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Rohan Edrisinha on the APRC Proposals and the 13th Amendment to the Constitution

Rohan Edrisinha, Senior Lecturer of the University of Colombo and the Head of the Legal Unit CPA, talks in detail about and through three key points, critiques the flaccid proposals submitted recently to the President by the APRC. Also read APRC: The Year of the Rat has begun.

Travels in a Militarised Society — 2

Anudhradapura District, mid October 2007 The huge, busy conurbation of Anudharapura—once a sacred city—has become the major transit centre for military forces en route to and from the current war zones. The ancient archeologically important ruins for which Anudharapura is famous are dwarfed by the sprawling modern developments. An informal economy has grown up in […]

The subterfuge called All Parties Representatives Committee

Deception has two extreme poles at each end of the untruth. One end is witty, subtle, astute and artistic. A magician, for example, perplexes us with pleasant surprise, tickling our innocent perception of truth as something illusive, though the deceptive role involved in the trick is taken for granted by everyone, magician and spectator alike. […]


Note: Interacting with Willie Senanayake, Lionel Bopage and other moderates in Australia I found them composing a “Handbook of Answers” to typical objections against devolution presented within the Sinhala speech community. This can be an useful exercise. But then one is facing one’s debating opponents on terrain of their choosing. I propose rather to create […]

Between Eelam and War: Where’s the solution?

By The Titular Republic This conflict has no end. The path of injustice taken by this nation heralds war, destruction and suffering. The “blood-shattered landscape” will scream and her children shall become slaves to fear and hatred. Why? The present government hopes to destroy the LTTE by militarily; with superior numbers, weapons and strategy. Even […]

Groundviews on your mobile – Citizen Journalism on the go!

Groundviews is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its latest content on mobile devices. Go to to access our mobile site from Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world. Groundviews mobile works with Blackberry’s, the iPhone and all recent Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and other mobile phones capable of and set up […]

What Can We Expect from the APRC?

The All Party Representative Committee (APRC) is supposed submit its report to the President on January 23. When the APRC together with the expert committee began its deliberations, many people including myself were optimistic and saw it as a ‘glimmer of hope’. However, glimmer of hope began to fade away with the submission of the […]


By Bhumi. Based on field trip from 10th – 14th December 2007. Introduction The East is ‘liberated’. It has been so since last June when the government requested it to be celebrated with ‘patriotic joy’. Over 300,000 civilians were displaced in the process and a majority have been ‘resettled’ since then. But a significant minority […]