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The Morning Leader (31st January 2007) carries a report of the first press conference given yesterday by the Hon. G. L. Peiris M. P., the new Minister of Export Promotion and International Trade, since he crossed over to the government. In this he is reported to have, to put it tartly, rubbished the significance and […]

Tour A Bohra

Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb greeting AHM Aswer In case you hadn’t noticed, Colombo has been full of men and women in head to toe cloth, white and colored respectively. Nice hats too. These people are obviously Muslim, but I did a bit of reading and they are part of a Shia sect called the […]

Cutting off telecoms in Sri Lanka redux…

This from the FMM today: Internet facilities and 8,000 telephones cut off in Jaffna Peninsula The Free Media Movement (FMM) is deeply disturbed to learn that basic communications facilities to the Jaffna Peninsula have been blocked from 28th January 2007. Internet facilities and around 8,000 landline telephones of Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) are dysfunctional to […]

Minister of what?????

Really, does Sri Lanka actually need a Minister of bloody Indigenous Medicine? Or a Minister of Special Projects (whatever that is). Has no one heard of parliamentary and ministerial secretaries — in other words, the Civil Service? The latter, while not quite the bastion of Sir Humphrey Appleby’s bureaucracy, should theoretically be able to handle […]

One year of Mahinda Chintana

Editors note: Text from the Mahinda Chintanaya referred to in this post is in bold. The Mahinda Chintanaya can be downloaded here. Mahinda Chintana (Mahinda Vision) is a document written for the 2005 presidential elections. It gives a vision for the changes that the President would like to bring about during his tenure. After one […]


Most of the Trincomalee district IDPS are living in welfare center in Batticaola .they requested to cha that they want to go to Trincomalee.Batticaloa cha suggest to resettle the Idps to Trincomalee they will take some activities according to resettlement IN NEXT MONTH First Batticloa cha help to select 120 representatives each and every IDPS […]

42 People Surrender at Jaffna Human Rights Commission

42 people have surrended at the Human Rights Commission Jaffna office so far. They were facing death threats. HRC officials produced them before Jaffna Magistrate and the Magistrate ordered that they be sent to prison for their saftey. Some of them said that escaped while gunmen tried to kidnap them, while others gave statements that […]

Double standards?

A post here points to a powerful new report on the dangers on humanitarian aid work in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. Reports in Groundviews, both from Citizen Journalists as well as news snippets from JNW featured on the site, clearly indicate growing concerns about the security and safety of aid workers, increasingly assaulting, vilified and […]