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Present situation in Jaffna: A video interview in English and Sinhala

A video interview on the present situation in the embattled city of Jaffna in the North of Sri Lanka with Ruki Fernando from the Law and Society Trust. Ruki recently wrote to Groundviews on his experiences from a trip to Jaffna (read Jaffna: Tears, blood and terror).

For a Sinhala version of this video, please click here. For more videos, please visit the Vikalpa YouTube Channel.

  • Bala

    All the people who thinks Tamils don’t have a problem or Tamils are not treated different than Sinhalese in srilanka, I would like you to watch this video.

  • Plain Truth

    The report is for the current situation. It would be nice if the background was given and mention why it has been isolated. The reporter also failed to mention the situation of Sinhalese in Jaffna.

    The lesson to be learned: Any time a group go after a government in the developing world, the repercussions can be unimaginable.

    Should the correct call be pressuring government to make things normal in Jaffna or asking LTTE to surrender?

  • Bala

    Hi Plain Truth, What kind of background information you would like to mentioned.You want the whole history from 1948. There is no reason in the world for justifying this kind of atrocity in Jaffna, whether is committed by LTTE or SL.Think for a second, in Manalarru when SL start the war, the reason given was LTTE blocked water supply for farming and livelihood of the Sinhalese farmers at risk, and here we have the whole Jaffna being held as hostage and human cover without any basic rights, now if you call LTTE a terrorist I don’t know what you call SL.
    The lesson to be learned from this is, why Tamils are so naïve and distrust at Sinhalese is because what they have done to Tamils since 1948. International community is making a historical blunder by sitting idol and some countries for their own self interest even helping the SL government while SL systematically cleaning up Tamils in SL. I hope the history will repeat it self like how the Jews still going after the people who committed atrocity’s to their people during the world warII, Tamils will go after these people once they get their independence. I know some of you are saying “ Yeah Right “. Well, When Hitler was doing all this evil things he was justifying and felt he was doing the right thing and never in wildest dream had he thought he will be wiped out.

  • Bala / Plain Truth,

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  • Plain Truth

    Dear Sanjana

    My last post has been removed and I did not keep a copy. Please email me one if you have a copy of it.

    I don’t personally insult people. It is possible you misunderstood my response.
    I don’t believe Mr. Bala personally insulted me from his last post.

    I understand the guidelines very much and appreciate if you can tell me how I insulted Mr. Bala so that I can apologize to him.

    Readers can learn a great deal from our discussions and I am very sorry you only decided to remove my post and not Mr. Bala’s post.

    Here is my challenge to you. If you can prove that I insulted Mr. Bala, I will refrain from writing here. Otherwise, this forum will become one that doesn’t respect freedom of expression and thought provoking discussions. I hope you will do everything to make this forum present balance views from either side of the conflict, not just LTTE side.

    Cheers to you too.

  • Plain Truth

    Mr. Bala
    You said: “SL systematically cleaning up Tamils in SL”
    Do you have any evidence to back up this very serious claim?
    Do you believe this systematically cleaning up (if true) only limited to Tamils? What about ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese and Muslims from certain regions of NE Sri Lanka?

    Quote Mr. Bala: “I hope the history will repeat it self like how the Jews still going after the people who committed atrocity’s to their people during the world warII, Tamils will go after these people once they get their independence.”
    Isn’t this spreading and advocating hate using this forum? I am surprised comments like this are allowed on this forum.

  • Dear Plain Truth,

    I can email you a copy of your comment if you wish, but being perennially, since the inception of this site, accused of censorship, your “challenge” holds no interest. The note was to BOTH Bala and you, as you both have in the past few comments gone on lengthy tirades that obfuscate the content with personal observations that debase the tone of debate I seek to see here.

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  • Veedhur


    I think we are already veering away from the point under discussion – Do we already have two states in Sri Lanka as Ruki mentions? Are the security measures proportional to the threat or is it going beyond civilized norms? If people go to prisons for protection what is the responsibility of the state in curbing impunity? Why is there so little coverage in south about this – given that we are said to support the war against the LTTE despite its cost and the violations it entails – do you think south would change its stance if the plight of the tamils are brought into the calculus? What is LTTE’s culpability in this, that they are refusing mitigatory measures like alternative sea routes?

    (sigh!) I seem to have only questions….

  • Plain Truth

    Dear Sanjana
    Let me go back to what you said:
    “Please refrain from using this forum as a platform for the exchange of personal insults at each other.”

    I don’t believe Mr. Bala insulted me. Since I am not an angry, unreasonable, quick-judging person, I hardly deliver personal insults. Since you have not shown me how I insulted Mr. Bala, I kindly ask you to withdraw this statement and re-post my original post.

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    I also understand that I can’t fight against a dictator by being one. I expect less subjectivity on a forum like this during the decision making process.


  • Dear Plain Truth,

    Clearly, your best is not always good enough.

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    This is the last I will post on this confounded farrago of doubts and grievances you have. I am subjective, opinionated, biased and partial to good English, good arguments and good commentary.

    If you can’t live up the standards on this site, please visit other fora that may offer you ready space to point back to this site and discuss issues as you see fit. Others in the blogosphere have already done it and see no problem is insulting me, CPA, my family and colleagues in such a manner.

    I hope however that you are not of this ilk and in the future submits comments more judiciously and with greater emphasis on genuine, constructive, civil engagement.



  • Bala

    On my last post, I have only meant to say “go after means“ bring them to some kind of a justice system. It was my mistake that I didn’t properly write it because I assumed Jews as I know usually do this. If anyone was offended by that mistake I would like apologize for that mistake.

    AS for Plain Truth about the evidence for systematic cleaning of Tamils just look at east from Pothuvil to Trinco and Batti. How Tamils land’s taken over and colonized of Sinhalese in Tamil lands. I am pretty sure you will have some explanation for this but the fact is it is Tamils who suffers. If you want to tell me this is happening because of LTTE, blame fall in to Sinhalese as they created LTTE by their actions.

  • Plain Truth

    Dear Bala,

    Offenses are taken by humans challenged by the intelligence. I have said before you never offended me. I don’t think anyone can offend me either. How can one get offended if that person is sincere, truthful and has no ulterior motive?
    I apologize if I offended you. We both say we did not offend each other, however our moderator has a very opposite view on that.

    I have seen discussions between Tamils and Sinhalese related to how the land was taken on theacademic dot org forum where the content is loosely moderated and site is not supported by an NGO. What actually came out: Yes, Sinhelese were given land. No, they were not Tamil land. Apparently the land was uninhibited and belonged to the government. It is quite possible Tamil nationalists have sold this fact to Tamil people to create anger against Sinhalese. Whether it is JVP or LTTE, they have to blame themselves for their existence.

    Small group of citizens have no right to start a struggle that will affect majority of the innocent people and a country. We know the blame game leads us nowhere. If I have to blame someone for the existence of LTTE, I choose to blame Tamil intellectuals who did not have a clear vision and provided the backbone to LTTE. If you watch “No more Tears Sister movie”, you will get my point.

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    You can’t expect to be published here and at the same time send derogatory emails behind my back. In 2008, you should stick to the fora you mention that are in your view not supported by NGOs to air your opinions.



  • Plain Truth,

    Note the comment above –

    Your comments to Groundviews will not be published this year based on your concerted actions to discredit the content and management of Groundviews and its authors on various fora, including other blogs as well as through ill-advised emails directed to colleagues, friends and authors associated with this site.

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