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A response to Gomin Dayasiri’s “Return of the Colombians”

Friends, Colombians and Countrymen, a few weeks ago the commercial capital of our country; Colombo was attacked. This was not a conventional armed attack and nor was it a terrorist attack, but yet it was an attack, an attack upon the social, political and cultural complexity of Colombo. I refer to the article titled ‘Return of the Colombians’.

Firstly, this elitist analysis of Colombo’s population ignores the complex cross cutting social strata based cleavages of Colombo’s society. A complexity and multiculturalism that was born from years of demographic and cultural change which manifested itself in a multi layered social and economic Colombian mosaic. An elitist analysis of Colombo ignores the vast amount of Colombians who are not elites. These people are the people who keep the lifeblood of our city flowing; by their hard work, blood, sweat and tears. These are the people who don’t drive expensive cars, live in grand houses or apartments and earn a monthly wage of over RS 10,000. These are the people who clean your house, cook your food, clear your garbage, own micro businesses and must walk the streets of Colombo just to survive to the next day. They are all Colombians, living, breathing and dying in Colombo. Their perceptions must not be ignored, but they are ignored in ‘return of the Colombians’. All Colombians supported an end to the war. But all Colombians did not celebrate by lighting crackers and eating milk rice, they sighed in relief that this godforsaken war was over and prayed that this would be an end to our conflict.

Secondly, while our destructive war has ended and we can finally look forward into a brighter future, there are yet those on both sides of the divide who wish to drag in old prejudices and continue this conflict. In a post war Sri Lanka; reconciliation, human rights, democracy and a sustainable peace should be our guiding principles but ‘Return of the Colombians’ makes no reference to these values. Instead, it concentrates on a ‘war mentality’ thus ignoring the opportunity given to us by the end of the war to rebuild our country and reconcile a shattered community. If we continue to hold on to a triumphal attitude and celebrate our successes forever, we will never be able to win the hearts and minds of the ethnic brethren with whom we share our country. On the long term the only manner in which we can ensure that another war does not occur is by promoting harmony among our communities by building an inclusive multicultural Sri Lanka. It is for a peaceful equal motherland that so many had died.

Thirdly, while there is much work to do, in order to re build our economy ‘Return of the Colombians’ provide no solutions towards achieving this goal but instead concentrates on shifting the blame of Sri Lanka’s economic travails onto Colombo’s business elites. This approach is misleading and illusionary at best for a number of reasons. It ignores the political corruption that has caused generations of economic wastage. It ignores an unequal geo political and local trading system which focuses Capital in the hands of the economically powerful. It does not take into account the very key point that the author is fascinated with; a 30 year old civil war which has held Sri Lanka back from developing to its full economic potential. The delusional interpretation that Colombo elites are to blame for Sri Lanka’s unsatisfactory economic situation shifts the blame away from the fundamentalists that prolonged Sri Lanka’s cursed war in the first place.

Fourthly, the author makes a paradoxical argument concerning the ‘Bush doctrine, which can at best be described as a distortion of reality. The author’s contextual interpretation is absolutely opposite to the Sri Lankan societal ground reality during the war. A majority of Sri Lankans supported the war by being silent, our people are not bloodthirsty, our people wanted an end to this conflict through any means and if such a ‘silent’ majority would have sabotaged the war effort then we would not have won the war. All anti war forces were broken into insignificant little groups and in contravention to what the author of ‘return of the Colombians’ says, people were not branded ‘nationalists’, ‘patriots’ and ‘war mongers’ for supporting the war. On the other hand, anyone who opposed the war were dubbed as none patriots and traitors. Remember that this is the ‘true’ Bush Doctrine.

The author of ‘Return of the Colombians’ also needs to be reminded as to who represents the backbone of Colombo and indeed; Sri Lanka. The backbone of Sri Lanka’s reconciliation and rehabilitation process are its women. From the first lady of this land, who leads a valiant effort of encouraging younger generations to rebuild our nation to the 70 year old women who cleans our streets, goes without food to feed her grand children and smiles with pride at her sons returning from the war; if it wasn’t for the heroic women of this country and our city, we would not have what we have now. The author needs to be reminded that next to every man is a woman who is his equal and his strength. Our women underwent immense hardships for Sri Lanka to win this war, but their war has not ended. For once, look up and notice who are organizing the aid drives for IDP’s now, who ensures that the entire family is fed and who will bare the sons that will lead our country into a brighter future. Do not dismiss our women, even the ‘high society ladies’ who are busy looking after the interests of their own children and even the children in Vavuniya.

