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Getting rid of the LTTE: A few questions

Getting Rid of the LTTE

The photo above was taken at a busy intersection in Colombo.

How much are we willing to sacrifice to root out the LTTE? Are they the only terrorists in Sri Lanka? What of the President’s own countenance of human rights abuses? What about the allegations of child conscription in the East? What about the President’s brother and his behaviour? Does anyone in this government have their children fighting this war (apart from we all know who, now comfortably residing in England)? Why doesn’t the JVP mobilise its young supporters to go fight and win the war? Why doesn’t at least one monk from the JHU immolate himself to support the violence that they preach should be directed at others? Why is no one interested in why the LTTE came about, even if their methods are despicable?

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein