Colombo, Jaffna, Peace and Conflict, Poetry, Politics and Governance, Post-War, Vavuniya

On Replacing the Sun-God

The Sun God disappeared from the scene in May, 2009
killed by advancing army units, not clear which brave soldier

pulled the trigger, for some reason government has kept quiet
about circumstances, but other magicians in splendid whites

are raising arms to salute on Galle Face Green’s reviewing stand
troubling peace-loving citizens. They stand before armoured carriers

while fighter jets fly over the head of Old Parliament at the annual
parade to celebrate the late rebirth of Dutugemunu into our democracy,

a spirit who appeared to have achieved beatitude centuries ago,
but has required one more round on his favourite hunting ground,

a touch of three kingdoms-in-one panache, obeisance of tens of
thousands marching past, and loyalty before judgment of the ruling

family which will not brook any pesky, possibly traitorous questions,
while poets must in turn choose subjects patriotically, no more kissing

under umbrellas on the Green facing crashing sea, or relaying news of
former residents of Menik Farm turned beggars on streets of Kilinochchi.