• anbu

    Today is a very sad day for all. On this Vesak weekend unprecedented ammount of civilians have been killed. hope we all take stock

  • swarna

    also, justice for muslims and sinhalese in the north and east who were ethnically cleansed by the LTTE, and also for the victims of the bombing events carried out by LTTE….

    actually that justice demands the death of LTTE leasdership…….

  • anbu

    I agree . Justice to the northern Muslims, SInhala. How about including rajapakse and, in it it as well for their ethnic cleansings as it happens now. that is true justice
    Dont forget there is hundreds and thousands of Sinhala people in Jaffan, North and east. Since the Army is 99% Sinhala and they occupy most of the above mentioned areas there is too much presence of Sinhalease there.