Corruption in Sri Lanka: Interview with J.C. Weliamuna

J.C. Weliamuna is the Executive Director of Transparency International in Sri Lanka and an Attorney-at-Law. He and his family were lucky to escape with their lives after two grenades were thrown into their house, just a week or two after this interview was recorded.

Our discussion explored the nature of corruption in Sri Lanka, how it stunts Sri Lanka’s development and contributes to violence. We also looked at challenges and options in raising public awareness to effectively eradicate corruption from polity and society.

Previous posts on the attack on Weli can be found here and here.

  • punitham

    Sanjana and Weliamuna
    Thank you.
    Let’s hope HOPES keep getting fuelled ……

  • R.S.Ganeshan

    I am indeed glad to have had the opportunity of following the interview. The work that is been done by the interviewee and the interviewer is stupendous. Many difficult tasks they will have face. They should have good will and support from all well intentioned and informed people in the country at large.There is hope for Sri lanka as long as there are dedicated people like them.

  • Sinthaamani

    My hats off to you Mr. Weliamuna. You bring hope to all, and you are a testament to the resilience of human spirit. You affirm Kant, that freedom (of speech) is an unalienable right, one of the rights of nature; Against the almighty Kings who may be after you to deprive you of that right, you are standing firm. You are a sweet lone voice against the society’s ills, and you urge the common citizenry to stand up to those ills. May several sons like you rise in Sri Lanka to guide her on a righteous path.

  • hayley

    Than you very much for your bravery of this transparency, better late than never .Keep it up Sir, We are with you. You are a brave son of Sri Lanka.