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TNA MP Mr. R. Sampanthan remembers the events of July 1983

Tamil National Alliance MP Mr. R. Sampanthan speaks of the anti-Tamil riots of July 1983. Speaking of the “terrible experience for all Tamil people in Sri Lanka” he says that the riot was “premeditated pogrom… largely believed to be with the support of very influential forces within the then government”. He notes that there were […]

AFLAME – Remembering Black July, 1983

AFLAME – Remembering Black July, 1983 What is a poem to a man hiding in the cellar of his neighbor’s house, breathing the way his hostess spices lentils and mutton, while son and daughter keep quiet, not one word allowed in the mother tongue, and wife strokes her neck, the golden wings of her thali, […]

Plus 25: Things we can’t do because of “National Security” in Sri Lanka

25 years after Black July, the term “National Security” is used to thwart lot of things. V from the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ said “I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of the everyday routine, the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition”. At least he had that. We don’t. We can’t […]

Review of My Belly is White by Austin Fernando (in Sinhala)

My Belly is White – මගේ බඩවත සුදුය දුටු සැනින් ඒත්තු නොයන මාතෘකාවක්. ඒත් පිටු 927 ක් පුරා දිවයන කතාවක්. පසුගිය සඳුදා දොරට වැඩි මෙම කෘතිය ලියා ඇත්තේ ශී‍්‍ර ලංකා පරිපාලන සේවයේ කීර්තිමත් පරිපාලන නිලධාරියෙකු වූ හිටපු ආක්‍ෂක ලේකම් ඔස්ටින් ප‍්‍රනාන්දු මෙය ගැටුම් නිරාකරණ සාහිත්‍යයට අලූතින් එකතු කිරීමකි. අනෙක් අතින් වසර දෙකක්වත් නොපැවති රනිල් වික‍්‍රමසිංහ […]

July: Life after 25 years

Anoma Rajakaruna shares her photos of people in black and white. Anoma has captured many expressions and many environments. Every photograph speaks differently. As a film-maker, photographer and poet ,Anoma has well captured the many moods of men, women and children around the Island. The exhibition is divided as My story, her story, his story […]

Tide turning?

Gajaman Nona Ryszard Kapucinski is no armchair observer. As foreign correspondent for the Polish Press Agency, he witnessed 27 coups and was sentenced to death four times in his lifetime. In his book on the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini, Shah of Shahs, he notes that: “despotic authority attaches great importance to being considered strong and […]

On dimensions of ‘lyricality’ in times of war

Aboorvan Prabanjana takes great pains to drive home a point in a piece titled “Why does Malinda justify excesses of Government?” (Sunday Lakbima News, July 6, 2008). For the record, Malinda doesn’t.  But all credit to Prabanjana’s effort. That he doesn’t get it is of course another matter altogether.  He says he agrees with me and also […]

Security forces stop issuing travel permits to leave Jaffna

Security forces stop issue travel permit to leave jaffna for the security of SAARC conference. Normally if anybody wish to leave Jaffna they must be taken permission from the forces. The security forces stop issue travel permit to end of this month, the reason of SAARC conference security. They issue travel permit only urgent cases […]

Idols of the Market-Place

One of the well-known parts of Francis Bacon’s philosophy is his enumeration of what he calls “idols” by which he means bad habits of mind that cause people to fall into error. One is “idols of the market-place”. Though I use it in different sense, some respondents to my article have demonstrated that they have […]

Blood is their medal

By Gajaman Nona   Last weekend a friend gave me a CD of songs by Victor Jara, a Chilean teacher, theatre director, poet and political activist.  His album Manifesto reflects his struggle against an American-backed coup in 1973 which brought General Pinochet to power in Chile. Jara saw through the hollow refrain that Chile could […]

Consumer protection in Sri Lanka: Seeing beyond rice, coconut and milkfood

Consumer protection! It’s of those widely desired, critically needed yet rarely found practices in Sri Lanka. When it does happen, even falteringly, the practice is largely confined to everyday consumer goods, mainly food items – ranging from our staples rice and bread to essentials like coconut, sugar and milkfood. Throw in LP gas, pharmaceuticals, fish […]