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What is the solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka?

Any satisfactory answer to this question must examine, and consider the root causes for this problem; however, the solution must be sensitive to the numerous complexities brought about by the conflict itself. In the case of Sri Lanka, it would be naive examine this problem from a purely pre-1983 perspective. The fundamental cause for this […]

Doesn’t she have the right to live with her daughter?

My mother in law, age 55 is from Kalliyaddy, Mannar, (an LTTE controlled area) came to live with her daughter, who is married to me in Sinnakarishal, Pesalai on 15.01.08. Kalliyady is in LTTE controlled area with around 500 families. Life there has been extremely difficult for her and during the latter stages even more […]

Going home…

This video was filmed approximately two and half hours after the bomb exploded on a crowded bus at a bus-stop in Piliyandala, near Colombo, in Sri Lanka. There was a mobile phone ringing inside the bus. (please note the date-stamp on the video should read 25th April, NOT 24th April) The LTTE are being blamed […]

How does one BECOME Sinhalese or Tamil in Sentiment?

My interpretation of the present impasse in the politics of Sri Lanka, determined as it is by the competitive jostling-cum-conflicts between the three main ethnic groups (where “Muslim” is ‘ethnic’ by virtue of its relationship of opposition to “Sinhalese” and “Tamil” in the same sentence), leans towards an emphasis on how one should address present […]

Media responsibility, the right to know what goes on in our own backyards & other such nonsense

The Media’s responsibility in securing it’s own freedom Despite my horror for cynicism, I find myself defeated into just that. While I would like to confine my ranting to discourses with my imaginary friend, reading Ruki’s post From the Tiger’s Den to an Open Prison and the comments made to it just tipped the scale […]

Groundviews on Twitter

New content notification on Groundviews is now available through Twitter. If you have no clue what that means, check out the video below.  Twitter joins the Groundviews Facebook Fan page as a way through which content on the site is pushed to different audiences using Web 2.0 technologies. In addition to easily notifying those who […]

How high is our Social Esteem in Sri Lanka?

Our self esteem is central to our survival.  Yet, we do not value its importance as we face life’s challenges.  Self esteem, whether our own or others’, is strengthened or takes a beating, through the way people communicate with each other.  This communication is based on our power in relation to others.  So, the more […]