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I think it’s stupid, do you?

I think it’s stupid…

To think that the trauma and suffering of thirty years can be extinguished by one bullet to the back of one guy’s head.

I think it’s stupid…

To celebrate the death of those who didn’t want to die; and especially those that didn’t deserve to die.

I think it’s stupid…

For the Buddhist flag to be seen anywhere at any time during any celebration of the end of the war.

I think it’s stupid…

To call for a homeland without having any inkling of moving into it.

I think it’s stupid…

To expect there to be no civilian casualties.

I think it’s stupid…

After all that’s gone on to expect Sinhalese and Tamil people to live together in peace and harmony overnight.

I think it’s stupid…

Not to learn the language of someone you want coexist with. It’s like not talking to your roommate.

I think it’s stupid…

To wilfully break the law and expect sympathy for being clapped in jail.

I think it’s stupid…

That we forget that people are remanded cos they can’t pay their 2000 rupee fine for ganja possession and have been in jail for years for doing something we do at every party we go to but they don’t have any one to make a phone call.

I think it’s stupid…

That we don’t seem to appreciate how little we have actually suffered, and that getting your nuts groped at a checkpoint is a small price to pay for being alive.

I think it’s stupid…

That any victory that costs 75,000 lives is called a Victory at all.

I think it’s stupid…

That I can’t tell you I think you’re stupid without you getting pissed off.

I think it’s stupid…

That we hear each other and never listen.

I think it’s stupid…

To think that war is only fought by soldiers on battlefields when it’s actually fought by our egos in our heads.

But it just may be that I’m stupid for thinking this way. Do you? 

[Editors note: This is something the author, I am told, wrote literally in three minutes for an open mic night in Colombo recently. The author notes that it was not initially meant to be published in print, but hopes that it provokes some good discussion on Groundviews.]

  • I think it’s stupid…
    to be intolerant of all the things the author thinks is stupid

  • Observer

    This is nonsense. Sorry u asked what I think.

  • i think it sounds stupider than it actually is.

  • Grim Hope

    I think it’s stupid

    not to think that Shehal, Observer is stupid to understand this.

    I think it’s stupid

    not to get the real message…

    I think it’s stupid

    to call me a stupid to agree with all the ideas here!

  • Smeagol

    More than stupid, it’s sad that some teenage emo poetry is considered worthy of stimulating discussion. The disclaimer is worse: “I wrote it in three minutes while I was high at an open mike” is no excuse for publishing tripe. An “editor’s note” implies the existence of an editor…

  • punitham

    I think it’s outrageous
    To call thirty-year visible violence of the oppressed ”terrorism”
    When the structural violence of the oppressor continues for sixty one years.

    I think it’s outrageous
    Visible violence is punished
    Vicious structural violence is propagated.

    I think it’s outrageous
    The cost of visible violence is tens of thousands of lives
    The cost of structural violence is socio-economic-environmental loss.

    I think it’s outrageous
    Press is censored on news about Northeast
    Poll is massaged and manicured for naive South by politicians.

  • Manushi

    I think it’s stupid for LTTE protesters to block the Gardiner Highway during rush hour in downtown Toronto.

    I think it’s stupid that all of us Torontonians are subjected to the LTTE terror flag at the drop of a hat.

    I think it’s stupid that western powers, (I)NGO’s and HRW, along with LTTE supporters, tried to save a megalomanic like Prabhakaran.

    Listen stupid, Sri-Lankans have proved that we will not go quietly in to night. It’s simple, stupid !

  • Dayan Jayatilleka

    I think its stupid,

    To forget Angola which fought for a civil war for decades and revived “miraculously” after a bullet to the head of one guy, Jonas Savimbi.

  • punitham

    I think it’s outrageous
    To bulldoze jungle
    To set up camps

    I think it’s outrageous
    To ravage environment
    To set up camps

    I think it’s outrageous
    To have barbed wires
    Around traumatised people

    I think it’s outrageous
    To let fishermen starve
    To let farmers starve

    I think it’s outrageous
    To starve bruised people
    Of food and medicine

    I think it’s outrageous
    To deny access to aid
    And let guards set up shops

    I think it’s outrageous
    To let guards lend phones
    And charge the imprisoned

    I think it’s outrageous
    To let paramilitaries
    Abduct children

    I think it’s outrageous
    To separate families
    And take away ”orphans”

    I think it’s outrageous
    To make citizens IDPs and
    To claim soveriegnty over them

    I think it’s outrageous
    To slow-genocide
    To deny media

    I think it’s outrageous
    To slow-genocide
    Without witnesses

    i think it’s outrageous
    To have religions
    To slow-genocide

    I think it’s outrageous
    To have UDHR
    To slow-genocide

    It’s outrageous
    Human Rights Council
    Cover-up genocide


    There’s genocide

  • Heshan

    I think its stupid that after 60 years, Sri Lanka does not even have a proper Constitution, e.g. “foremost place to Buddhism.”

  • nandasena

    It is foolish to think that people do not know who is behind the “white van ride”
    It is foolish to deny that abductions, rape, deprivation of food and medicine is being used to subjugate the Tamils by a “Terrorist Group”
    It is foolish to think that they have fooled the world with the slogan “rising sun” in the east. In reality east is full of abductions, ransom demanding, disappearances, rape etc. etc.
    It is foolish to think that there are three Tamil ministers in the cabinet. People know who they really are and what their human rights record is.
    It is foolish to think that there is going to be peace because they have ended Terrorism. People know that there is another set of Terrorists who has bombed and killed 20,000 civilians and committed and is committing unspeakable atrocities on the “captured people”
    It is foolish to think that the Tamils have been liberated. in fact they are being “held against their wishes”
    Liberation is far away for all the inhabitants of this wretched island!!!
    It is foolish to deny that a set of people are expoliting the naive with the slogan “war on Terror” and is making a fortune to last for several generations for their clan.

  • punitham

    It’s outrageous
    High Security Zone
    Displaced Citizens

    It’s outrageous
    Army of occupation
    Plundered society

    It’s outrageous
    Multiplied army
    Subjugation high
    No barbed wire

  • punitham

    It’s outrageous
    Sickles and Machetes
    GalOya 1956

    It’s outrageous
    Diversion of
    Foreign aid
    Cordon off

    It’s outrageous
    Shells and Mortars

  • Sophist

    Errrm….I wasn’t stoned when I wrote this. Don’t assume. Although I agree that the quality of the work may lead one to such a belief. Since this is not a literary appreciation site I would appreciate a grappling with the substance as opposed to form, while admitting the latter greatly enhances the former.

    Dayan J: I think it’s stupid to go for a Bob Dylan concert and not appreciate the significance of the finale. Are all Sri Lanka’s answers Blowing in the Wind….?

  • punitham

    It’s outrageous
    Emargo on food and medicine
    In 80s, 90s, …. to Northeast

    It’s outrageous
    Disappearances in custody
    In 80s, 90s, …..PTA, ER

    It’s outrageous
    No investigations
    Only impunity

    It’s outrageous
    Cordon off Northeast
    Inflated prices

    It’s outrageous
    Disappearances white van
    ” War-on-terror”

    It’s outrageous
    No investigations
    Only impunity

    It’s outrageous
    Murder in church
    Murder in temple

    It’s outrageous
    T5 Murder
    M17 Murder

    It’s outrageous
    No investigations
    Only impunity

    It’s outrageous
    Embargo on aid agencies
    To ”wired” camps

    It’s outrageous
    Disappearances and rapes
    Inside ‘’wired” camps

    It’s outrageous
    No investigations
    Only impunity

    Chelva came and went
    No change
    In structural violence

    Prabha came and went
    No change
    In structural violence

    JRJ strangulated
    National process
    DJ strangulated
    International process

    Future looks dark and gloomy not only for Sri Lankan Tamils but also for all oppressed minorities around the world if the balance in UNHRC is determined by ”geographical representation” and not by merit.
    For the sake of future generations, let’s stop automatically handing over power to widows and widowers but to leaders of merit.

  • Nicolai

    Sophist. For what it worth I get it for its intended message and its balanced view.
    The problem is that some of these folk have decided promote their own self-interested one-sided message (e.g Punitham) , rather than engage in interesting dialogue as suggested by the Editor.

    By the way I didn’t get this one.
    I think it’s stupid…
    That we forget that people are remanded cos they can’t pay their 2000 rupee fine for ganja possession and have been in jail for years for doing something we do at every party we go to but they don’t have any one to make a phone call.
    Are you saying if they pay the 2000 rupee fine, they go home. If not they go to jail for years, unless they have someone who they can call who can bail them out? So 2000 rupees or years in jail? Hmm? If that is the case, that is stupid, especially if they used 2000 rupees to buy the Ganja.
    If you are saying that they should go free, if they do not have the 2000 rupees, then I would say, what is the point of a legal system?
    Maybe there is a news item on this that I missed or I am missing what you are saying.

  • Sophist

    No Nicolai. That is what I am saying. They don’t have money to pay the fine. They stay in remand. For some it’s the only way to guarantee a meal.

    Before anybody pontificates upon the solutions for our country they should be made to go the General Hospital, the Prison and any Magistrate’s Court.

  • punitham

    If I haven’t been clear my message is that the oppressed ask the oppressors to stop oppressing and to implement internationally accepted principles and to give the oppressed a chance to live reasonably well.

  • punitham

    1. Over the last few months I’ve been writing to as many parliamentarians as possible to join the Parliamentarians Network for Conflict Prevention and Human Security inaugurated last October. ….
    2. I don’t want to see any gun or explosive produced in this world. I want to see all the children taught history so that they won’t repeat it. I want all parents to be taught basic child psychology(what’s known to lot of our grannies) so that they will bring up children who wouldn’t hate ‘others’ even if they don’t love them to bits. Over the last fifteen years I’ve been writing to Psychology associations and Headteachers Associations about this.
    3.I’ve also been saying that the moment the Sinhalese decide to be fair to the Tamils, this island will be a paradise. DJ could have made it possible but has made it nearly impossible. He is making it impossible for many others too …. I dread the future of the UN.

