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On the Air to Tamil Eelam?

A.Vaitheeswaran In 1984 (remember George Orwell’s Animal Farm?), in an interview given to Anita Pratap of India Today (popular monthly news magazine published in New Delhi), Veluppillai Pirapakaran admitted that he was a flaming fan of Clint Eastwood and watches his films to get clues for daring guerilla attacks against political opponents and Sri Lankan […]

Amidst shackles – Notes of a citizen journalist

In this article I explore two issues. One, the murder of Don Bolles in America and the other, the recent virulent verbal attack by the Defense Secretary against Champika Liyanaarachchi, Editor of the Daily Mirror, on the 17th of April. The first section is in essence a paean for investigative journalism that’s instructive for those […]

The flipside of Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka

Reproduced with the kind permission of the author, and first published in the Hindustan Times. The flipside of Islamic fundamentalism in Sri Lanka PK Balachandran Kattankudy (Eastern Sri Lanka), April 24, 2007 Islamic fundamentalism in Kattankudy in the Eastern Sri Lankan district of Batticaloa, is multifaceted. It has both regressive and progressive aspects, though to […]

Lament for a nation: Sri Lanka’s epitaph

Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario, Canada, submitted this article to Groundviews. It was first published in the Globe and Mail on 4th April 2007. To honour the memory of Kethesh Loganathan and others assassinated before him, we can’t allow the world’s indifference to continue Kethesh Loganathan was my friend. The last meeting I had […]

අභිෙයා්ග හමුෙවි ඉදිරියට යන ශුි ලංකා කුිකටි

වර්ෂ1996ෙය්දි ඔස්ෙටුිලියාවට එෙරහිව ශුි ලංකාව ලද ෙලා්ක කුසලාන ජයගුහණය දැන් දැන් අපෙග් මතකය අඑත් කරනවා ෙනාඅනුමානයි.ෙමි දිනවල බටහිර ඉන්දිය ෙකාෙදවි දුපත්හි පැවැත්ෙවන 9 වන ෙලා්ක කුසලාන තරගාවලිෙය් අර්ධ අවසන් තරගය සදහා ෙමම මස 24 ෙවනිදා ශුි ලංකාව සහභාගිවන තරගය පැවැත්ෙවන ෙහයිනි. තත්වය ෙමෙස් තිබියදි සුපුරැදු පරිදි ශුිලංකානු කුිකටි කණ්ඩායමට එෙරහිව ෙකරිෙගන යන උද්ෙඝා්ෂණයන් සහ මඩ […]

The Peace Confidence Index Survey: What the people think about peace, war and talks

An article sent to Groundviews by Rajan Philips, that is slightly revised from an earlier version published in the media in Sri Lanka recently. Newspaper reports have given prominence to the latest Peace Confidence Index (PCI) survey carried out in February 2007, by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA). The media reports have highlighted that […]

Meditation for a divided nation

While meditation may appear to be irrelevant in times of political and social unrest, there are some who believe that this ancient practice could contribute towards transforming violent conflicts, such as the one that has been burdening the people of Sri Lanka for decades. By changing the individual consciousness, those who participate in meditative exercises […]

Whose rules? Amnesty Campaign

The AI campaign ‘Play by the Rules’ is a trailblazer (, in marketing terms AI must be exultant with the publicity that it has received globally and especially in Sri Lanka. For a campaign of this nature nothing is negative publicity and so counter pressure in the form of agitated Sri Lankan government officials and […]

Sri Lanka’s constitutional gulag

“The SLFP, and the millions who support it, will never be a party to robbing the people of Sri Lanka of their sovereignty.” Lakshman Kadirgamar, 4 November 2003 It is only through a willing suspension of disbelief that one expects anything genuinely progressive from the proposals the SLFP will submit to the APRC in early […]

On “traitors” and federalism: Beyond the hypocrisy, towards collaboration

Bear with me and read the following carefully: “The problems of the Tamil community are best known to the Tamils than any others. Any solution to our problems put forward by us should be taken into consideration by the other two communities – the Muslims and the Sinhalese. Furthermore the Tamils problems must have a […]

Self Colonising …

Recently, I noticed an Q&A style article titled “India Is Colonising Itself” by Arundhati Roy and Shoma Chaudhuri. I thought the first Q and A was very interesting, and perhaps parts of it are applicable to Sri Lanka. So, I have cut and pasted it below, and look forward to any comments about “we’ve begun […]