We must understand that the future of Sri Lanka lies in multiculturalism and a class cutting social bond which Sri Lankans support because we suffered this war as a collective with hope for a better tomorrow. Colombo represents a Sri Lanka in which our society can be a successful melting pot of class, race, culture and political interests. Colombo represents a harmonious future in which our older generations learnt from the mistakes of July 1983 and taught our younger generations to never let our motherland be shamed by communal violence. Sri Lanka has undergone some horrific attacks but Colombo has seen some of the most brutal violence in Sri Lanka’s post independent history. Indeed, I represent a Colombian generation that was born into a violent conflict which escalated in the 1980s, 90’s and 2000 onwards. We have the right to learn from our mistakes and put a history of daily suicide bombing, headless corpses and dismembered body parts behind us. Our collective nightmares will not let us forget the horrors of a brutal war, but we demand the right to move on and build our country. Colombo and the whole of Sri Lanka does need a paradigm shift in it thinking. A paradigm shift in which lessons learnt from the past will help us build a future in which we can live a harmonious existence. We will learn from the fires of the past, but we will not be burned by them. These lessons began in Colombo and will spread to the rest of Sri Lanka. “Times are indeed a changing”, the time of the author who wrote ‘return of the Colombians’ is over and our time is just beginning. It is time for Sri Lanka’s new generation to forge a new future; Arise Sri Lankans.

  • Sinhala_Voice

    In a democracy PEACE comes from and is maintained through RULE OF LAW and an INDEPENDENT PUBLIC SERVICE THAT ACTS IN THE INTEREST OF THE PUBLIC.

    No amount of wishing is going to bring PEACE to SRI LANKA unless and UNTIL:


    Are there to serve the people NO matter what their ethnic, religious, caste background is.

    In fact you do NOT EVEN need devolution of power if these are there.

    BUT if we do NOT have these then NO AMOUNT OF DEVOLUTION or DELEGATION is going to BRING PEACE.

    YOu are NEVER GOING TO HAVE A CONFLICT FREE HUMAN SOCIETY. The best we can do is to UPHOLD the agreed laws and regulations. And police those laws impartially.

    Whilst doing the best to provide the basic necessaities for ALL the people.


  • niranjan

    I agree with Kanishka. Colombo is indeed multicultural unlike the rest of the country. Colombo is a mix of the local and the international. Colombo is Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim , Burgher and includes a small segment of foreign expatriates as well.

  • The shameful “election” in the North was held for about 100,000 voters. About 50,000 voter cards were not delivered to voters and hence were “disenfrenchised”. Nearly 40,000 of them languish in IDP concentration camps. Only 20,000 voters -20 percent- cast their votes, and there was democratic protest, by deliberate boycott of “election” by about 30,000 voters.

    Dr Martin Luther King Jr, led a democratic protest action of transport boycott. Tamils carried out a democratic protest action of election boycott in the East, and now, they have done it in the North. The voter absenteeism was not out of voter apathy or preoccupation but was with the deliberate intent of democratic protest action.

    The people in the North did not have to participate in the “elections” held in Jaffna last saturday. In the USA, in 1789, the states of North Carolina and Rhode Island did not participate in the US elections because the states did not ratify the US constitution. Likewise, the state of Tamil Eelam(TE) did not ratify the 1972 republican constitution of Sri Lanka(SL)

    When people are desperate for freedom, they’ll stop at nothing. For the past 32 years that is where Tamils were, are now, and will be in future. Tamils had their de facto state of TE for the past 22 years and will not step down from that autonomous status.

    Inspite of lack of basic democratic principles in the “election” in Jaffna, Tamils have shown in their own way, that they don’t belong to SL; are firmly and pasiionately hooked in a vision; and are determined to devote their time and resources to achieve it with fully purposed heart. Tamils have also shown clearly that “wild horses” cannot drag them away from their vision of independence.

    Tamils have clearly refused partnership in a unitary state; want war criminals brought to justice; and the genocidal atrocities stopped in IDP camps and people set free. Tamils are unwilling to accept the Sinhalese scam of “equality” and “reconciliation”.

    What happened in the North last week was not an “election” but a grossly biased statistical survey with “stop these votes” and “rig those votes” tactics employed by UPFA, the ruling party.