  • punitham

    Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka: Seeking a Transformative Way Out – Ashok K Behuria, Strategic Analysis, Vol. 30, No. 1, Jan-Mar 2006:

    ‘’The long drawn out ethno-political conflict in Sri Lanka has been accepted as a serious challenge for scholars, activists, peace-makers and the expanding international community of professionals engaged in conflict-resolution/ management/ transformation. …. For the theorists of conflict resolution and peace-building, the Sri Lankan situation provides a laboratory where they can test their well-formulated theories as well as evolving hypotheses. ….
    It is time now, therefore, for scholars and analysts to isolate the issues that contribute to the conflict, to dwell upon the socio-economic and political context that precipitates lasting ethno-political division and to seek a transformative way out of the crisis”.

  • punitham

    Paradise Poisoned: Learning about Conflict, Terrorism and Development from Sri Lanka ‘s Civil Wars(2005), John Richardson, Professor of International development in American University’s School of International Service :

    ”Sri Lanka provides a lens for viewing many challenges with which development practitioners and leaders of developing nations have grappled in the post-World war II era – and for learning from them. My intention is to provide answers to the question, ‘how did we come to this’ that will help craft more humane, peaceable, sustainable future development scenarios. Such scenarios could make it unnecessary for future generations to contemplate protracted deadly conflict’s legacies – suffering, devastation and hopelessness – as Sri Lankans, Rwandians, Bosnians, Ahghanis and many others have had to do. My vision is of a day when no citizens in today’s developing nations will have to ask ‘how did we come to this?’

  • yep.. stupid as stupid is.

  • Grim Hope

    I think it’s stupid

    That Dayan thinks he knows everything…

    “On February 22, 2002, Jonas Savimbi, the leader of UNITA, was killed in combat with government troops, and a cease-fire was reached by the two factions. UNITA gave up its armed wing and assumed the role of major opposition party. ” quoted from wikipedia

    They reached a ceasefire, the people were not put in Retention/Concentration camps…completely different situation!

  • Nicolai

    You know what I think is more than Stupid, Idiotic, Morinic?
    Denying Bob Rae access to Sri Lanka

    If anyone has read any of my comments you will note that I try to be fair to everyone. I have defended the government’s actions on many occasions. In this particular case though, I really think they have gone overboard.
    This is Bib Rae, ex premier of Ontario for Pete’s sake. He is not some run of mill attache who takes trips from country to country just to have a free vacation.
    He is a guy who has been supportive of all minorities and he truly believes in fair play for all underdogs. Canadians in general are one the most decent people in the world. They very often allow many groups with dubious motives, such as the LTTE supporting tamil diapora, to take advantage of their good nature. Just look at how they stood by and allowed the LTTE to basically shut down the downtown core during the entire last stand of the Tigers?
    I remember over ten years ago when Toronto had a big event for Gary Sobers. Bob Rae attended that event as the sole govt. representative at a time when the minority communities were really trying to promote cricket in Canada. From all the speeces that night and there were many, Bob Rae’s was the most intelligent, funny and most entertaining. He had done his home work on the game of cricket as well and told many stories that made him appear to be quite an expert on the game. Bob Rae has always has good intentions with respect to multi-culturalism (sure of course there are political motivations. He is a politician after all) and sure, he may have opinions that may not be to the liking of the current Sri Lankan government. However, he is a well known politician from Canada who has taken the effort to come here and find out truth for himself regarding accusations being made by his LTTE supporters. If not the truth, he at least is willing to have dialogue.

    I know that all the nay sayers will now get on the “I told you so” bandwagon.
    You can go ahead, maybe I deserve it.
    All I can say at this point is I am absolutely appalled and more than disapointed by this decision to send him back.

  • Grim Hope

    Nicolai ,
    Truth will be realized soon! The question is will it be too late by then!

    This I read in the UTHR report,
    Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleke wrote in response to Lasantha Wickrematunge’s killing:

    “One of the finest acts of humane, civilized conduct I am aware of was by one of the bravest, most daring soldiers we have amongst us, General Gamini Hettiaarachchi…His brother, a planter, was decapitated by the JVP, but when he apprehended JVP leader Rohana Wijeweera at gunpoint, he did not even deal the latter a blow, and ensured the safety of Wijeweera’s family.”

    We should feel very troubled if similar standards have not been observed for the family of Prabhakaran, his wife and 12-year-old son, families of his lieutenants and all who surrendered.

  • punitham

    No Peace, No War: Have international donors failed Sri Lanka’s most vulnerable? Boston Review, Vol 30, No 3, Summer 2005, Alan Keenan(who is now the country representative for ICG in Sri Lanka): ”…Armed with knives and poles and gasoline, the mob hacked and burned to death 27 of the Tamil inmates. Some 60 police officers sent the previous evening and earlier that morning to guard the camp made no effort to stop the attack. …
    But the final hearing was truly shocking. As the solicitor general repeatedly referred to the ways the Tamil inmates had been murdered—”beaten, stabbed, and some even roasted alive” he would say with a flourish—one of the justices began to mock his emphasis on the word “roasted.” This brought much laughter from the other justices and the defense lawyers, and even, most disturbingly, from the government lawyers themselves.
    This conduct was only the most grotesque example of the judges’ utter disdain for the crimes under consideration and for the state’s responsibility to determine the truth. The proceedings were filled with bad jokes and undignified behavior, lacked any sense of gravity of the case, and indicated no awareness of the state’s obligation to protect the inmates whatever their political sympathies. Sitting quietly and scribbling in my notebook, I felt overcome with the desire to pick up a gun and join the Tigers. I could only imagine how Sri Lankan Tamils would feel…. Bindunuwewa and the continuing legal and bureaucratic saga present powerful evidence of institutional discrimination against Tamils that persists even—perhaps especially—at the highest levels of the judiciary and the police. Most sadly, perhaps, it represents just how little “reconciliation” or “mutual understanding” has been achieved over the three years of what Sri Lankans have come to call the period of “no war, no peace”.


    The Chief Justice has said ”They live outside the protection of the law of the country. …. We are doing a great wrong to these people.”


    AFTER 61 YEARS, practical steps are needed to serve Tamils JUSTICE and to build RECONCILIATION.

  • punitham

    Grim Hope
    Thanks for all your comments.

    ”We should feel very troubled if similar standards have not been observed for the family of Prabhakaran, his wife and 12-year-old son, families of his lieutenants and all who surrendered.”

    NO UN

    Whole evidence is destroyed by bulldozers.

    Please please please give your voice to those inside the barbed wire in Vavuniya and Vaharai.

  • punitham


    Why can’t you stop suffocating the Tamils even after oppressing them for 61 yrs. – isn’t their socio-economic-environmental degradation pathetic enough?

    Tamils are unlucky that the country is an island.
    Otherwise there would have been a mass exodus in 50s/60s/70s.
    Then the UN and the international community couldn’t have neglected it as an ”internal matter”.

    This age of internal colonialism (that replaced external coloniaialsm of the previous few centuries) has generated intrastate conflicts which are proving to be extremely vicious and much more difficult to resolve.

    Resolution of these hangs on the hearts of the very virulent internal colonisers/oppressors.

    Sinhalese are lucky the island is in the most startegic geopolitical position – they can keep oppressing the Tamils even in the era of R2P because there are countries that still hang on to the outdated ”sovereignty” (crafted 60 yrs ago soon after WWii in the rush to ward off interstate disputes) in order to achieve their gain ignoring the suffering of a section of humanity.

    JRJ poisoned Southern Sri Lanka.
    DJ has poisoned the Southern Hemisphere.

    We may have to wait for a very very long time to se if there is any chance of reforming the UN. But before that happens there are likely to be many genocides.

  • Manushi


    Please tell me you are being ironic. Playing the victim card may score you a few brownie points with the likes of Bob Rae, but it does not hold much currency today, as the vast majority of people have rejected this tired “poor me” rhetoric.

    Bob Rae could serve his time better in coming to the aid of the First Nations people of Canada.

  • Heshan

    “Why can’t you stop suffocating the Tamils even after oppressing them for 61 yrs. – isn’t their socio-economic-environmental degradation pathetic enough?”

    I have wondered the same thing for a very long time. There is one pattern that seems to emerge:

    Sri Lankan Government: 99.9% Sinhala-Buddhist
    Sri Lankan Army: 99.9% Sinhala-Buddhist
    Sri Lankan Police: 99.9% Sinhala-Buddhist

    The first step should be to share power with non-Buddhists. The whole idea of a “Buddhist” nation is misconceived. Lord Buddha, like Jesus, never wrote anything down; what he “said” was passed on to the “followers.” Unfortunately, the followers in Sri Lanka have tried to twist his message to make the image of “Sinhala-Buddhism” look better. Buddha’s teaching was for individuals, it was not for whole nations. This is why Buddha talked so much about detachment and meditation. In fact, this is why there are monks. For a whole nation to call itself the guardians of “Buddhism” is against the very basic principle of detachment on which Buddhism is based. Because when that label, “Sinhala-Buddhism” is there, the nation will try to defend it… by defending it, it is no longer being passive, it is being aggressive. Aggressiveness easily turns into violence. This is what has happened in Sri Lanka; “Sinhala-Buddhism” has overtaken “Buddhism.”

  • Manushi

    I say, get rid of religion altogether ! The delusion of the ‘self’ is responsible for for both inner and outer conflict. We want our pathetic little egos to be made “invincible” through identification with a particular religion, ethnicity, race, class, caste, gender, ideology…you name it.

    No identification, no problem.

  • Lanka

    I think its stupid to be ashamed of victory.

    I think its stupid to apologize for winning.

    I think its stupid to devolve power when there is no need for it.

  • Nicolai

    Lanka: it is people like you make most of us moderates, Tamil or Sinhala or Muslim, cringe in dismay.
    I think the many good Sinhala people on this board alone, just don’t need these comments right now. Many of them are looking for reconciliation and a way forward. Truly. Your comments also add so much fuel to Grim Hope’s, Punithan’s and Heshan’s fire.

