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Popular Activist in Oddamavadi Targeted


A family man, and popular activist in Oddamavadi Aboobacker Ilyas (25) was targeted and fired upon by an unidentified gunman on Boundry Road, Oddamavadi. This incident happened around 5.15 am on 4th February. The gunmen used T56 weapon; 5 rounds were fired, and luckily A.B. Ilyas escaped from this attack. This is not the first time he has been targeted and this is causing a lot of tension in Oddamavadi at the moment.
People in the area suspect that the LTTE is behind this because Ilyas is involved in media and may have been seen as a threat to the LTTE.

  • Sonique

    And this extremely helpful website of the SL Government that gives all details necessary to get in touch with local government officials –

  • Des

    Thanks for that link Sonique. Well I am happy that there is such a website. One can only hope that the tables are filled out soon.
    Well actually, I haven’t been able to locate the links to any other DS contacts. How does one go about locating them on this website?

  • Dear Des,

    Tried to find DS contacts, but they don’t seem to be on the web. Closest we could find was a list of PC’s – – but we don’t know how up to date this list is.

  • Des

    Thanks Groundviews, keeping tracking of these ministries and departments will now be a subject in itself. I hope priu links to the website that Sonique posted in some meaningful and user-friendly way. I failed in trying to find any other DS number on that public administration website.