    Inspite of abundant abuse of democracy, President Rajapakse called it ” victory of our policies to stabilise democracy”, for consumption by the West, gullible for the word “election”. India is concerned only about Kick backs and not democracy in SL.

    Rajapakse and his clan captured power in SLFP by an outrageous undemocratic rebel action. About 50 law makers, elected by the people to be in the opposition and perform in UNP, JVP and other parties were “bribed in” to join UPFA in violation of the basic democratic principles. Therefore. democracy is not a serious matter in the profile of UPFA.

    If real democracy ever existed in SL, the people of TE would have achieved independence peacefully long ago. Time is ripe for international action.

  • Ganga

    niranjan said,
    I agree with Kanishka. Colombo is indeed multicultural unlike the rest of the country. Colombo is a mix of the local and the international. Colombo is Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim , Burgher and includes a small segment of foreign expatriates as well.

    That is why Colombo can’t run the nation. It is driven by self interest than a national one. The Colombo politics however will favor the minorities and leave out the majority in a greater proportion than their ethnic composition.

  • Ganga (a Half Colombian)

    I have the privilege from having a spectrum of relatives from urban to Colombo. Some of my rich relatives are living in Million dollar mansions in Colombo and some in Hyde Park Towers. The urban relatives still get in the mud and cultivate paddy the old fashion way. They are just getting started with converting the living rooms from cement to tiles. I wrote my opinion above based on my life experience. My Colombian relatives don’t nourish Sri Lanakan culture the way my urban relatives do. My Colombians are rather using the urban one for their convenience and their tolerance and innocence have been taken advantage of. I understand, most of urban strive to be Colombians and very few Colombians wants to become urban Sri Lankans. I grew up wanting to be a Colombian and succeeded in doing that. My measure was number of cocktail parties that I was invited in Colombo and some in 5 star hotels. What I have learned over the years is that the Colombian culture is driven by insecurity and the urban culture is driven by inner joy and peace. As a nation we both need them. As Columbians we have to understand not to spoil urban Sri Lanka too much from our need driven by materialism.

  • Ganga (a Half Colombian)

    Dear Sam Thambipillai,

    Your view is a direct result of Colombian tolerance (perhaps silence) which is driven by political correctness (a very self centered attitude).

    I agree with what you say. I have one question for you. Where was Dr Martin Luther King Jr. when Prabhakaran and LTTE was nurturing Terrorism within your Tamils?

    I can’t tolerate half-brain expressions by intellectuals over Sri Lankan politics. Yes we don’t have a democracy, we have the most corrupt regime ever. People call Mahinda Maharajanini by ignoring Mervyn de Silve type, missing journalists, and other form of violence and corruption.

    Tamils are criticizing the government without saying a thing to malpractices of their own kind should be laughed at.

  • Ganga

    Correction to feedback above:
    Tamils criticizing the government without saying a thing to malpractices of their own kind should be laughed at.

  • Half-brained Colombians and Bird-brained Europeans must listen to this in You Tube with animation texts in English.

    Sam, There is no Eelam in the visinity, so be happy with Ellaam(everything)!
    The only democracy we had was the LTTE, unfortunately it is totally wiped out from Sri Lanka! The only thing I can do is to send a telegram to those Eelamists with deepest sympathies!

  • Ravi

    Now we (tamils) have the equal rights to live and prosper anywhere in the country with the blessing of India and International community. From today we can build our life back even become a first tamil president or prime minister and/or have tamil majority cabinet and serve the nation tspecially to enrich sinhala mass and find harmony.

  • Sam,

    Please listen to Ravi. He admits the truth, Tamils do have equal rights. There are no ethnic minorities in Sri Lanka. The only minority is those who are with the terrorists.

    LTTE killed the futue Tamil President, Lakshman Kadirgamer. They knew their bogus Eelam causes going to be revealed. Win the hearts of Sinhalese and get the hot seat.

  • KV

    If tamils are not sri lankans please leave sri lanka and find your own utopia elsewhere. Those who have tried ( tamil living out side sri lanka of their own choice) ) knows the futility of such endeavours, hence keep on menecing sri lanka from those abodes because of their vengeful nature. Over 50% percent of tamils live in areas other than “the elam”. Unhappiness is a quality that the tamils are born with. There are no political solutions for unhappiness. Shrinks and antidipressents handle these conditions with some success.