    Manushi: I agree with you, even on the Bob Rae comment. Yes he may have more important issues to deal with in his own back yard. It still does not diminish the problem. I still think it was inexcusable to send him back. He is not a Sillybandstander or any of those other EU guys including the Swedish guy that came (or wanted to come) here to try and stop the war when it was almost over. Bob Rae came over after it was all said and done. Very difference situation. That alone should give some credence to his motives.

  • Sophist

    Heshan I absolutely agree with your that Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhists are the very antithesis of what the Buddha taught but don’t quote inflammatory, inaccurate, statistics about very sensitive issues. They don’t help anyone.

  • chinthana


    i think it’s stupid
    that you write all this BS
    from so far away…
    go inside the barbed wire
    and come face to face with reality
    of people saved
    from certain death
    instead of waving flags,
    blocking roads
    STOP wasting precious time
    Otherwise, it seems to me
    that only ghosts must be living in Wellawatte
    Cinnamon Gardens

  • Manushi

    Lanka, I agree with your first two points, but not with the third.

    Someone mentioned that “Sinhala-Buddhism is the antithesis of what the Buddha taught”. I would like to take that a little further, and extend it to all established world religions (Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism). If you talk to First Nations people in Canada, they will tell you about the psychological and sexual abuses inflicted on them by Catholic priests and nuns. Ever heard about the Spanish Inquisition? What about the horrendous mistreatment of the Dalits in India? Do Isamic Jihadists ring a bell?

    Chinthana, you’ve given political correctness a sound kick in the butt. I am in agreement with some of your points.

    As for Bob Rae…ah suck it up Bob. When the average Canadian does not trust a politician, the politician normally goes after the minority vote. It’s a well known formula in Canadian politics. Bob, can I get you a one way ticket to the Amazon? Please tell me you’ll at least think about it…

  • Heshan

    “but don’t quote inflammatory, inaccurate, statistics about very sensitive issues. ”

    The statistics are accurate and up-to-date. Why don’t you disprove them if you can, instead of resorting to subjective diatribe? And no, don’t mention that Lakshman Kadirgimir was the Foreign Minister, because he was the ONLY Tamil Foreign Minister in the entire 60-yr history. Also don’t mention that he could have become President because that is based on pure speculation. There are 108 people in the Cabinet; if they are eager to have Tamil civil servants of value, String Theory isn’t required to get the job done.

  • Heshan

    “I say, get rid of religion altogether ! The delusion of the ‘self’ is responsible for for both inner and outer conflict. We want our pathetic little egos to be made “invincible” through identification with a particular religion, ethnicity, race, class, caste, gender, ideology…you name it.”

    I’m not an atheist, but I agree with you completely. We don’t need religion to survive, at least not any more. In the past, it may have served some useful evolutionary purpose. But science and mathematics have made such magnificent strides, that human beings can aim for a much more powerful rationality (if you consider religion to be rational at all) than the subservience which religion, because of its dogmatic nature, demands.

  • Heshan

    “If you talk to First Nations people in Canada, they will tell you about the psychological and sexual abuses inflicted on them by Catholic priests and nuns. Ever heard about the Spanish Inquisition? What about the horrendous mistreatment of the Dalits in India? Do Isamic Jihadists ring a bell?”

    Yes, well, that’s why the West has become secular. Christian fundamentalists don’t win elections. Christian fundamentalists don’t speak in the Parliament. They don’t become Vice-Chancellor’s of top universities. They can’t block legislation by protesting. This is why multicultural societies are possible in the West. Of course, you will have people in the population who disagree… who WANT religion to play a more prominent role. That’s why you have legislation. Start with the Constitution, go down the line. Finally you let everyone protest as much as they want. The laws may not change, but at least they have the protest to satisfy them. Brilliant system, isn’t it?

  • davidson panabokke

    What you say contradicts the reports coming from the camps.

  • Manushi

    “Yes, well, that’s why the West has become secular. Christian fundamentalists don’t win elections. Christian fundamentalists don’t speak in the Parliament. They don’t become Vice-Chancellor’s of top universities”.

    You are right, Christian fundamentalists have more voice in Sri-Lanka !

  • punitham

    Please read newspapers or newsonline.

    But then you shouldn’t lie to yourself.

  • Heshan

    No one has any voice in Sri Lanka except the pro-government stooges. Hence the white vans.

  • SomewhatDisgusted

    Heshan >>
    And where does George Bush, the leader of the free world, he who had a divine calling to carry out a war on terror, he who banned stem-cell research on religious grounds, fit into your theory of the secular west?

    I do agree with you in principle, but SL is no more a bastion of fundamentalism than the US was as far as I can see. Any country can suffer from such a revival of fundamentalism, we too need to ensure that sanity prevails and get these religious nut-jobs out of the way when possible. Your bleak, condemning outlook however, as if SL is a country where religious fundamentalism is so strong that no other belief systems can survive, seems to stem more from prejudice and hate harboured from the past, rather than an actual impartial analysis of the situation. Try Saudi Arabia for comparison’s sake and let us know how it goes.

  • Heshan

    “he who had a divine calling to carry out a war on terror, ”

    The “War on Terror” was hardly Bush’s idea. In any case, more than 200 members of Congress voted, via a majority, to invade Iraq.

    “he who banned stem-cell research on religious grounds,”

    So? Did tens of thousands of people die because he banned this research? Obviously, it can be carried out in other countries. So far no amazing cures have been discovered.

    “fit into your theory of the secular west?”

    Bush is/was one man at a particular moment in history. The West became secular with the advent of the French Revolution. Besides, Bush was in power for 8 years max; he could not elect his brothers or friends to high positions
    without Senate approval, so whatever damage Bush did after those 8 yrs gets thrown down to a completely different person. Basically, Bush did not have enough time to put a permanent dent on the secular ideals of the West. That’s what a good Constitution does – keeps fools from taking a country down the road of permanent paralysis.

  • Heshan

    “but SL is no more a bastion of fundamentalism than the US was as far as I can see.”

    Trying running for a US Senate seat by preaching Christian fundamentalism. See how far you get. There are no “white-robed” gentlemen in the halls of Congress, my friend. I can assure you of that.

    “Any country can suffer from such a revival of fundamentalism,”

    That’s why a free press is important. That’s why education is very important.

    “we too need to ensure that sanity prevails and get these religious nut-jobs out of the way when possible.”

    Yes, we need to get JVP, JHU, etc. out of the Sri Lankan Parliament. No communists, no men in orange. Sounds like a plan to me. Unfortunately, there are far too many people in SL who still possess a feudal mindset. The feudal mindset revolves more or less around tribal loyalties, which in turn demand blind devotion and unconditional loyalty. This is why mob behavior is still so common in SL. You would have seen how the villagers massed together around Kelaniya U recently.

  • Manushi

    Heshan says: “The feudal mindset revolves more or less around tribal loyalties, which in turn demand blind devotion and unconditional loyalty”.

    I am sure you know an awful lot about ‘manifest destiny’. If not, the American Indians and Mexicans can enlighten you.

  • Heshan

    The more you try to dig up America’s dirty history, the more irrelevant your arguments become. Here’s a bit of helpful advice: if its not in the American Constitution then it’s not “official policy.” It’s also not an ideology/concept that coalesces with American values. I’ve compiled a short list, although I’m sure the same absurd accusations will continue to come up:

    1. Bush Doctrine
    2. Manifest Destiny
    3. Use of nuclear weapons (Hiroshima/Nagasaki)
    4. Slavery
    5. Invasion/occupation of hostile nations
    6. Torture
    7. Religious fundamentalism
    8. Suppression of any kind of civil liberty

  • Ven. Pandita

    You said, “I think it’s stupid…
    For the Buddhist flag to be seen anywhere at any time during any celebration of the end of the war.”

    I think that it is not stupid for a Buddhist flag to appear signaling the end of human suffering. But it is stupid to celebrate by using a Buddhist flag the destruction of a community of fellow human beings. It all depends upon the attitude of those waving the flag.

  • rajivmw


    Let me get this straight.

    According to you, the US cannot be held accountable for any of its past sins because they were not part of the American constitution and did not ‘coalesce’ with American values. In fact, it is ‘absurd’ for us to even mention these things because they were not ‘official policy’.

    They just happened by accident I suppose. Some innocent fun. No harm intended. Shame on us for daring to compare.

    I have long realized the utter futility of arguing with you, but this just beggars belief.

  • Heshan


    I never said the USA cannot be held accountable for its past sins. Manushi was clearly saying “Manifest Destiny” is an American ideology… this could not be further from the truth. Most Americans don’t even know what that is. So how can it be an American ideology? As for accountability, accountability is not about being sinless, rather, taking responsibility. This is the major difference between Eastern and Western politics. I know for a fact that so many American senators resigned their seats over corruption allegations.

    “I have long realized the utter futility of arguing with you,”

    I will take that as an admission that you lack any coherent counterargument. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This anti-Western propaganda lacks any substance to begin with, its based on denial and a refusal on the part of the Asians to take responsibility for their OWN actions.

  • Realist

    Ven Panditha is a rare soul among the Sinhala Buddhists. I can’t beleive that a Buddhist monk would say such a dignified thing. I have gone to a temple to study Sinhalese and am well acquainted with the mindset of the Buddhist monks. So I got a little more hope after reading him. As for the writer who cites various things and ends by stating that it is stupid he has forgotten to mention that killing those who surrender is a unique feature of Sinhala Buddhists. The only other recent parallel is that of Stalin’s massacre of the Polish prisoners at Katyn. Is it a war crime? Oh no for the GOSL says it is not so.

  • ayshya


    as a non-buddhist, i believe there are a lot of good monks in sri lanka. however they are less publicly vocal than the hardline/nationalist monks, and therefore less visible.

    While it doesn’t negate the culpability of the GoSL, & I think it’s disgusting whoever does it, one shouldn’t forget the LTTE has also been known to kill those who surrendered (e.g. the 400+ policemen in 1990).

    However, there was a story recently about how the army found sl army prisoners of war in the safe zone, implying that the ltte did not kill POWs, but gave them some food etc. to keep them alive for the many months they were held captive.

