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Jaffna: Retrospect and Prospect

Most of what I reveal below has been lying concealed in my notes and diaries deposited in the Government Achieves. I have decided to focus on them out of my belief that they may throw some light as we grope through the darkness covering our arduous trek towards national reconciliation. Read between the lines with […]


As the much hard-sold elections to the Eastern Provincial Council came to an unseemly and acrimonious conclusion last week, it was already becoming abundantly clear that its political and constitutional ramifications may well turn out to be anything other than what the government’s triumphalist claims would have us believe. Perhaps the most disturbing political upshot […]

The Island newspaper promotes pedophilia, sex and fellatio for children

The Island newspaper in Sri Lanka is already known for its Editorial blunders. Yesterday however, it sunk to a new low when it published the following in the children’s section of its daily edition (Page 2, The Happy Island).  Click here for a larger image that places this section in the context of the page.  Clearly The […]


By Under Dog   Amidst the bombs, the war, the white vans, and the checkpoints, I look back with fond memories of the ceasefire. It brought four glorious years of peace and prosperity, and also did what the naysayers said could never happen—it split the LTTE in two. Karuna, the LTTE’s fiercest combat commander, and […]

EU withdrawal of GSP+ to enforce Human Rights

Economic sanctions have been used for foreign policy objectives since the time of Ancient Greece. The idea that economic sanctions might be an alternative to the use of force received attention after the First World War, largely owing to President Woodrow Wilson’s advocacy. Since World War II, Economic sanctions have been employed to promote democracy […]

Send us content for publication

Groundviews makes it easy for you to send content for publication and to respond to that which is posted on the site. Please make sure you’ve read the CONTENT SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before sending any text, photo, video or other content for publication. Restrictions, guidelines and best practices: For text, we request that you send us documents […]

Peace in Northern Ireland – Lessons for Sri Lanka?

There appears to be renewed interest in Northern Ireland (NI) and the Good Friday Agreement (GFA) within policy circles here.  The GFA is certainly unique because it fundamentally reconstituted the state and politics in NI. Republican and unionists expectations on a number of issues were diametrically opposed to each other, but major concessions were made […]