Colombo, Peace and Conflict

Sri Lankan Defence Ministry suddenly wakes up to its own propaganda

In response to the appearance of posters in Colombo promising generous cash rewards for would be suicide bombers who gave themselves up, Sri Lanka’s military spokesman, Brig Udaya Nanayakkara, said last Friday (28th March) in a BBC news report that the police were investigating the posters.

“He said there was no answer when he had called the number himself and he suspected it was a hoax.” (Emphasis mine)

In an absurd turn of events that beggars belief, the Daily Mirror reports today that it was in fact the Defense Ministry itself that had put up these posters!

“Those posters had been put up by the Ministry of Defence and accordingly, now there is an opportunity to all would-be suicide bombers to surrender,” Military Spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara told the Daily Mirror yesterday.

In response to the earlier claims by the government that the posters were not put up by any state institution, the spokesman said, “earlier we were not aware about such thing, now the ministry is confirming that posters had been put up by the ministry.”

A Ministry of Defense that isn’t even aware of its own propaganda and unable carry out its own initiatives, Police who have no clue about anything and a President who does not make any sense are together leading the charge of a war against terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Apparently, victory is nigh.