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General Fonseka and the interview

Over the last couple of days there has been a significant amount of discussion back and forth about General Fonseka and the Department of Homeland Security interview. However, nobody seems to have asked nor answered the following simple questions;

1. General Sarath Fonseka is said to have been invited to the interview, implying that he can decline to attend as well. Is this correct?

2. The Government of Sri Lanka is livid with the United States, but the Government can simply instruct General Fonseka- a serving public officer- to decline the interview. Would it not be simple and straightforward to issue such instructions? Why has the Government not taken this obvious route?

3. The invitation is from Homeland Security, not US Immigration Services; meaning it has nothing to do with retaining Sarath Fonseka’s Green Card. So he stands to lose nothing in respect of his resident status, if he declines. Correct?

4. Is it known whether General Fonseka or the Department of Homeland Security initiated contact in the first place?

Perhaps the relevant interlocutors and other knowledgeable parties might be able to clarify the issue by answering the above questions.