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Plus 25: Things we can’t do because of “National Security” in Sri Lanka

25 years after Black July, the term “National Security” is used to thwart lot of things. V from the movie ‘V for Vendetta’ said “I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of the everyday routine, the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition”.

At least he had that. We don’t.

We can’t nikang sit, walk around at night, carry our CDMA phones, visit TamilNet, buy remote controlled toys, visit Galle Face Greens, nikang stand, wear full-face helmets, fix crash-guards to our SUVs, take photos, talk about cessation of violence and a host of other things because they might supposedly impede upon the national security and the sovereignty of the country.

The country the (proud) Sinhalese stole from the native tribes. The supposed “our” country.

Unlike V, we have to suffer road closures, road blocks, naggy and rude cops, frustrating bodyguards, numerous checkpoints, humiliating body searches, annoying experiences of trying to explain to retarded policemen why the light on your notebook glows when it’s on standby and that your 70-200 is not a bomb or some other worldly device but a mere accessory to your camera because you want a fast lens for portraiture.

Someone once said that a Government is nothing but a mere board of directors that the shareholders appoint to run this country. Thinking in the same lines, we’re putting up with too much.

Maybe we should change the management no?


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  • CheeLanka


    You don’t know how lucky you are not to have Robert Mugabe as your CEO. Or the Burmese junta to run your country. Or have the Pakistani Army and intelligence services decide what’s good for you.

    Yes, the present lot is incredibly incompetent, chauvinist and corrupt — but it could also be a lot worse. Our greatest misfortune is not that we have such people in government, but we have an unmitigated disaster of an opposition who can’t stand up to anything without making a mockery of it for themselves and the long-suffering citizens. When two courageous newspaper editors are the de facto leaders of the opposition, and the man who holds that title spends more time overseas than in the country, there is something radically wrong — and not just in those who run the country at the moment.

    In mature democracies, we have oppositions shadowing government. This motley crew of an opposition can’t begin to do that. We are the losers!


    Tamilnet can be read…just follow the link given below!

  • Sinhalas are the decendants of native tribes, and so do DNA tests and historical evidence proves it. Sinhalas are even mixed with Tamils.

    If you are talking geography its funny how Sinhala natives (or acording you north Indian) are in the south of Sri lanka. Clear indication of Elara and Tamil invasions. Prince Vjaya may be a northener, but his susequent Queen was from Madurai. Still this isnt enough? Buddha had visited the country on 3 prior occasions before devanam Pitatissa and arival of Mahinda. Trade, marriage and mercinary links were maintained with these parts throughout history for the survival of our unique culture, the only surviving nation with a Buddist majority in south Asia.

    Modern genetical testing proves that the Sinhala people are the decendants of the Vaddha. They not only have north Indian blood, but also to your disliking, south Indian blood, east indian blood and other groups. India was invaded by many people, not just europeans. This does not make them any less.

    Most of the original Tribes of India are in Madhya pradesh(70%), Bihar and other eastern parts comprising roughly 30% and less than 1% in Tamil-Nadu. There is a 20% mixture in the people of Bengal, 15%of those in Tamil-Nadu, yet only 3% from those in Rajasthan.

    Assimilation to modern western life does not make you American or Japanese though it may make you western. Likewise assimilation to Budhism, agro-engineering and the then thriving urban centers of (north) India does not make us north Indian. A lot of Sinhalas like this North Iandian connection mor than the south Indian and the native, even Tamils like to be fair skinned !

    Even Tamil writing, like Sanskrit have common Brahmi origins. Pallava civilization of that period was heavily influenced in a simillar manner to like that of Sri Lanka. So stop trying to discredit Sri Lankans and Indians.

    We can also add to the list the Rama-Hanuman way back in the day………….., Ellala, Chola Rajas genocide.
    Portugese general Ricardo D’Souza and Tamil army genocide.
    Most importantly Madras seapoy genocide, the back-bone of the British colonization of the sub-continenet !

  • There is a Tamil country in India, so where is this Sinhala country in India ?

  • Kanishke

    I coudln’t agree more with Chee Lanka. The only reason the current set of clowns is in power is because the alternative is not palatable for a majority of the people of this country. Ultimately in a democracy, that is what counts.

    What should be the first step to getting rid of an incompetent administration with poor, short sighted policies? Give the people something that resembles a viable opposition!