  • Heshan

    Another Sri Lankan ally celebrating “democracy.” The title of this article alone is breathtaking, “Police in Iran beat protesters after huge Ahmadinejad win.”

  • Halitosis

    I think it was stupid to force Tamil people not to vote for Ranil
    I think it was stupid to underestimate the will of the masses to fight the Tigers
    I thihk it was stupid to renege on 3 peace accords and ask for an EElam and get Illang kaawa when a 12% minority wants 45% of the land mass and 60% of the coastal belt for a racially exclusive homeland for one small minority in a pisspoor densely populated Island.
    I think it was stupid to attack Mavil Aru
    I think it was stupid of stupid Tigers to think they were superior to the inferior “sinhalam” army.
    I think it was stupid of the stupid tigers to force people onto the harsh beaches expect India to bail them out.
    I think only ones being stupid right now are Colombo’s liberal elitist pseudo intellectuals. No one fights wars singing “kumbaya my lord kumbaya”. The white Christians killed 10,000 in the first three weeks in Iraq.. Casualties are inevitable. This war was NOT chosen by the government. This war was thrust upon them.

    These publicly branded self-declared intellectuals always had strong words against the government of the day; they would appear to be balanced occasionally by making a very mild rebuke of the Tigers, but they would never condemn the Tigers outright in unequivocal language any of Tiger excesses because doing so would have earned them late Mr. Prabakaran’s wrath. It was their insurance policy to keep attacking the government but to ignore Tiger atrocities. So they would obfuscate the issues by trying to morally equate both sides!

    Not one of them have been able to acknowledge that consistent leadership and superior military strategies and tactics combined with tremendous sacrifices by the ordinary men and women in Sri Lanka are the reasons for the military defeat of the world’s toughest, most ruthless group of rebel separatists. To this date, some of them are unable to admit they are wrong, and instead write drivel in flowing beautiful Queen’s English about how the post-war scenario has to be handled and wanting to criticize every action taken to protect civilians amidst a situation never seen before in the world. Their vocal protests were always limited to Colombo and never did they dare to launch a peace protest in Kilinochchi or Jaffna when Tigers dominated those places in order to convince the majority of peace loving Tamil people that supporting the Tigers was futile. All their campaigns were aimed at indoctrinating the Southern polity that they have no choice but to deal with Tigers as the sole representative of all Tamil speaking people of the North-East and to accept as fact that Tigers will rule the North and East of Sri Lanka although no one has ever bothered to ask the people in those two provinces what their free democratic will was!

    Go enjoy the game on large screen TV with your scotch and soda at CCC or go to Hilton Pub and blast us native with the white fellas will you.. Sad that there were heavy casualties but no one was ever fought without collateral damage not even by Christian armies of the west.

    And if I may please let me add a kudos to Ambassador Dayan Jayatilleke as well. Celebrating the victory over terrorism is not a slight against Tamil people. In fact those Tamils who are soured to the idea of a national day of victory must be those who supported the Tigers and have racist feelings of superiority over the rest of the nation. The flag waved by Sri Lankans was the SRI LANKAN national flag and not a Sinhala flag. D-Day is celebrated by the allies even 65 years after it happened. There is nothing wrong with having a day to celebrate the victory of good over evil and to remember the day so we will never make the same mistakes again that will lead to the creation of another monster like the late Mr. Prabakaran and another fratricidal war twenty years from today. The lectures on “triumphalism” are condescending specially when it comes from the West. George Bush’s “mission accomplished” was a premature ejaculation of Triumphalism by an incompetent regime in the US. In contrast, celebrating a right royal victory over terrorism by a competent, highly skilled, dedicated military amidst tremendous sacrifices and fighting under restrictions and winning against the world’s toughest rebel group is worthy of a national day of introspection akin to D-Day that is observed on 6th June every year.
    It was superior military tactics and strategies combined with skillful political and military leadership at all levels that won this war against the Tigers; only Tiger apologists will go into conniptions unable to accept this fact.

    Intellectualism is overrated; Real Intelligence is rare and intelligent people know how to adjust and change strategies when the facts and data on the ground change; intellectuals on the other hand will argue with facts and data if they facts and data do not suit their thinking and say the data and facts are wrong. Sri Lanka needs more intelligent people who do not write sophmoric poems in emotion piques. This war was won by intelligent Sri Lankans.

  • Halitosis

    a vast majority of Evangelical Christians in the US support torture of terrorist suspects and the death penalty. They support war against Islamic nations. They support killing those who provide abortion services that are legal. They hate anyone who is not a born-again or evangelical Christian and as the world saw, those Christians committed far more war crimes than anyone could condone..

  • Manushi


    By the way, I learnt about ‘manifest destiny’ from an American professor of English Literature in one of my grad studies courses (Literature of the West).
    You can also read Regeneration through Violence, and Gunfighter Nation: the Myth of the American Frontier in Twentieth-Century by Richard Slotkin in case your mind is still fogged up.

    Blow out that candle, and get some sleep you wannabe.

  • Heshan

    Is that why the USA sent more tsunami aid money to Sri Lanka than any other country?

  • Vino Gamage

    Daily Telegraph, London, 26 July 1983
    “Motorists were dragged from their cars to be stoned and beaten with sticks during racial violence in Colombo, the Sri Lanka capital yesterday (24 July). Others were cut down with knifes and axes. Mobs of Sinhala youth rampaged through the streets, ransacking homes, shops and offices, looting them and setting them ablaze, as they sought out members of the Tamil ethnic minority… A Sri Lankan friend told me by telephone last night how he had watched horrified earlier in the day as a mob attacked a Tamil cyclist riding near Colombo’s eye hospital, a few hundred yards from the home of Junius Jayawardene, the nations 76 year old President. The cyclist was hauled from his bike, drenched with petrol and set alight. As he ran screaming down the street, the mob set on him again and hacked him down with jungle knifes..”

    Guardian, London, 26 July 1983
    ”Pillars of smoke and flame rose over the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo yesterday as mobs attacked the minority Tamil community and looted their homes and stores…Some of the worst rioting erupted in the morning only 200 yards away from President Jayawardene’s house… All over the city by mid-morning lorries jammed with young men shouting anti Tamil slogans, were moving into Tamil areas and into shopping centres picking out Tamil shops… Petrol was siphoned from cars into buckets and plastic bowls to speed the work of arson.. By noon Colombo resembled a city after a bombing raid. Smoke obscured the sun, main roads were blocked by burnt out vehicles.. The rioting surged into the heart of the city. In area after area Sinhalese rioters systematically picked out Tamil homes and shops, whether occupied or empty, and looted and destroyed them…”

  • Heshan

    That’s nice, Manushi. I still don’t understand what your point is. Just because you read some books, does that somehow make Manifest Destiny an integral part of American foreign policy?

    P.S: Manifest Destiny is taught as part of American history to high schoolers in the States, so don’t consider yourself too lucky. : )

  • Vino Gamage

    Sri Lanka: New Amnesty report reveals inability of Sri Lankan government to deliver justice, 11 June 2009:

    ‘Twenty Years of Make-Believe: Sri Lanka’s Commissions of Inquiry’, documents the failure of successive Sri Lankan governments to provide accountability for serious human rights violations, including enforced disappearances, killings, and torture.

    16 June 2009:
    An independent international commission must be set up to investigate human rights violations in Sri Lanka over the last 20 years, as successive governments have failed to account for abuses such as torture, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings during its civil war, Amnesty International said.

  • punitham

    Ponnuthurai Yogarajah lost two sons in 2006. His youngest son, Hemachandran, was one
    of five students shot and killed by Sri Lankan security forces on a beach in Trincomalee on
    2 January 2006. His elder son, Kodeeswaran, was killed in August of the same year, one of 17
    aid workers massacred in the town of Muttur. In March 2008 Ponnuthurai Yogarajah testified
    before a Presidential Commission of Inquiry mandated to investigate these and other “serious
    violations of human rights”. Using video conferencing, he gave his testimony from an undisclosed
    location outside Sri Lanka.1 Ponnuthurai Yogarajah described the frightening search for his son
    the night he was killed, and of finding his body hours later. He spoke of official misconduct,
    threats from the police, and the pain of losing a child. His testimony, like that of other members
    of victims’ families, expressed doubt about the possibility of securing justice in Sri Lanka.
    Ponnuthurai Yogarajah’s elder son, Kodeeswaran, received threatening phone calls at work
    after the death of his younger brother. “My son was working for Action Against Hunger [ACF,
    Action contre la Faim, a humanitarian organization], and the STF [Special Task Force, an elite
    police unit] gave him many calls and he feared for his life and told me not to reveal anything in
    the courts, saying that they would shoot us.” Six months later, Kodeeswaran was dead.
    Ponnuthurai Yogarajah was forced into exile after the death of two of his children.
    In the country of my birth I couldn’t give an independent statement because I was intimidated.
    My children were afraid that I would be killed and, therefore, I couldn’t give a statement freely.
    I wanted to make the same statement that I made here, but my children did not permit me to,
    as they were afraid for my life.
    Ponnuthurai Yogarajah, March 2008
    Two months later, in May 2008, the Sri Lankan government ordered an end to the use of video
    conferencing in the Commission’s hearings.

  • Aylanee

    I think it’s BRILLIANT we have this space to come together
    let’s use it to bring our people together
    Inch by inch, one person at a time
    It may take one year or it may take another thirty
    But at leaset we can say we tried
    To bring our folks together by peace
    And not by shooting a guy in the head.

  • davidson panabokke

    It’s aerial bombing and barbed wire in the East and the North that keep the IDPs together in crowded camps. Let’s see if that will bring any peace in the Northeast.

    Certainly it has brought peace to the South.

  • davidson panabokke

    The Army and the Navy continue to shoot the Tamils – as they’ve done over the last five decades..

    But there is nobody to shoot the Sinhalese.

    So that’s PEACE.

  • Manushi

    Heshan says: “Manifest Destiny is taught as part of American history to high schoolers in the States, so don’t consider yourself too lucky”.

