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Four things done, Four things undone: The self-immolation of the LTTE Part 2

A Brief Preface Some of my friends were worried that through the previous articles I may have inadvertently ‘’caught the tiger by the (ir) tail’. They have requested me to take care physically (I don’t from whom?). This is besides the 270+ emails flooded into my inbox, and the indicator of 1800+ (if it is […]

Thank you, Maori Party in New Zealand

Hon.Te Ururoa Flavell Hon. Hone Harawira Hon.Te Ururoa Flavell Māori Party Whip Hon. Hone Harawira Foreign affairs spokesman, Maori Party This is written in appreciation of The Maori Party’s decision to block the motion expressing concern about the Sri Lankan “humanitarian situation”; that is, the fighting against LTTE terrorists by the Government forces of Sri […]

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” – Edmund Burke, 1795 As I sit on the steps leading down to the garden from the verandah, its night in Pelawatte. Darkness in the tropics descends fast and lies very like a thick blanket. The heat and humidity […]

Have NGOs failed in peacebuilding? An interview with Jehan Perera

I recently interviewed Dr. Jehan Perera, Executive Director of the National Peace Council. Jehan is also a columnist for the Daily Mirror and the Lanka Monthly Digest in Colombo. He holds a Doctor of Law degree from Harvard Law School and a BA in economics from Harvard College. Based on his significant experience as a […]

Four things done, Four things undone: The self-immolation of the LTTE

It is clear, even amongst the most liberal of the western political academic circles that the end of the LTTE is now inevitable. Backed by the widow state of Sonia Gandhi and designed by the US counter terror agencies for the GOSL, the SLA under the command of the wondered and vengeful solder of Mj. […]

Ape Lankawe: The Great NGO Pantomime!

For anyone concerned with the plight of innocent civilians, the reports from the North are depressing. The latest ‘avalanche (!?) is yet to be fully screened, searched, scrubbed and bleached for any LTTE connections and corralled into what the Government calls ‘welfare centers’. As to what awaits these men, women and children, thereafter and for […]

LTTE and Tamil People IV : Dedicated Tamils

In the previous essays within this cluster I have dwelt on the dedication to cause displayed by the Tamil Tigers and identified various inspirations or conditioning factors: namely, the Cankam poetry, the warrior tales from Indian history, the embodied practices of self-punishment exercised by religious devotees and the ‘everyday’ acts of surrogate sacrifice that are […]

The ethics and politics of war zone writing

On 24 April 2005 Dharmaratnam Sivaram, (‘Taraki’) editorial board member of the website Tamilnet, was found shot dead from gunshot wounds to the head several hours after four unidentified persons had abducted him from a restaurant opposite a Police station on Colombo’s Galle Road. His murder, which followed weeks of threats, is as yet “unsolved.” […]

LTTE and People III : Nationalism and Living Religion

The emergence of the LTTE was an outgrowth from Sri Lankan Tamil nationalism. Tamil nationalism in its turn was an outgrowth from SL Tamil communitarianism in the centuries prior to 1949/50, the moment when an explicit theory of nationality was presented in a sustained manner (Roberts 1999). Note, however, that Tamil nationalism in the period […]

LTTE and Tamil People II : Interflows

During the halcyon years of the LTTE, besides MāvÄ«rar Nāl on 27 November, the Tigers conducted nine other māvÄ«rar or tiyaki ceremonies every year. These were, on the one hand, subjectively meaningful engagements and, on the other, political propaganda. I have argued that the māvÄ«rar rites — within the context of past grievances and memories, […]

A Common Programme for a United Left Front in Sri Lanka

[I wrote this article in response to an “internet-project” initiated by the Sri Lankan journalist, Kusal Perera] Vasantha Raja 20 April 2009 In countries like Sri Lanka, capitalism did not organically evolve from feudalism. In contrast, European capitalism grew within the womb of feudal society systematically challenging all aspects of feudal consciousness and institutions. Sri Lankan capitalism, […]