• punitham

    If they learn about the various aspects of the society firsthand till they are 18 without the saffron robes, they will then know what they should do to help the society if and when they choose to put on the saffron robes after 18.

  • jey

    well photos are nice and clear ,but with the subject its not exactly clear what you meant? also can anyone see that they are playing freely for human rights how far can you go.its all beyond our traditons and to collapse our systum of our lives.

  • Raptor

    this is a common sight all round Sri Lanka..boy monks playing games that others their age are. Does the teaching say playing is alright for monks? isnt it a part of tanha (craving)?
    if boy ‘monks’ like these are playing games are they mature enough to be a part of the sangha (buddhist order of monks)? are they mature enough to fully understand the teachings of the Buddha?? why do parents let their children into the order when those children are clearly not really that ready? or am i wrong in saying this? however, perhaps those parents arent able to feed their children and instead feel that the temple would be able to take care of them. well enough, but really, is alright to send them to the temple as MoNks??
    when those boy monks reach their teen years, will they be able to survive the call of their hormones??