    Fine. However, a little earlier he said: “Manushi was clearly saying “Manifest Destiny” is an American ideology… this could not be further from the truth. Most Americans don’t even know what that is”.

    This Heshan contradicts himself the moment he opens his month. Make up your mind – are you a fruit cake or just plain nuts?

  • Heshan

    There is no contradiction. “Manifest Destiny” is glossed over in a single chapter on the expansion of settlements to the West. Few people are going to remember a single chapter that was taught to them for barely a week in their lives. Just like few people are going to remember synthetic division or the Binomial Theorem even though it was taught in the algebra class. Unless of course, it becomes part of their national ideology/consciousness. Manifest Destiny definitely does not fit the bill, as far as the American mindset goes… most Americans have little interest in colonizing the rest of the world. The sole exception is Israel, which serves as a sort of proving ground for a few Evangelicals.

  • Manushi

    You might as well tell the Mexicans and Indians that their predecessors – slaughtered on the Texas-Mexican border – will never amount to more than a “single chapter that only a few are going to remember”.

    Perhaps Mexicans and Indians do not fit into your undertanding of America; thus, I am not surprised by your penchant for terrorists.

    Case closed.

  • Heshan

    Mexico lost Texas and California as a result of the Mexican-American War. Louisiana was purchased by Jefferson. Manifest Destiny had nothing to do with it. The Indians were indeed a barrier to settler expansion. But while Manifest Destiny referred to expansion, it did not specify any particular method of doing so. So one cannot say the Indians were subdued just because of Manifest Destiny. A lot of it has to do with simple population figures…. the white settlements would have expanded no matter what, eventually outnumbering the indigenous population.

  • SomewhatDisgusted


    Arguing with Heshan is like wrestling with a pig. After a while, you realize that you’re getting dirty and the pig is enjoying it. He’ll make a pretty literal interpretation whenever it suits him so that your entire point is derailed by quibbling on irrelevant details. I’m willing to bet he’ll accuse me of calling him a pig 😉

    Regardless, he’s also an exemplar of the kind of thinking that provides the ideological manure for the Eelamists. The more extreme the interpretations, the lesser the chances of reconciliation right? And that’s the entire driving force behind Eelam isn’t it? Cementing of ethnic divisions. Any attempt to engage in dialogue would be most detrimental to the notion of “Eelam”, after all, it would collapse the parochial world-view that he has constructed around him for so long and realizing that human beings have more in common than not would be a most unpleasant blow to his prejudices.

    At least, he seems to have latched on to the right way of setting about it. A lie, when repeated often enough, becomes the truth. Soldier away Heshan! Most Sinhala Buddhists are murdering bastards! Long live Eelam, the only solution! Tamils and Sinhalese cannot live together! The LTTE are our freedom-fighters! The Sinhala nation should not be allowed to conquer the Tamil Nation. What’s this rubbish about building plural societies? It’s not possible because Sinhala Buddhists are the problem! Our dear old LTTE fought so hard to “reason” with them! and on and on and on…

  • Heshan

    If Manushi is so concerned about slaughter of Indians, she should not live in Canada, which also happened to be occupied by millions of Indians at one point, before Europeans came. She should go to an IDP camp and enjoy the benefits provided by Western charity and the Sri Lankan Government. Then again, how ironic that after 2500 years of so-called civilization, Sri Lanka cannot even manage a simple camp on its own. If we go by self-sufficiency, Sri Lanka is in the Neanderthal Age.

  • Heshan

    Quote of The Day:

    “Civilization has moved on, but it seems to have left Sri Lanka behind. “

  • Manushi


    Right on ! You hit it right on the nail.

  • Heshan

    Pop Quiz:

    Choose True or False. Each question worth 25 points

    A.) Buddhist monks are allowed to visit IDP camps

    B.) Opposition MP’s are not allowed to visit IDP camps

    C.) Manifest Destiny is an important factor in Sri Lankan Politics

    D.) Mahinda Rajapakse is about to become President for another 6 years because the elections will be canceled

    Extra Credit: (True or False) All of Sri Lanka’s problems can be blamed on the evil, imperialist Christian West.

  • Halitosis

    There were race riots in the US in the 1920s and 30s that were state sponsored or when the local law enforcement authorities ignored the attacks.

    1983 was the worst crime against humanity in Sri Lanka

    CBK apologized unequivocally for that crime. and tigers tried to kill her.

    Today the fishing ban was lifted.

    Come to the suburbs of colombo and READ the election data to see how Sinhala Catholics voted for Mahinda in 2005 as well as the recent WP elections. Come back Heshan and spend your Tiger money on helping the poor. Or next time when you vacation in “Ceylon” dont vacation with the horrible hated Sinhalese amongst whom 53% of Tamils live. Your Eelam is a pipe dream will NEVER happen.. Tamils live even in the Deep south and should have the right to live there. There are tamils in Kataragama, Devundara Tuduwa, and Matara and Kandy etc. And you forget Premedasa was not Sinhala Govigama Buddhist.. He was what they call Dhobi caste and he was the best President we had. And your Tigers killed him.

    No Sinhalese and Moslems live in Jaffna anymore. Why?

    And Tigers got what they deserved. You forget the President’s wife is a Catholic.
    Please come back to SL and go help the suffering masses instead of indulging in your factually faulty display of American History because you live there. Go check on the massacre of Black people in Florida and Oklahoma and other places which happened with State connivance. Then go read the book “Without Sanctuary” by William Cohen and his black wife. William Cohen was a Republican who served as Def Secy under Clinton. Peace and above all inner peace.

  • Heshan

    There were race riots in Kandy in 1915. What’s your point?

    There were Jews who lived in ghettos in Nazi Germany. What’s your point?

    Black people were never “massacred” with State connivance. What’s your point?

    Now take the pop quiz; you might learn a thing or two.

  • Halitosis

    Black people were not massacred? Go read up the history of some of the violent riots similar to 1983. Example Florida
    THE POINT? is stop trying to equate situations. The concentration camps were a point from where 6 million Jews were gassed to death. The Japanese were interned without any cause.. These people were forced to live on the beaches in the final weeks as an insurance policy against the armed forces. The inferior Tiger army did not ever think the so called “sinhalam army” will not give them an asswhupping; so like cowards along with their Mahaveer families the Tigers forced these people hoping to create an international crisis to get themselves bailed out. VP got what was coming to him.. It is still a “i cannot believe it is true” for the Tiger Tamil Diaspora that a so called “inferior Sinhalam” army gave their mythical SunGod an asswhupping.. Ipso facto.

    (BTW Chief of the Airforce is a Catholic.). Yes SL is a Sinhala Buddhist majority nation, but don’t forget the lopsided inequitous employment patterns before independence and after independence for the longest time where Minorities who are loyal to the British were rewarded and occupied most positions in the civil service.. Wherever the Brits when they found Tamils to be loyal serfs to them and so did the Christians. The Navy for example was full of Burghers and CAtholics and Tamils for the longest time. And the Army was led by a Tamil first in post independence Sri LAnka. The first Governor General was a Christian (Sir Oliver) and Sir John was also most likely a christian..The first generation of leaders were all closet Christians. The Bandaranaikes were the same..hypocrites.

    NOW to get back to the point, it is absurd to compare the Concentration camps to these camps. Yes situation is not good in these camps. but how is the government going to process all the terrorist infilitrators? And how is the government going to let people go when there are millions of Tiger mines in the the war zone? FACTS are that most Tamils live with Sinhalese should continue to live so with Sinhalese hopefully one day without fear. For the same reason Muslims and Sinhalese should have the same damned right to live in Jaffna..

    Here is something someone sent. that I cut and pasted..

    How many Tamils are employed in southern Sri Lankan companies? (See the number of high caliber Tamils in Sri Lankan banking sector, see hotel trade, see film trade, see other industries)

    Do they experience any hardship professionally due to ethnicity? If so, how come they hold such high positions?

    See how many Tamil kids are getting educated in International schools? They have outnumbered other ethnicities.

    Royal college has Tamil medium, DS has Tamil medium. So many Sinhala major government schools have Tamil medium and they share equal opportunities. How many Tamil major schools have Sinhala medium?

    Private schools like St. Thomas ‘, Trinity etc have quite a large number of Tamil students.

    Travel Wellawatte, Dematagoda, Dehiwala, Kotahena etc and see the number of Tamils sharing the comforts.

    Go to Pettah market and Fort. Walk along the streets and see how many Tamils are doing business there.

    Start from Kotahena and travel passing Dehiwala. Sinhala shops are outnumbered by Tamil traders. I don’t see any hardship put on them.
    Get into a bus and listen how many speak in Tamil.

    Try to find a single Sinhala board in Wellawatte. All are Tamil and English.
    Go to a government campus. Let’s say Colombo campus. See the number of Tamil students. See the number of Tamil lecturers. They share equal opportunities. I never saw them being humiliated except they themselves had divisions saying Batticaloa Tamil, Jaffna Tamil and Upcountry Tamil. They have a separate Tamil Union, their cultural events, their religious events.
    How many kovils are there in Colombo ?
    See the number of Sinhalese visiting kovils and Tamil shops. Doesn’t it display the harmony?
    How many Tamil representatives are in the parliament?
    See the number of Tamil youth musicians in Colombo .
    Please consider these statistics. If somebody can come up with numbers and percentages, it would reveal the truth. This is what we should call rational. Our generation should not waste time on arguing what’s unknown to us and what’s not experienced by us. Live today, not yesterday.
    Jaffna and Trincomalee have ports, heavy industries, bus stations, railway stations, radio and TV broadcasting stations, universities and so many other facilities.
    Now Sinhalese
    How many Sinhalese are in Northern and Eastern part of Sri Lanka ? (North none, East, 25%)
    How many Sinhala medium schools are there in Northern Sri Lanka ? (None)
    How many Sinhala employees are in Northern Sri Lankan offices and industries? (None)
    How many temples are there in Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka ? (One, at Nagadeepa)
    Can a Sinhalese travel unharmed in Northern Sri Lanka ? (only now, after the defeat of the LTTE)
    How many Sinhalese are in Northern and Eastern universities? (None)
    Now, answer me. Where is ethnic cleansing? Now, for the US Congress and the British Parliament:
    It is up to you to analyze and understand the real facts ,rather than just believing propaganda like ” GENOCIDE ” that is just “invented propaganda” to mislead your tiny minds .
    Americans didn’t know they were under attack by Osama Bin Laden, until it happened! The British forces started shooting innocent people, mistaking them for terrorists (they couldn’t inotice the difference!). ( try convincing the loving mother of Charles Menezes!) So, as a matter of fact, how on earth could they understand what’s happening thousands of miles away, in Sri Lanka?!
    First of all ,stop what you originally started ,by “clearing off ” from Iraq and Afghanistan! Even with all the power and money you posses, you have proved beyond doubt ,that you are still unable to solve your own problems! Sri Lanka can do without dumb, swollen headed Yankees and heartless brutal killers of Britain ,who had slain millions of innocent Sri Lankans of former ” Imperial Ceylon” they pillaged and plundered!
    If you cannot understand basic facts and wish to display a total lack common sense, we suggest you MIND YOUR OWN BLOODY BUSINESS.
    You are still working on the “theories” of Terrorism, whilst hundreds of innocent folk are being killed by ruthless,fanatical son’s of bitches.
    Here we are in relatively poor country, with no oil and other commodities, that all of you worship, but went on to prove that
    p.s.None of you have the “balls” to admit that we in Sri Lanka, destroyed “Terrorism”!

