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Interview with Kumaravadivel Guruparan, a Sri Lankan Youth Activist

Interview with K. Guruparan, a well known Sri Lankan Youth Activist. Guru is a student at the Faculty of Law University of Colombo and the Founder of the Sri Lankan Youth Parliament based at the Bandaranaike Centre for International Studies. He is also associated with Beyond Borders and was an Action Partner for the Oxfam International Youth Parliament, having attended the second sitting of the Parliament in Sydney, July 2004.

  • Hermann

    Why both of you with such a good understanding of human rights and freedom at least once tell that LTTE is to be blamed for most of the suffring Sri Lankans’ had to endure. Along with the TNA why cannot you get LTTE to give up the arms struggle and enter into dialogue to solve our problems. The enormous wealth we destroy for funding the war on both sides can be put to better use for the benefit of innocent citizens of Sri Lanka.

  • Sinthaamani

    Young Guruparan, keep the flame burning. You have something inside you that will blossom to benefit the mankind. I admire your sense of calm maturity evenwhile growing up in an environment of nasty hostility. Keep going where your inner mission takes you..

  • sumana ranasiri


    i.aen’t we all waiting patiently for a proposal by APRC?
    ii. was Sri Lanka born after the LTTE

  • punitham

    heartiest wishes, kuruparan and sanjana

  • Citizen BAK

    I just saw this. So much love and respect for these men.