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Victor Ivan: This is your conscience speaking! – An open letter to the Ravaya Editor

Victor Ivan
Photo credit: Tamilnation

In my article to Groundviews, I ask what I believe is an extremely pertinent question from my erstwhile colleague, Victor Ivan, the Editor of Ravaya.

I ask him to explain his stance regarding the blanket censorship on news and information on “Mawbima” and Managala Samaraweera. My article uses the philosophy of Bertrand Russell, a favourite of Victor, to attempt to convince him that the current editorial bent of Ravaya is hugely detrimental to the perception of the newspaper as a progressive and alternative media voice.

Read my article in full here.

  • Malik

    Uvindu, has Victor responded to this?

    Sanjana, think you can publish any response that Ravaya publishes here?

  • Victor Ivan has published a reply to this in Ravaya newspaper. Since it has no online version, I think groundviews should reproduce it here and give the same publicity and exposure given to Uvindu’s article.
    My previous comments didn’t appear here. I sincerely hope there’s no censorship imposed on this matter.

  • Anandawardhana,

    If Victor Ivan or Ravaya email me the article, I will gladly post it on Groundviews.

    I haven’t received any other comment of yours in the moderation list and suspect it may have gone into the Spam filter. Since I get over 100 spam comments a day, I do not go through the list in detail anymore. Please resubmit or email me directly your comments through the contact form on this website.


  • Pearl Thevanayagam

    Forgive my ignorance. Is it possible to provide an English translation of this artile please.

    Pearl Thevanayagam