  • Heshan

    So the killing of six blacks and two whites (Rosewood) is a “massacre”? Okay, whatever. You will have to try harder. By the way, you claimed earlier that such “massacres” were state-sponsored. The Wikipedia source you gave gives no such information.

    No one denies the Japanese were interned without any cause… not even the US Government. I already stated elsewhere that the US Government apologized for this. In any case, the Japanese in the camps were well-treated. That is a historical fact which is indisputable. I don’t know why you keep bringing up these totally irrelevant outdated historical events… you do understand that the WORLD has changed since 1939… you do understand that international norms are different now? If you don’t, I strongly urge you to put down your copy of “Daily News” and borrow a history book from the library.

    Inferior Tiger Army? I would say that an army of 5000-10000 that was able to keep another Army of 100,000+ at bay for 30 years did pretty well, regardless of the outcome.

    Why does it matter if minorities were loyal to the British? If loyalty meant learning English, competing for coveted civil service jobs, and advancing up the socio-economic ladder, I see no harm in that… after all, what does loyalty mean today – getting a job for nothing, based on just connections to some dimwit politician who is probably himself unqualified. The British created an educated Tamil and English-speaking class. Unfortunately, the Sinhala-Buddhist Government was so dumb that most of this educated class packed up their bags and went to the West after 83′. Now we can see the result – failure rates of public schools approaching 40-50%; most of the provinces outside Colombo & Kandy mired in poverty and disrepair, Buddhist monks and Communists in Parliament, etc. Let’s face it, even though the West left Sri Lanka, any Sri Lankan with money will go to the West, or, at the very least, have their children there. This is the same system you blame the Tamils for embracing during colonial times.

    “Yes situation is not good in these camps. but how is the government going to process all the terrorist infilitrators?”

    If the war is TRULY over, the Government should grant an amnesty to all POWs. This is what occurs in civilized nations… there is no need for so-called “processing” when nearly the entire LTTE leadership has been wiped out… did the Government hunt down ex-JVP after the JVP uprising? Obviously, putting such a large number of Tamils into barbed-wire detention camps is a form of collective punishment, one based on racism and xenophobia. The other excuse you came up – landmines – is also idiotic. These civilians were living in so-called “mined areas” for decades. What about Jaffna, which the LTTE lost in 1996 after a final battle? Was it not also mined… so why was the entire Jaffna population not put into internment camps?

    Wow, you found one Christian in the Sri Lankan Army. Out of 200,000 soldiers, you found 1 Christian… what an extraordinary feat, except that it’s utterly meaningless. Same for Rajapakse’s wife being Catholic. Let’s see a Catholic become Government of the Northeast. Let’s see a Catholic become mayor. Let’s see a Catholic become PRESIDENT. Then and only then will you have a remote point worth speaking about.

    All the statistics you gave about Tamils living in the South are totally irrelevant. The point is, Tamils accept they are a minority in the South. On the other hand, they feel a different connection to the North and East. That’s why federalism makes sense.

  • Heshan

    *Let’s see a Catholic become Governor of the Northeast.

  • Heshan

    *The British created an educated Tamil and Sinhalese English-speaking class.

  • Halitosis

    Yes but most people were left illiterate because the British did not teach everyone English.. The Brits created a loyal upper and middle class while rural Tamils and rural Sinhalese were left out completely. Please go read facts of history or even better come back to Sri Lanka a country you hate so much and see facts on the ground. The rural people were left out..

    and Please read “Without Sanctuary” on the US treatment of blacks. You are in denial and clueless about the history of state and local(not federal) sponsored violence.. Lets take two examples from your country. It was ONLY in 2005 or 2006 that the US Senate issued an apology for state sponsored lynchings. You can keep defending your US but facts are facts.. The last lynching in the US occured in the 1960s and the insidious laws banning interracial marriage was tossed out by the SC only in 1967.(please go read history). Now to get back to how lynchings happened, did you know that there were postcards printed showing the lynchings that were then mailed all across the US? Sheriffs, Local officials, all allowed picnic type gatherings when whites gathered around to lynch blacks. Often the blacks would have their testicles and penises chopped off because of the stereotypical scare mongering. This is documented and is fact.. Did you know that the official vote in the Senate was based on a voice vote and they did not take a roll call? You know why? Because it was before the 2006 elections and the Southern White Senators did not want to be on record voting for a symbolic piece of legislation.. wow that is your country. Then two weeks ago the Senate finally FINALLY decided to apologise for Jim Crow laws and Slavery and once again it was take as a lame pathetic voice vote of Ayes and Nays with only 38 odd senators present. Once again ask why no official record of the vote was not taken? The goddamned southern white Senators did not want to go on record even though it was a conservative good christian soul who sponsored this bill: Senator Brownback of Kansas who is one of those intelligent design creationists but still when it comes to racial justice and equality he has a better record that most.

    Facts and data always stymie Tigers. By your arguments NEVER wil lthe US elect a Moslem, an atheist, or a Hindu or Buddhist as President either. SO get over the bovine excrement trying to demonize the SInhalese because the bottom line is the Tamil Tigers with their superiority complex got their butts kicked in war; a war they thought they could never lose; a war which THEY stupidly started; A war they STUPIDLY and secretly got ready for using the ceasefire.

    in Our SL nothing like that happened except the horrible violence of 1983 and the more complicated 1956 riots when the Tamils started and provoked in the North. But 1983 was without a doubt a crime against humanity. Chandrika K apologised for it but I feel there should a truth commission and people should be punished or made to atone; but of course the greedy Tigers almost killed her even after she told the megalomaniac(hoory for his death) that he can govern the NE for 10 years. Bottom line is Tamils in SL do not have any godgiven right be separate when doctors, engineers, and a lot of them way higher than their proportion in the population benefit from free education in SRi Lanka and thrive in the south. Yes the feelings of fear will take time to eradicate but if they speak out against Tigers it will go a long way.

    When the US elects a Moslem or a Hindu or a Buddhist as President pigs will fly. God bless the US of A.. Obama could not have won if he did not emphasise his Christianness..

    As for citing people in the military until the 1960s the Navy and Airforce all were dominated by the Christians. The current AF commander’s father was an honorable honest officer(Harry) who commanded the AF under Mrs Bandaranayaka and the one before him Paddy Mendis was also a Christian. The commander of the army before Attygalle was a Christian. A lot of top officials were. Even after 1983, IGP Rudra Rajasingham was tamil and christian..A lot of SC judges were Tamil for a long time and good civil servants. Clancy Fernando blown up by your Tigers was a Catholic. General Heyn commanded the army for a short time. Anton Mutucumaru was tamil and christian. General Denis Perera an honorable Peterite Catholic. General SriLal Weerasooriya was a born-again christian whacko who introduced bibles to the trenches.. and the list of top officers even during the time of the wars is long…Go read facts..

    On the JVP, yes the army hunted the Sinhala Buddhist JVPers and killed them even after WIjeweera was killed. The number of sinhalese killed there was far more than the number killed in the last 3 months of the war and not one person gave a damn because you people in the English speaking Colombo Elite benefited from that movement being crushed by any means necessary.

    In 1971 surrendered JVP cadre were kept in camps for a long time. I should know because one my close relatives was a camp commander in Badulla for one of these rehabilitation camps. Instead of spreading your irrational hate come walk into LP or MC or even Crescat. See the big rich Tamils partying with their Sinhala equally rich friends at the clubs with their thug bodyguards. See the Tamils driving jaguars and mercedes and putting deals through with corrupt government officials using their old boy network(including power and weapons deals).. See the businesses owned by Tamils in Colombo.
    the biggest dockyard owner is a tamil supplying boats and ships to the Navy as well.

    One country many people and the same right tamils have to live and work and benefit from free education in the South must be given to Sinhalese and Moslems to live where they please even in Jaffna. WE are getting there.. Six months from now things will become better..

    For now go read “without sanctuary”. Will you like me to send the ISBN number on this forum?

  • Halitosis

    In the US “GOD” as in a Christian god has prominence. God Bless America; In God we Trust and one nation under god is stress from school days when kids recite the pledge of allegiance(originally written without such god crap by a socialist priest Francis Bellamy).. SO imagine if we in SL were to copy the US and say in “Buddha we trust” on our rapidly declining LKR..

    You know what is stupid? VP thinking the IC will bail him out when he hid like a sissy behind innocent people. THAT WAS STUPID;; He should have surrendered long before that when Kilinochchi fell. The writing was on the wall. That was stupid.

  • Halitosis

    I was in little Rome(Negombo) and the Catholic Sinhalese and fishermen were jubilant when the army defeated the Tigers. The recent WP elections will show those in denial the overwhelming majority of the Catholic vote MR won.. So get over the Buddhist bashing. Things will become a lot better by next year in the North. But corruption and goonism so to speak will remain the same in the election system be it MR or RW in power.