  • Ravi

    KV donot create another war. don’t worry, we are coming back not fight but to work with you. you can only benefit becouse of the development india specially in the south achived. We won’t rest untill we see the same in Srilanka.

  • Anoma

    Knanishka has totally lost the plot . Gomin Dayasiri is not talking here of the hard working , poor people in Colombo but the elistsist crowd who ridiculed the President at every turn saying this war is unwinnable . I too have listened to the rantingd of many high class social elties who had Champagne in one galss and laughed at the conquest of Thoppiagala . These are the people he is refering to . I am not sure whether Kanishka too fell into this category .

  • kv

    Ravi there are two main development stratergies India put forth to help sri lanka was to create training grounds for ltte in south india and forced a illegal 13th ammedment.Thanks

  • Kanishka Ratnapriya

    Dear Anoma, I have not lost the plot, I was critical that Gomin only talks about Colombian elites and totally ignores the hardworking and poorer sections of Colombo. They are also colombians. (I say this in my 2nd para, u must have missed it). Plus, you seem to have ignored the rest of my article. Please do not become another “Gominiac”. Join the younger generation of Sri Lankans and end this conflict politically and peacefully. No champagne for me please! Only Arrack…..

  • Here are the Colombians, Country Men, Half-colombians, Half brained, Colombians and Bird brained Europeans.

    Ground Views, Please delete if find this is off topic, defamatory, abusive, threatening or an invasion of privacy. I just want to explain your viewers what author meant by Colombians, Some are confused. Thy think “Colombians” are those who come fro Christoper Columbus.

    Colombians, Half brained-Colombians:
    1. – Ravi on Alimanda
    2. – Ranil on Thoppigala
    3. – Karu on LTTE bribe

    Country men:
    1. – Hemam Kumara
    2. – Hema Kumara
    3. – Wmal
    4. – Gen Sarath Fonseka
    5. – Nalin de Silva – must watch

    Bird-brained Europeans:
    1. – Erik Solheim-1
    2. – Erik Solheim-2
    3. – Dutch PM
    4. – Robert Evans
    5. – Adela Balasingham
    6. – European NGO on Eelam
    7. – SL Denies Sweden’s FM Visa
    8. – Anna Neista – HRW
    9. – Miliband UK FM

  • Kanishka Ratnapriya

    Dear Noealaminsl,

    The only thing that I agree about, in the entire (above) comments that you have made, is your name ‘no ealam in SL’.

    You have made, no intellectual contribution to this forum, so please I would implore you to do so.

    Furthermore, while a future Ealam would not work, neither will the current unitary state model. It has to be a solution in between both these concepts, a political and peaceful solution. But most people “brand” anyone who does not agree with their concept as a ‘member of the “other” camp. They do not understand that there are a large number of moderates.

  • niranjan


    Colombo is both national and international. That is an advantage in this day of globalisation. Colombo and its Colombians are also Sri Lankan. They are citizens of this country. There is a mix of both rich and poor people in Colombo as well. Most people living in Colombo are not rich.
    However, much of the wealth of this country in terms of GDP comes from Colombo and the western province. Colombo has done a great service to this country in terms of services. This is especially true since the opening of the economy in 1977. Colombo is running the country politically and economicaly. It is the Economic capital and Sri Jayawardenapura is the administrative capital.
    There can be self interest and national national interest at the same time. It makes sense politically and economically.
    Colombo politics does favour the minorities. That is because there is a fairly large percentage of minorities living in Colombo. It is a question of demographics.
    If the majority community wants to live in the rest of the country let them do so. If they want to live in Colombo let them also do so. Anyone can live in any part of the country.

  • niranjan


    I completely agree with you when you say that the younger generation of Sri Lankans need to put an end to this conflict peacefully. It is alright even if you drink champagne or arrack. Economics is international though politics may not be. It is alright even if you go to cocktail parties. What matters most is tolerance and and a positive attitude to end this conflict once and for all.

  • President Bean

    NoEalamInSL…don’t you think people who are unwilling to devolve power to the minorities are also ‘Half Brained?’ My personal opinion is that they were all infected by ‘Swine Flu’ soon after independence!

  • Kanishka Ratnapriya,

    I agree with you, I am not an intellectual like you. Just a citizen who can count upto 5. But I didnt know Ground views is only for intellectuals. Do you mind if I give my views on this forum? or is this exclusive for intellectual people like you? Eelamists take adavantage of moderate Sinhalese to restart Eelam from the scrap. dont you think?

