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Groundviews wins prestigious Manthan South Asia Award

21 December 2009, Colombo, Sri Lanka: We are honoured and extremely pleased to win a prestigious Manthan Award South Asia under the e-news category. The award was presented to us at a ceremony held in New Delhi on Saturday, 19th December 2009.

The Manthan Award South Asia is organised by the Digital Empowerment Foundation with the support of World Summit Award (WSA) and the Department of IT (DIT) of the Government of India. The award recognises the best digital and technology innovations to empower communities and is South Asia’s biggest event on ICT for masses, governance and rural development.

The grand jury’s evaluation of the site noted,

“What no media dares to report, Groundviews publicly exposes. It’s a new age media for a new Sri Lanka… Free media at it’s very best!”

This year, Groundviews was the only Sri Lankan initiative featured in the e-news category and also the first Sri Lankan initiative to win an award in this category. The site was also shortlisted in the e-news category in 2008.

  • congrates

  • Anjali C

    Nice job, guys. Congratulations! Well deserved.

  • As a regular contributor and reader of Groundviews, I’d like to say: Congratulations to us all!

    And to Sanjana, who bears most of the burden: Thanks for bringing us together and keeping it going!

  • Nibras Bawa

    Hey congrats ! Happy for you guys 🙂

  • Jude Fernando

    Congratulations. You earned this!

  • Dayan Jayatilleka

    Heartiest congratulations and best wishes! Well done indeed, Sanjana, and more strength to GV.

  • RD

    Many congratulations, it’s a thoroughly deserved and well earned award and reward.

  • yapa


  • Jude ernndo

    Congradtulation. You earned this award. Keep up the goog work

  • At Manthan Award, I got an opportunity to listen Nigel’s presentation on Groundviews and have an interaction with him too. I feel Groundview is doing great job by providing space for open media in Sri Lanka at a time, when Sri Lanka needs it most. Congrats!

  • Sohan Bones

    Gasp! What!? How could they do that! It’s a conspiracy by these northern Asians to take over our fear (err, i mean fair) I-land! They must be funded by ………….. (errr, just fill in the blank with any nasty people and powers you can think of). And I bet they’re connected to all these nasty foreign powers who want to steal our oil and colonize us and………….. (fill in the blanks with whatever typical lame excuses that The Brothers and their goons and others keep hiding behind, whenever we’re given constructive criticism by the admittedly-sometimes-hypocritical foreign powers.)

    I just wanted to say that in a sarcastic vein, before someone else says it with serious intent!

    But getting onto a serious and genuine note: from me: congrats GV and Sanjana; it’s a very well deserved award. Especially as Som Patidar said: “at a time, when Sri Lanka needs it most”

  • Well done…Congratulations…You deserve it.

  • SomewhatDisgusted

    My congratulations to GV for fostering debate among people with wildly differing viewpoints. I have not seen any censorship of views and this is further evidenced by the diversity of opinion expressed here. Well done!

  • Jude Fernando

    To Somewhat Disgusted

    Are you using diversity of opinion in the GV as evidence of the absence of censorship? I know some Americans used the Colin Powel and Condi Rice as evidence of multiculturalism and absence of racism in the US. For some that was implied in the comments by the Right Wing disgusted with appointments of Powel and Rice.

    Sorry if I misunderstood you. Just looking for clarification.



      jude, we’re dealing with an invasive and oppressive state in Sri Lanka. Your exchange with SD skirts close to the issues at hand in the local media.Could we perhaps solicit the services of the CPA or anyone else to stage a conference of the subject ” SOCIO-POLITICAL CHANGE AND THE MISSING CATALYST IN SRI LANKAN JOURNALISM . FORGET THAT SAGARIKA CAME A CROPPER IN A RELATED ATTEMPT. WHO KNOWS?, MAYBE WE CAN MOVE ON FROM IDLE SEMANTICS, DIALECTICS AND HOT AIR BLAH BLAH AND CREATE THAT CATALYST ?

  • SomewhatDisgusted

    Dear Jude,

    “Are you using diversity of opinion in the GV as evidence of the absence of censorship?”

    Yes. I agree that it’s not necessarily proof, but I think the consistent diversity of opinion is indicative of at least a lower incidence of censorship. It’s not isolated to one or two token concessions, as in the Colin Powell/Condi Rice example you took. In addition, I consider my own views on certain issues to be markedly divergent from the views expressed by the editors, but nevertheless I have not experienced censorship of any kind.

    I can’t comment on the criteria for having an article published on GV and whether there’s a slant there as I’ve never tried to publish one, but I haven’t so far personally experienced any censorship of comment.

    Has your experience been different?

  • Veedhur


  • Sampath Samarakoon


  • Heshan


  • jfernando

    To somewhat disgusted

    Thanks. No I haven’t experience any censorship because I haven’t written anything that would be censored. Actually I was referring to censorship by the state.

    Perhaps, it would be fair to say that censorship is Sri Lanka is selective in terms of content, language, type of media, and timing. I think the government approach is very subtle and difficult to fit it into any clear pattern. But it does happen through formal and informal means. Even in the democracies that boast about freedom of press news get censored in many different ways that are difficult to pin down. Noam Chomsky has written plenty of articles regarding censorship in the US.

    Then there is also self censorship that happen due to ideological, institutional and technological perspectives of the journalists, journalist and media companies.

  • Nithyananthan

    Hello’ GV! My Heartfelt Congratulations to you!
    May God Almighty bless you – a long life with genuine illustrious principled Journalism! Nithy!