t you be saying that I am the only one who is not serious. The Dayan Master is not serious also. Never.

      About the traditonal homeland – yes I am always thinking numbers are very important. In fact and truthfully speaking also, last presidential election I am telling His Majesty, My Lord, the conqueror of the Prabhakaran, soon to be conqueror of the world except the Oxford side, please be watching the numbers and His Majesty is giving me Thamil Selvam – like sweet smile and patting me on the backside and saying, Mervyn, my brother the Basil is like the computer, he is looking after the numbers and true to His Majesty’s words the numbers are brining him up and above all of us and the world (except the Oxford side)!

      But, I am also thinking, to be more serious (as I am sure you are liking me to be), what is important is not who was living in the north and the east traditionally and how many and for how long but who is living there now. If they are not feeling they are living in the Sri Lanka side they will be thinking that is indeed their tradional homeland and be wanting to be making it a separate side to the Sri Laka side. I am having no doubt whatsoever in the slightes that our victorious and most kind and gentle army is going to be crushing that rebelion also like the pappadam with zero casualties to the civilians but I am only worrying about the poor Sinhala boys who are going to be dying in the rain and the mud and the blood for the country and then geting accused of the war crimes for doing a little movie making in the bloody mud.

      And about the president accepting the disparity and be wanting to be depleting it – I am hoping he is not depleting too much disparity until nothing is left to be depleting – not even the parity.

      And longus, you are declaring victory? I am cooking kiributh – just for the record!

  • yapa

    Dear The Mervyn Silva;

    Only difference between you and me, I am a bit serious.


  • yapa

    Dear Citizen;

    “why do u guys always ask much more than your proportion in the community.”

    You are lying. Please read my posts above.


  • Punitham

    Oh, The Mervyn Silva, you’re simply amazing.
    By the wayside, you getting into trouble with the Majesty by saying:
    ”no more conflict by having two languages in the one nation”
    Thennnnn, one language, ……….. ??

  • yapa

    Dear SD;

    You are also invited to comment on my posts above. Your notion that “I am a confused gentleman” must have been proved with my latest posts, I suppose.


  • yapa

    Dear All;

    How do you like my ” SL wikileaks”?


  • yapa
  • longus


    You are still unchallenged? Either they don’t understand your math, or they have accepted their folly of fooling the whole country for 60 odd years![or it’s neither-i.e.they are taking their own precious time and in the process of making their calculations, or both(?)]

    Time to declare victory!

  • yapa

    Dear longus;

    They were tigers in cats’ skins, I suppose?


  • yapa

    Dear longus;

    Bombs brought to blow us, I think gone off in their own hands, destroying their callous theory with them, I suppose.


  • yapa

    RE:Post of December 16, 2010 • 8:58 am

    “Based on previous encounters, I have reason to believe that your interlocutor suffers from the Dunning-Kruger effect. I’d save my breath if I were you”.

    I think now he wants to save his skin from me after losing the breath in the previous encounters with me.


  • yapa

    Dear The Mervyn Silva;

    See Dear The, you have broken the queue. Your post of December 18, 2010 • 4:53 am has come before even my post of December 16, 2010 • 8:16 pm. Isn’t that unfair just as the the claim of Tamil Homeland?


  • The Mervyn Silva

    Dear The Yapa,

    Please be excusing me, I am sending my response afer seeing your response only. How am I to be replying otherwise. I know I am doctor but even I am not having magic power to know what you are going be writing. Please be blaming the groundviews for mixing and matching wrongly.

    And also, please be settling down. The fighting war is long over and now we are on the way to the prosperity. Nothing to be getting agitated about. Also if you are wanting response, might be the good idea to be trying other forums also because I am feeling most people are already leaving this and going somewhere else. No good being at party when all guests are long gone. I am coming here only by the mistake and seeing your serious postings and thinking poor man – or woman, waiting all alone with no response thinking he is too smart for everybody else so I must be writing him something also.

  • Vino Gamage

    Dear The Mervyn Silva
    Please be excusing me. I am posting this comment with utmost reluctance. I am sick of seeing illogic more than distorted history.