    So you disagree with my definition of Colombians as the author of the “A response to return of colombians”? I have heard of military dictators, today I heard intellectual dictators.. life long learning man! I expand my (Intellectual)vocabulary and (IDP) mathematics in this forum…

    You seemed hurt to hear Colombians say “Alimankada yanawa kiyala Pamakanda yanawa, Killinochchi yanawa kiyala, Medawachchi yanawa”. You are a another Colombian for me. Understandable. Colombians(half-brained and no-brains) wish to give Eelam on a platter. No, I am not in that camp.

  • President Bean,

    What power you talk about, power is already divolved. You meant Eelam? No way. No Eelam. Since 1987 Provincial councils are there. Language issue has to be solved, integration, reconciliation and development, then we are done. I prefer provincial council to desolve. double cost. white elephant.

    I live with a roommate who was infected with swinflu for one week, I didnt get. prehaps I am. the way you suggest. I am born half brained, like you.

  • President Bean

    NoEalamInSL…ok I guess i’m half brained for trying to argue with you. But don’t ever forget what the Buddha said. He said that ‘nothing is permanent!’ Everything changes for better or for worse! Don’t forget that in 1984 there was only 154 UN recognized countries. Today we have 193. Who knows what will happen in 50 or a 100 years time? When Dutugemunu was about to die, do you think he knew that Anuradahapura and Polonnaruwa would would be lost to the South Indians a couple of years later? Do you think he ever thought that this country would be colonized by the Portugeese, Dutch and British? Devolve power now and you can save this country a lot of grief and suffering. That is the only way for a lasting peace!

  • Kanishka Ratnapriya

    Dear Ealam (short for noealaminsl),

    You are welcome to present any perspective you want.

    I do not need to give you a sophisticated response because according to you; you are only a citizen who can count up to 5, so here is a opportunity for you to count up to 5:

    1. I did not say you were not a intellectual, I said you had not said anything intellectual in all your comments. You may be a intellectual citizen who can count up to 5, but you have not shown it. So please understand what I said.

    2. Ealamists don’t take advantage of moderates, they take advantage of Ultra Sinhalese Extremists by arguing that the GOSL will never put forward a devolution based solution and thus they say that their campaign for a Seperate Ealam is the only answer. So please change your perspective with this new found knowledge that I have bestowed upon you.

    3. Me disagreeing with your definition of Colombians does not make me a dictator, it makes me some one who disagree with your view; which is permitted right? If I took over this country and banned you from expressing your definition of Colombians, that would make me a dictator. So please apologize.

    4. Statements made about, Alimankada and Pamakada, have nothing to do with Colombians, those are statements made by UNP parliamentarians, not by Colombians. You seem to have not read my article properly, refer to paragraph 2.

    5. Isn’t the “No ealam” tag a little old now? I mean: the LTTE has been defeated (according to the government) we can move forward to a peaceful political process? So your perspective is getting outdated. Cant you change your name to “No China in SL” or “No Chapathi in SL” instead?

    I hope I have helped you count to 5 as a Citizen of the Motherland. Just in case you didn’t understand, let me summarize the list for you:

    1. Understand
    2. Change your perspective.
    3. Apolagize
    4. refer to para 2 of my article
    5. Change your name to “NoChinainSL” or “NoChapathiinSL”

    I hope this helps you, Ealam.

    Dear Niranjan and President Bean, thank you for your comments. Please stay in touch with me. Hopefully we can meet and work together on a brighter future for Sri Lanka and her people.



  • @PresidentBean
    //don’t you think people who are unwilling to devolve power to the minorities are also ‘Half Brained?

    The current policy of land distribution is
    1. To distribute lands to the proportions of the province if it is a local project
    2. to distribute it to the proportions of national level if it’s a central government scale one.

    Now Tamil chauvinists have been opposing #2, as they are requesting for a permanent Tamil majority in N&E. They have been accusing GOSL of changing the demography of the Tamil areas. Now what is the use of land powers in that context if Tamil leaders are not willing to except that change? Do you think Sinhalese will allow only Tamils to have use of development projects while they pay 75% of the taxes?

    So who are actually half brained?

  • Dear Kanishka Ratnapriya,

    NIce humour. Thanks for upgrading me to an “intellectual citizen who can count up to 5”. I doubt it. Let’s check if I can count reverse, 5to1.