  • Halitosis

    The US held 100,000 fighting aged Iraqi men for 6 years and only let them go this year. That is fact. So much for “amnesty” by the biggest christian nation in the world. Don’t post rubbish about “amnesty” to POWs when these people did not fight like an army.. The surrendees are now in rehab camps like the JVPers in 1971.

  • Halitosis

    Police Chiefs of Ceylon and Sri Lanka Police

  • Heshan

    That’s too bad if the rural sections were not able to fully integrate. The British laid for the foundations for Capitalism in *Ceylon.* Obviously it was not a perfect system; nevertheless it was a system that worked. What the post-Independence Sinhala-Buddhist Governments failed to do was improve upon this system. The first mistake was to reject the Tamil demand for federalism. After this came disenfranchisement, Sinhala-Only, colonization, and standardization. The reason one cannot blame the British for this is because other former British colonies, unlike Sri Lanka, are fairly successful. India has more than 5000 different “ethnicities”; despite this, it was able to avert a civil war after Independence. India is now on the way towards becoming a superpower. What about Singapore? The British imported Tamils to serve as judges and occupy other important posts in the civil service. Do you see the native Malays crying discrimination? How has Singapore become such a stunning success despite the majority community NOT in charge of the Government? Singapore and India had it much harder than Ceylon after Independence; this just goes to show that the blame for all of Sri Lanka’s problems can be ascribed squarely to Sinhala-Buddhist nationalism.

    Okay, if you think the USA is racist, that’s your choice. Then again, you’re probably not aware that Barrack Obama, the current BLACK President of the USA, has the MUSLIM middle name of Hussain. The whole world except Sri Lankan racists like you can understand the significance of Obama becoming President. It shows that the US has OVERCOME its racist past. The point is not to DENY the racist past, but to move past it… Sri Lankan racists like you, on the other hand, are still stuck in the denial stage. Of course Sri Lanka can’t move on because racists like you refuse to even acknowledge the racist history. I would also mention that according to Census data, whites will be a minority between 2055 and 2060. They are already a minority in California. So no matter how many times you bring up events in 1860 or 1930 or 1960… the fact is, no one here CARES… this country has moved way past that.

    You may gloat as much as you want over the hollow military victory; nevertheless, it will always remain hollow. It will not bring back the educated expatriates (Sinhalese and Tamils both) to Sri Lanka. It won’t bring back civil liberties, respect for the rule of law, or respect for basic human rights and dignity. Not just Tamils but Sinhalese are beginning to realize this.

    That’s great. You found a handful of Christians in the Sri Lankan Army. It still remains a fact that the Sri Lankan Army is 99.9% Sinhala-Buddhist. Whether Negombo Catholics or the Pope himself celebrate the military victory won’t change that basic fact.

    Yes, “in God we Trust” is the national motto. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean America is fundamentalist Christian. The word “Christian” is not even written in the Constitution. That shows you the value that the writers of the Constitution placed on secularism. You will not find “white-robed” gentlemen in the US Senate making a mockery of democracy. Christian priests cannot block legislation by staging mass demonstrations. Politicians don’t pose with Christian priests to get cheap publicity in newspapers.

    LOL, 100,000 detainees? Nice try. The total number of detainees brought to Guantanamo is 775. 420 have already been released without charge. As of January 2009, approximately 245 detainees remain. Go do some work on your anti-Western propaganda; it has more holes than the Hindenburg hot air balloon.

  • Halitosis

    First correction:
    McCain received votes from about 55.6% of White voters. meaning the majority of whites voted for the lesser man. But Barack Obama still won easily, winning huge majorities among minority voters. He attracted 95 percent of black votes and about 67 percent of Hispanic votes.

    And if you want more data, please note even in the state where Prez Obama got white votes he only received approx 45% of the White vote, and that too thanks to the younger generation and changing demographics in states like Va where immigrants thrive in the Corridor close to DC.. Chances are a swing state like VA will not go to Democrats again. Also note, Obama ran as a middle candidate not a liberal lefty and ran the most brilliant campaign ever in a climate of uncertainty and economic despair in the key states such as Ohio and Pa. Oh was the key and so was Fl this time. .

    You are totally clueless about your country. First the 100,000 are young men held without trial or access to any legal help INSIDE IRAQ, NOT IN Gitmo; you missed the fact. . Go study facts.. and read “Without Sanctuary” ..
    Don’t talk baloney about Tamil Eelam because it aint’t gonna happen….

    Also by the way, It was under Eisenhower that “under god” became part of the pledge. Again go read facts.. Should Sri Lanka say “in Buddha we trust”?

    Your ignorance is typical of the American born low educated people these days.. This is not anti-western propaganda but to remind you of the issues that are unique to each nation. I suggest you go read up on the two voice votes..

    And then recall the election campaign how that religious whacko flat earth creationist Sarah Palin kept using OBama’s middle name. Luckily the election was to follow the disastrous September and the economic issues overrode race… But the GOP is becoming more and more the party of the angry white man and the rightwing talk show hosts.. There will be a lot more racist attacks and right wing militia attacks now..

    Now here are the FACTS and it is sadly your Sinhala hating, Buddhist Hating western Tamil racist crap that keeps polluting LAnkans from working together.. YOur claim about Obama being post-racial is only partially correct. But your balloon is like a Ceylon Metereology department weather balloon gone awry..,4675,MLIraqDetainees,00.html

    The combatants in SL are similar to this.. Where is your data? And remember the 2000 rounded up immediately after 9/11 around NYC?

    Go read up history of your own country. I bet you have never stepped into Sri LAnka..

    Everyone knows that final peace will come in the form of political devolution and the 13th amendment. IF you failed to notice(I am sure you did because you gete your news from Tnet perhaps?) :-)…that the East is pretty stable and the government is pouring in a lot of money.. And in case you failed to notice, former terrorists who murdered unarmed cops form part of the cabinet.

    Tigers did NOT NEVER represent all tamils. Period Ipso facto. Now care to correct your arrogant statements about the number of Iraqis held by the US for 6 years? REad the links.. Some of us people are not that stupid comrade. Peace will come to SL from within SL from all communities..

    What is STUPID Was Tiger arrogance and intransigence.. That led to their demise. Bring your Yanqui Dollars and help rebuild SL..

    About 45% of the US think it is a Christian nation still and the founding fathers used Christian values.. Go read polls perhaps go out of the big cities to the mid-west or the deep south.. I too have lived there.

  • Halitosis

    So every Sinhalese is a racist if he or she objects to Tiger fascism? Amazing.. Again read history and data because the past is prologue. And Judging by American values , then the GOSL in 50 years can apologize for the heinous crimes against innocent Tamils in 1983; and it can take 200 years to apologize for other crimes. NO NOT AT ALL CBK apologized and your people almost killed her why?
    Why did you kill Premedasa who even supplied weapons? Why did you kill Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvan and Laxman Kadigamar?
    Tigers were originally justified in taking up arms and with India geo-political games it became a menace even their creator could not control. but no doubt people viewed them as their protectors. Then they over-exceeded their own rights and became the monster that was finally beaten..

    Do you believe that Tamils have a right to live where they please in Sri LAnka and benefit from free education? YES OR NO? and do you then extend the same right to other communities.

    Sadly, the education system aggravated the divisions.. Yes my father’s generation did not see a difference between Tamil or Sinhala; Buddhist or Catholic or Hindu.. they spoke English; but at the same time it did not lead to the emancipation of the masses who kept going separate ways..

  • Halitosis

    Dr, Dobson and the Christian right including Gary Bauer influence policy. FAmily Research Council and FoxNews will aggressively try to use Choice or anti-abortion issues in 2010 and the gay issue as well in State elections. At national level they will soon force the choice issue to the front. So do not tell me Christian priests and Evangelical whackos don’t influence policy. They do.. Ban on gay marriages in a many states are a result of the whacko evangelicals. Where do you stand on that?

  • Heshan

    The point is Obama WON… a BLACK man became leader of the most powerful nation in the world. The % of Black vs. Hispanics vs. Whites vs Asians who voted for him is IRRELEVANT… what matters in a democracy is the CONSENSUS of the MAJORITY OF THE POPULACE, not the unanimous approval of the MAJORITY RACE like in Sri Lanka. Now if we compare this to the situation in Sri Lanka, two things are readily apparent:

    1. A Tamil or Christian/Muslim cannot even hope to RUN for President

    2. Given (1), a Tami or Christian/Muslim has ZERO chance of becoming President

    Just going by (1) we see that America is leagues ahead of Sri Lanka when it comes to Parliamentary democracy.

    Why should I read “Without Sanctuary”… obviously it did not do you any good. Somehow you think that 6 people dying in the Rosewood “Massacre” equates to a worldwide catastrophe.

    100,000 young men being held in Iraqi prisons? You forgot the following:

    1. They were all young men, not grandmothers, infants and pregnant women like in Sri Lanka

    2. Not only the US arrested them, but so did the Iraqi security forces. So what is the number that were arrested by the US and arrested by the Iraqi’s?

    3. Everyone knows where the 100,000 are being held. They did not simply disappear into thin air

    4. The article does not mention how the detainees were treated. But it says Amnesty International is worried they will be tortured by IRAQI’S, not Americans, when control of the prison is handed back to the Iraqi’s

    5. It is normal to take 100,000 or more FOREIGN POWS during combat. On the other hand, it is NOT normal to take hostage 300,000 old grandmothers/grandathers, 1 year old babies, and 10 year old girls.

    6. All of the detainees were taken prisoner legally: like the article says, ——– International law allows the capture and detention of people who are considered an “imperative” national security threat during times of war or conflict. ——–

    7. These detainees were taken DURING the war, not AFTER. Who takes prisoners after the war????

    Sorry but I have to yet see these more “racist” attacks you speak of. In fact what I see at the university where I am employed are improved race relations.