    By ‘Homeland’ people refer to pre-1833 land(1833 saw the merger of Tamil administration(from Tamil kingdom)and Sinhala administration(from Sinhala kingdoms). Dutch and Portugese had separate administrations and the British merged them for convenience and hence the whole problem:

  • Belle

    I am sooo…. sorry! I intended with my comment to invite only the poetic response from The Mervyn Silva, but I got your mathematical diarrhoea! This is first time I am seeing mathematical diarrhoea–usually people only give me verbal diarrhoea.

    But still I continue to think that good poetry like from The Mervyn Silva is better than bad mathematics from you. Good poetry can deal with present visible and hidden realities, and also compute the past and the future. Bad mathematics (such as you practise) adds up and makes equations only from things that can be SEEN, and in Sri Lanka, not too much is allowed to be seen. That is the problem.

    You see, when you talk about the percentage of the Tamils, you don’t mention how many were there before the conflict and how many that would be there today if allowed to reproduce at their normal rate without being killed or induced to run for their lives; you don’t count the children of those that fled, who may want to come back to the “Tamil Homeland” they are arguing for. But most importantly, you don’t count the statues in the country that The Mervyn Silva talks about. Bad mathematics only does addition and subtraction: it doesn’t do multiplication and division and calculus.

    How to expect good mathematics from you when you equate my saying that the development of Tamil culture should be protected and that ethnic ratios in Tamil-settled areas should be preserved (so as to ensure their adequate political representation in a unitary or federalist Sri Lanka) is the same as wanting an Eelam or a Tamil Homeland? I would be happy for you to cite me where I have said that I was pro-separatism.

  • longus


    Your mathematics have driven some out of this forum and some have got diarrhoea -possibly cholera!

    Yapa has turned the world of Federalists and Eelamists upside down with a set of unthinkably simple but profound set of calculations, with is a monumental success. Those who said that dialogue is the way to progress in a democratic forum are now saying, “we are moving to other forums which are favourable to our propaganda and lies, because we can’t refute Yapa’s equations” and “I am getting diarrhoea and (excuse me!) this is worse than verbal diarrhoea”-Drink plenty of fluids like ORS. The ease with which you vanquished the Tamil separatist ideology that the Tamils as an ethnic group enjoy less previleges than the Sinhalese is really astonishing! In Sri Lanka the majority Sinhalese have a minority mentality, and the minority Tamils have a majority mentality-that’s why they cry,”give us more more..”

    Hereby I propose your name for a Deshamanya honour in the next year’s list!This year seems to be a particularly magical one for you!

    This is the declaration of the final victory over the separatist propaganda! Let the closet Eelamists prove their point. This a mathematical nail(the plus sign!) on the Tamil racist’s coffin.

    The Tamil population must have been definitely higher now as one cholera patient claims, if the ‘pet Tigers’ didn’t use them as broiler chicken!

  • Vino Gamage

    PART 1
    Article 1
    All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

    If Sri Lanka, Burma, etc. work to remove this caluse, there may be less problem for others?

  • longus

    Vino Gamage

    Not only Burma and Sri Lanka, but countries like India-due to Kashmire, China-due to Tibet, and Russia-Cechnia, would help our cause!

  • yapa

    Dear All; I was very busy and could even go through the
    comments. It will be same until 26th. See you after that.

  • longus

    Swasthi Siddham!
    (May All Good Fortunes Prevail)

    It has been an unquestioned truth for decades that the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka is marginalized and thus enjoy lesser previleges than the majority Sinhalese. That is why when the Tamil separatists demanded one third of the country and two thirds of the coastal area some good natured Sinhalese showed their tolerence and were ready to consider even a Federal solution. But this 12-14%,or even less Tamil minority was riding on the patience of the Sinhalese, taking it as a sign of weakness, with ever increasing array of demands. This actually shows the signs of what is called the Minority Syndrome. Ironically when it came to the minorities who were living in the Tamil areas the Tamil separatists did not show any of that tolerence they experienced from the Sinhalese towards the Muslims.

    With Yapa’s impeccable mathematical analysis this age old myth has evaporated for the immense good of Sri Lanka. This is a remarkable victory against skewed theorists who are suffering from racist dysentry. No wonder some of them got ‘cholera’ after reading Yapa’s analysis, thus giving them a “double pathology!”