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LTTE Air Strike: Turning Point or Confirmation of Protracted Conflict?

Mr Prabhakaran has managed yet again to shock and even awe with the air strike on the Katunayake air base, even though the talk about a Tiger air capability has been around for some time.  According to a former Indian intelligence chief, the LTTE has had this capability for some nine years.   The question is […]

Conspiracy Theories

Regrettably, the continuing tragedy of violent conflict in Sri Lanka is further compounded by the increasing emergence of all manner of conspiracy theories. Because of their risqué sensationalism with scant regard for verifiable facts and a marked disdain for accountability, those who promote such conspiracy theories are out to get media attention and through it, […]

Victor Ivan: This is your conscience speaking! – An open letter to the Ravaya Editor

Photo credit: Tamilnation In my article to Groundviews, I ask what I believe is an extremely pertinent question from my erstwhile colleague, Victor Ivan, the Editor of Ravaya. I ask him to explain his stance regarding the blanket censorship on news and information on “Mawbima” and Managala Samaraweera. My article uses the philosophy of Bertrand […]

Flying Tigers…

From Australia: This image occupies almost half a page in the World section of today’s Age – the leading paper in Melbourne. I am sure it has also been printed in the Sydney Morning Herald and in many papers around the world. I wonder if it made it on to Sri Lanka’s papers… Of course, […]

Politicizing Aid

From The United States is a major donor in Sri Lanka and funds projects and initiatives ranging from infrastructure development to governance and research. The question on aid conditionalities and parochial donor agendas is one never fully resolved, but is important to discuss in order to alert beneficiaries and the larger polity and society […]

Falling from grace: On Sripathi’s demise and using terror against terror

Photo credit: Lanka Truth It’s unreasonable to even for a moment believe that the recent arrest of Former Port Development Minister Sripathi Sooriyarachchi was not politically motivated to a large extent. As one blog on anti-corruption in Sri Lanka notes, Sripathi’s arrest raises valid questions as to why arrests have not been made regarding the […]

Media, Terrorism and Subterfuge: Where is Sri Lanka’s Zola?

Mr. President, this is a blot against your name! It’s not Mahinda Rajapaksa I refer to when I begin my article with these words, but Félix Faure, the President of France at the time of the infamous Dreyfus Affair, involving the wrongful conviction for treason of a young French artillery officer, Captain Alfred Dreyfus, and […]

Reaching out

Sometimes it’s important to force oneself to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. When looking at the current situation in Sri Lanka, the bigger picture often looks very bleak and hopeless. But on a lesser scale, positive initiatives are being carried out and small steps are slowly being taken forward. One […]

On Democratic Innings

According to a front page article in the Daily Mirror on the 19 March 2007, titled “Mangala calls on democratic forces to rise against ‘emerging tyranny’” ex- Minister Mangala Samaraweera is calling on all political and civil organizations to rally behind him to come forward against the undemocratic triumvirate; Mr. Samaraweera told the Daily Mirror […]