    Since you’re an *atheist* Buddhist, the “under God” statement probably doesn’t make sense to you. All monotheist and polytheist religions religions believe in a Supreme God. This God is the same whether he goes by the name of Allah, Brahma, or Yehovah. Religious disputes (unless atheists are involved) never have to do with belief in God; on the contrary, each side will usually invoke the name of a Prophet and the failure of the opposing party to accept the teachings of that Prophet. The Prophet is the “messenger” of the Supreme God. So it is easy that this “one nation under God” statement is harmless since it doesn’t specify the name of a specific prophet but gives reference to only the Supreme God, whom 100.0% of all followers of non-atheist religions believe in. The only people in the USA who have taken issue with the “under god” statement are some atheists, upset that it is part of the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Political solution/devolution? Anyone with two 2 brain cells can see that if in 60 years, a political package could not be found to address the needs of the minorities, then another 600 years or even 6000 years probably won’t make a difference.

    I never supported the Tigers. On the other hand, I can see why many Tamils would do so… to say that the sheer stupidity and incompetence of the Sri Lankan Government is mind-boggling is an understatement. The difference is that Sinhalese do not have to suffer the wrath of that worthless organization via military occupation/subjugation. On the other hand, the experience of the majority of Tamils is that violent suppression via the gun is the preferred modus operandi of GOSL. In this scenario, the emergence of the LTTE was virtually inevitable. GOSL should first of all take full responsibility for creating the LTTE. It should then go about changing the conditions which gave the LTTE reason to flourish.

    In any case, I support a federal solution. My solution is to empower local communities by letting them take charge of their own affairs. Turning the North and East into a security zone is not the solution. The presence of armed soldiers does not empower anyone; it only creates hostility and lays the groundwork for future conflicts.

    What is the benefit of free education in Sri Lanka? How many Ministers will send their sons to a Government school for primary and secondary education? All of these Ministers, despite their anti-Western spiel, will send the sons off to Western universities – they will not even bother with the Sri Lankan universities, which are actually quite good.

  • Halitosis
  • Halitosis

    That explains the “collateral damage” amounting to tens of thousands of Iraqi innocens in Iraq.. All in the name of “God” to prove my god is bigger than their god. Which god will win if they arm wrestle? I am sure the twisted logic of those Eelam Americans will explain this away too. Gee wonder why President Obama stopped the release of the torture photos ??? Hmm… Buddhists are Agnostic and not Aetheists. know the difference but real Buddhists or Real Christians or Real Moslems are few and far apart. Most Lankans are confused and are totally ritualistic buddhists.

  • Heshan

    The real question is, how many Iraqi’s were killed by Arab insurgents and how many were killed by American soldiers themselves? The Americans have never actually colonized another country; though they have occupied them (temporarily). The occupations have been largely successful – Japan, West Germany, Phillipines, South Korea. The puppet Governments it backed in South Vietnam and Iran failed – but what is the condition of South Vietnam and Iran today? The Iranians chose some outdated Islamic poppycock over Western-Style democracy; today they cannot even hold a free and fair election.

    Iran is a failure because of Iranians.

    Vietnam is a failure because of Vietnamese.

    Iraq is a failure because of Iraqis.

    It’s as simple as that. Of course the failure is by relative standards. All I can say is that these nations would be far more prosperous if they accepted Western-style democracy, which the USA was willing to help implement, free of charge. Look at Israel, the only real democracy in the Mid-East & good friend of the USA.

  • Halitosis

    There are 2 million refugees 6 years after “mission accomplished” languishing in Syria and Jordan.
    There are a million IDPs inside Iraq.
    oh yes democracy is coming to the Tiger fascist areas.

  • Heshan

    Iraqi’s have total freedom of movement, displaced or not.

    Yes, democracy is coming to Tiger areas… barbed-wire democracy! In what kind of election do people vote from behind barbed wire – what an original idea that only Mahinda Chinthanaya could come up. Next up – soldiers will escort all the children back and forth to school.

  • Observer

    “Iran is a failure because of Iranians.

    Vietnam is a failure because of Vietnamese.

    Iraq is a failure because of Iraqis. ”

    Only a bigot would say such things! Americans are the best rest are idiots.. what a load of horse crap. Through the sands of time, they will fade into the abyss of past like many other empires did and new world orders would rise up. We will be mere dust by then, satisfactorily blowing in the wind knowing we laid a foundation for the generations to follow having fought for freedom and peace!

    I don’t even belong to those racial groups and I find those statements utterly offensive. SomeWhatDisgusted is exactly right about Heshan. In fact I understood that after few discussions and decided to put my time to better use. In Internet terms a troll with too much spare time.

    I don’t hate Tamil people unlike heshan hates the Sinhala Buddhists. If I did I’d celebrate people like heshan and hope for more. They are the reason we “won” the “battle”. In any battle you only have to fear the logically reasoning, moderate and sensible.

    You can lie all you want but you won’t fool the sharp. And repetition doesn’t render false into the truth. People blinded by racial hatred becomes easy puppets for manipulation.

  • Heshan

    By relative standards, Iran, Iraq, and Vietnam are failures. Just ask Japan, which America helped to rebuild after WWII.

    At the university, I see many, many Japanese exchange students. I hardly see a Vietnamese, Iranian, or Iraqi student. What is even more interesting is that the majority of these Japanese students study business, unlike the majority of Indians or Chinese who clamor for engineering and medicine, to the extent of even outperforming the native population.

    Is technology in Japan so good that Japanese exchange students choose business as their primary field of study? How many other Asian nations will send their best and brightest overseas just to study business? Perhaps one of these days I just might run into a Iraqi business studies major…

    Now we get to the point… why is Japan so successful, despite Americans dropping nuclear bombs on them and occupying the place? I will leave it “Observer” and Co. to provide the answers. Although it might be tough going – none of that anti-Western dribble says much about “constitution” or “education.”

  • Heshan

    *How many other Asian or Middle-Eastern nations will send their best and brightest overseas just to study business?

  • Halitosis

    “I’ll just tell you that there are people at Gitmo that will kill American people at a drop of a hat and I don’t believe that persuasion isn’t going to work. Therapy isn’t going to cause terrorists to change their mind.” -George W Bush.

    Same applies for Tiger terrorists.

  • Ratnayake

    You only have a view of one place. There are thousands of Vietnamese Americans and their dependents now in the US studying at a lot of universities in the US in Business and I.T. Some are sponsored by the Vietnamese Govt and have jobs waiting for them. Check Midwestern Universities. Chinese are everywhere in the US. Check Business school enrollments in the top tier and second tier universities. Of course before 9.11 there were many Saudis studying business and a lot of other fields.

  • Heshan

    You are missing the forest for the trees. The point I am making is that Japan is much better off than any other oriental country, although South Korea comes a close second. China does not even come close. China is not even a G10 nation. Of course Chinese are everywhere – this is because China has the largest population. It has nothing to do with the prosperity of China or overseas Chinese.

    You contradict your whole argument when you say that the Vietnamese government sponsors Vietnamese students to study overseas. What that implies is that these students do not have the means to pay for their own studies. Which shows that Vietnam is POOR… exactly as I have pointed out in this thread. The Japanese government does not need to support Japanese students to study abroad because the Japanese can easily afford the cost. Do you know what living standards refer to? Japan has much higher living standards than Vietnam. This is because Japan is much more developed than Vietnam.

    I stick to my earlier argument that Japanese study business in much greater numbers than all other Asians. I am not bothered to look up your so-called “statistics.” You can post them links to them yourself, which is what you should do be doing if you know how to argue properly anyways.

  • Leanie Meanie

    I think it’s stupid that more people don’t realize the truth of (most of) what Sophist has said…

    …and I think it’s stupid that, of the few who do realize, many will nevertheless pooh pooh it as being “only a minor matter”, and fail to see that it’s NOT minor; or will keep silent among people whom they can influence (for the better) because they don’t wanna ‘rock the boat’.

    Following from that, I also think it’s stupid and SAD that the root of most of our problems is that a large number of fairly well meaning people are just too naive in their understanding of various issues: they turn a blind eye to what they (for whatever reason) perceive as “only a minor matter” and they don’t see how in the big picture it is a major problem which can contribute to larger problems in the very fabric of society. E.g., some of us Stereotypical Colombo Elite just don’t understand that the purpose behind the IDP camps is quite possibly not what our leaders make out, but worse. Or, e.g., they don’t see that – as Sophist rightly points out – the killing of that one fellow was any really victory (because they don’t understand that terrorism wasn’t the root problem to begin with – they don’t see the seemingly minor things like Osu Sala not having signs in Tamil, at least when I last went there many months ago, is not a minor matter.) They don’t see that flying the Lion Flag and celebrating in the streets to rejoice that one terrorist was incapacitated, is, in the big picture, a mistake, because too many other people are rejoicing in the wrong way (E.g, as Sophist correctly points about one religion’s flag) and they don’t see that our publicly joining such a ‘celebration’ can perhaps just cause unfair fear among innocent minorities.

    And, in the same vein – and I assume Sophist will take this criticism “without getting [annoyed]” – I think it’s stupid that Sophist himself appears to admit to taking ganja, and thus apparently does not see that use of even this soft drug IS, in the big picture, something bad for the well being of society as a whole. I think it’s stupid that even highly intelligent people all too often have their Achilles’ Heel in this sense and treat such matters lightly, and just do not understand the moral and ethical reasons why even such “minor” drug use and other intoxication is bad for society AS A WHOLE even if some specific individuals might be able to handle it without harm to themselves. (The individual are not stupid; but their FAILING to see this big picture, is stupid.)

    I think it’s stupid that there are only a very few people who think like this AND who CAN convey their thoughts succinctly — my clumsy rambling writing herein clearly exemplifying my inability to; and i think it’s stupid that some of the people who CAN do so, just don’t wanna rock the boat and don’t speak out.

    (I didn’t understand about being clapped into jail: maybe I’m stupid, but I sure don’t know of anyone who willfully or even unwillfully broke any (valid) law and then expected sympathy for being clapped into jail.)

    I think I’m stupid to bother writing this 🙁
    Who’s gonna care, after all. Just a lone voice in wilderness.