    5. You got it wrong, dear. NoEalamInSL will never be outdated until every Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim speak two languages and every citizen will be able to live anywhere they without fear and suspicion. That’s where solution for the Sri Lanka issue lies. Not “Amendments”. NoEalamInSL is well meant for future. I used “Ealam” instead “Eelam” to avoid possible bans/spams. Unlike Ealam from “Eagle” “Eelam” from “Ellam”, a mistake, dbl E instead dbl L, Eelam is not possible, Ellam (everything) well possible. My “Ealam” is long termed, than “Eelam” predicted for 33 year as depicted in Eelam flag created by an Indian. NoEalamInSL is an all-time word and it will further be strengthened to meet changing situations in Tamil Diaspora. Although the Eelam war 4 was over, its causes will be hovering around Sri Lanka. Country is more than ever, ready to face any situation. There is not much left for political process as those bird brains suggested. Sri Lanka is now peaceful and what we need is to strengthen security and destroy the barriers between Tamils/Muslims and Sinhalese, namely the language and myths. Although both languages are state languages, it should be reflected in day to day life on grass-root level. The day citizens of Sri Lanka understand each other then only NoEalamInSL be outdated.

    4. “Colombo craws” and Colombians are same. Colombians, as I see, are cunning and showy people. They only need power and attention because the competition is high for life. They are more individualistic than countrymen who has less competitive environment for life and therefore more collectivistic. When war was wining every corner of the country, Colombians like Ravi, Ranil who are driven by power not by heart dared to say “Alimankada yanawa kiyala, Pamankada yanawa”. That’s my definition of Colombians and resonates with Gomez to whom you replied.

    3. Dictators do not respect others’ ideas, they do only what they think. So I was right, “No apology”.

    2. No reasonable reason for Eelam, No need to listen to Eelamists (refer my para5 above).

    1. You said “You have made, no intellectual contribution to this forum, so please I would improve to do so”. Any dumbass like me can understand what you meant was;“ you told nothing interested, has no affect to output of the forum, please do something to improve it next time”. You totally rejected what I was telling, you sticked to your idea.

    So, intellectual dictator, what do you thinking of my counting ability, perhaps no improvement at all?


  • Kanishka Ratnapriya

    Dear No chapathi in SL,

    I’m sure that in the mental asylum in which you reside your perceptions must be very meaningful.

    Your counting ability seems very good as long as its from 1 to 5 or from 5 to 1. But I’m sure you cannot count from 1948 to 2009 in which instead of destroying barrier between people, the Sri Lankan state has put up even more barriers.

    What I was trying to say in my article was that we should not define only the the elite of Colombo as colombians, there are many other people in Colombo! Is it good that we pretend that they just do not exist? Do they have no say in affairs? Are the alimankada / pamankada people the only representatives of Colombo? Are there not other people living and representing Colombo?

    You contradict yourself by saying that you are right about me being a dictator no chapathi, this only makes you a dictator.

    Obviously I totally rejected what you were saying no chapathi, it makes no sense and has no ‘logic’ behind it.

    As usual you are one of the many blinded by hatred, open your eyes to the truth and understand the disaster that our people are heading towards.

  • Observer

    In defence of “NoEalam”, electorally looking at Colombo, it’s a majority UNP district. Majority endorsing “Alimankadad, pamankada” type leaders.
    I honestly do think some Colombians have sipped too much on liberal tonic that they haven’t got the slightest idea on how to deal with national security and unity.
    That’s why Ranil double crossed the fine men at the Millennium city safe house. Shame!

  • Kanishka Ratnapriya

    Yes that explains why the UNP lost Colombo District in the 2009 Western Provincial Election;

    UPFA – 57.78%
    UNP – 35.69%

    Colombo has very complex social and political cleavages, things have changed in 2009, its not the Colombo of the 80’s and the 90’s. Things will continue to change, in Colombo and in Srilanka. Neither me, No Chapathi or the observer can claim we know everything about Colombo, we can only defend our views of it. However, its sad that the observer and No Chapathi do not even have the knowledge and sensibility to make a educated guess.

    And Colombo does not sip a liberal tonic anymore, it drinks social democracy now.

  • Malinda Seneviratne

    a far more nuanced piece than the nice-to-read but in the end a caricature-response to a caricaturing in the sunday leader by ravi perera.

    may i add that the correct term would be Colombans (of Colombo, not Colombia), as pointed out to me by Errol Alphonso?