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Human displacement

Two posts on DBS Jeyraj’s blog highlight aspects of the humanitarian crisis in the North and the East already flagged here.

Civilians in Vaakarai face death and starvation

Displaced Tamils face difficulties in B’caloa
Coupled with the severe displacement of civilians on account of the recent landslides in the Hill Country, Sri Lanka in 2007 seems ill-geared to handle human displacement of this magnitude. Important to remember however, is that while landslides are natural disasters, the current displacement in the North and East is the result of a botched peace process, which shows no signs of resurrection this year.

  • Java Jones

    Landslides are not entirely ‘natural’ disasters. They are, in fact, caused largely by bad land management techniques, which the government departments in charge fail to address and ‘educate’ the common man about. If only they get their heads out of their asses they may have a clearer vision – once they clear the shit from their eyes.

  • The problem Java, is that the “common” man in the ethnically sensitive Hill Country could very well take up arms if the government dares interfere with his life. Massive scale illegal farming and logging in these hills are very common and the plantation sector politicians/trade unions do not let anyone else have a say in it.

  • However, I do agree that the government is responsible for accomodating these corrupt politicians like Thondaman and Chandrasekeran and letting them and their constituents rob and ruin our forests and hills.