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Bodies in the river and a riot in town
Stones thrown, belts flying, youth going down

Vans on the prowl and cops on the loose
Gangsters, mobsters, drugs and booze

Kids committing suicide, but still no justice
Only transfers, denials and all the usual practice

Drains overflowing, thousands behind wire
Journalists, diplomats, and NGO’s under fire

Baby elephants taken away, MP’s going strong
Fancy cars, foreign trips, their kith and kin can do no wrong

To protest is foolish, you’ll only be struck down and shoved out of the way
Banners, flags, posters and cut-outs are the order of the day

So I’ll stop for now, watch the cricket and have some fun
Coz after all, it’s just another day in our island in the sun!

  • Ah, poetry indeed, bravo!

  • wow

    u call this poetry? or is gv post quality declining by the day?
    just because u rhyme the ending doesn’t mean it’s a great poem.

  • Cynic

    Brilliant piece and so excellently written. Dear WOW, it;s not about the poetry, it’s about the sentiment and the truth behind the lines. That this is the state of our country is a reason to mourn

  • President Bean

    Newspaper Headlines you would see, if the Dictatorship of Sri Lanka was in charge of the World Media!

    “World Bank officials get down on their knees and plead with President Rajapaksa to accept 1.9 billion dollar loan.”

    “Colombo central, Colombo north, Colombo east, Colombo west and Borella voters who voted for the UNP, are part of an ‘International Conspiracy’ to destabilise the government and stop the forward march of the armed forces says leaders of China, North Korea, Sudan, Libya, Iran and Zimbabwe.”

    “50,000 LTTE terrorists killed and 1,00,000 injured, with zero casualties to armed forces and Tamil civilians says Military Spokesman.”

    “Prabahakaran rescued by alien flying saucer during the new year ceasefire admits Military Spokesman.”

    “World leaders beg President Rajapaksa to accept post of UN General Secretary, and requests that Sri Lanka take over from America as the Global policeman of the world.”

    “President Rajapaksa gets rousing welcome from American public, while recent Gallup poll shows Rajapaksa more popular than Obama.”

    “LTTE fires multi barrel rockets and drops cluster bombs and napalm from Mig and Kafir jets, to prevent Tamil civilians from escaping from the ‘No Fire’ zone.”

    “Daya Master says Erik Solheim and Prabahakaran were masterminds behind Mumbai attack.”

    “Daya Master divulges that opposition leader Ranil Wickramasinghe instigated and personally led the attacks on the Sri Lankan embassies in Norway and Germany.”

    “Daya Master admits LTTE was involved in attack on MTV/MBC TV station and the killing of Sunday Leader editor.”

    “Daya Master tells interrogators that the LTTE were behind the abductions and killings of Tamil civilians in ‘White Vans.’

    “Daya Master says that LTTE were involved in the killing of 14 journalists and the intimidation of 28 others during the past three years.”

    “LTTE responsible for the killing of American President John F.Kennedy says Daya Master.”

    “President Obama begs President Rajapaksa to send his Sinhala Army to take over from American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    “75,000 American women to work as house maids in Sri Lanka.”

    “World wide ‘Gallup poll’ shows President Rajapaksa more popular than Gandhi, Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela.”

    “Tamil refugees say they are extremely happy living in camps surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards and plead with authorities not to resettle them.”

    “Tamil refugees tell reporters they are honoured to live as second class citizens and said they will renounce the tamil language and learn sinhalese.”

    “President Rajapaksa, Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa and General Sarath Fonseka to receive Nobel Peace Prize.”

  • Observer

    this poem reminded me of a certain UNP era when i was at a very impressionable age, growing up. those bodies i saw floating in diyawanna oya (looked like logs from far) and rubber burning smell on the way to school, i will never forget. i must thank the poet for this provoking poem of that era. sent chills up my spine. oh those poor lads, we had hardly any voice for them let alone human rights.

  • Banjiappu

    Not a real poetry, but sounds really fine.

  • President Bean

    What is war Mr. President?
    War is Power.
    War is six more years in office.
    War is a rise in my popularity.
    War is money in my bank account from arms deals.
    War is a solution for unemployment.
    War is a way to keep the people’s minds off the rising cost of living.

    What is war Mr. Defence Secretary?
    War is Power.
    War is money in my bank account from arms deals.

    What is war General?
    War is Power.
    War is Glory.
    War is money in my bank account from arms deals.
    War is the post of Ambassador in a foreign country after I retire.

    Teacher what is war?
    War is inevitable.
    War is history in the making.

    Monk what is war?
    War is unfortunate.
    War is safeguarding a 2500 year culture.
    War is destroying terrorism.
    War is safeguarding the country, race and religion.

    Unemployed youth what is war?
    War is employment.
    War is a good salary.
    War is 3 meals a day.
    War is building our house with the salary I get.
    War is collecting a dowry for my sister.

    Kind Employer what is war?
    War is profit.

    Refugee what is war?
    War is hell.
    War is having my house bombed by a Mig.
    War is living in ‘Welfare Concentration Camps.’

    Sister what is war?
    War is my brothers marching away to their deaths.

    Wife what is war?
    War is widowhood.
    War is my orphaned children.

    Father what is war?
    War is burying my sons one by one.

    Mother what is war?
    War is my 3 dead sons, and a fourth missing in action.

  • Observer

    Prez Bean, this war was given to us by Prbakaran, we merely responded. So your poem doesnt make sense at all.

  • In Your Face

    President Bean, what is war?

    Well, it is my chance to practice my charlatan skills on unsuspecting people!

  • smoulderingjin

    Thank you President Bean! Absolutely brilliant headlines and poem.

    Actually the most uneasy aspect of the headlines is the realisation that the govt would be happy to use them if they could.

  • undergroundview

    The war was pretty much a joint venture, I’d have said. In the latest round, both the Tigers and the Government seem to have calculated they could gain more through going back to war. As it turned out, the LTTE were wrong, or possibly underestimated government supplies and ruthlessness.

    In previous rounds, the actions of one side provoked overractions by the other, which provoked further outrages in their turn.

    And through it all, President Bean’s words came true – again and again. Tragically.

  • Heshan

    “Prez Bean, this war was given to us by Prbakaran, we merely responded.”

    Yet is a fact that the LTTE (including VP himself) never declared war on Sri Lanka as a whole. IIt was only the “traditional Tamil homeland” – a land mass with clearly demarcated borders which census records indicate is majority Tamil – which they sought to consolidate for their own gains. If we limit ourselves to this fact alone, at least 2/3 of the GOSL”terrorist” propaganda goes down the drain.

  • NoSLinElam

    Observer, Prabakaran himself received the war from the singala animals who killed Tamils with impunity during riots. War in SL started in 1950s by mad singalas, not in 1980s by Prabakaran. Prabakaran merely “reciprocated your kindness”. So your comments don’t make sense at all unless you have amnesia of all that happened before LTTE came into picture.